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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- The Devil Wears Lands End

You know, I really am 100% on board with where the Mindy and Danny story is headed. I was nervous before going into it, but it just makes me so damn happy. Mindy with Danny is exactly the same Mindy she was before him. Same with Danny. The only difference is they’re growing and compromising and being absolutely hilarious together.

I love the Jeremy and Peter relationship, too. I mean, they were bros last season and now they’re enemies, but I still like it. It’s great. Last night, they went back (maybe?) to being bros so Jeremy could fill in as Peter’s partner at a beer pong tournament. And they won, taking the title from Shonda Rhimes. Because, duh, why wouldn’t they? Can we just talk about Jeremy with an American accent playing a frat douche? It was weird but oddly satisfying…

I do miss Peter and Mindy broing out, though. We’ve gotten a little taste of it, but not as much as I’d like. They were on fire towards the end of last season I miss it.

Last night Mindy went on a girl date with her new boss so she and the rest of the practice didn’t have to work nights. But, whoops, the new boss thought it was a real date and ended it with a kiss. Obviously, Mindy being Mindy thought lying and continuing dating her was the right way to go. Poor Danny, though, just wanted his girlfriend to break up with her girlfriend. Danny’s not a liar, not really, so he’s a little uncomfortable with how easy it comes to Mindy.

But, after they two of them go to break the news to Jean, Jean’s wife (Deb Deb) hears them talking about the kiss. All hell breaks lose, Deb Deb wants to leave Jean. Jean wants to put Shulman and Associates back on nights. Mindy calls and tells Jean that Danny’s just as upset as Deb Deb, if not more so, and is threatening to kill himself.

Cue Danny’s string of lies to get Mindy and the practice off of Jean’s shit list. He just killed it, playing it off all drunk and emotional. It was crazy, a wild ride, but man it was damn good.


Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Crimes & Misdemeanors & Ex-BFs

Oh, Cliff, I’ve really missed you. I didn’t realize I missed you until you were back. He was so bitter and it was awesome. And he was also kind of creepy and it was also awesome.

Danny and Mindy are my favorite couple on television right now. They’re always together, yet I don’t feel like I’m being smothered by them. And they fight, but that makes them them. It’s so obvious how much they care about each other, even when Danny is still technically married to someone else and Mindy goes on a date with her ex-boyfriend. They’re that good, guys. They’re perfect and no one can tell me otherwise. I won’t listen to a damn word.

Peter/Lauren/Jeremy ended with Jeremy winning over in the end. Poor, poor Peter. As disgusting and douchey as Peter is, I still love him most. He deserves love. He wanted to take Henry to his first baseball game! Ugh, that killed me! PETER.

So, Danny’s divorced. Mindy’s tax problems are fixed and the practice is safe. She’s got her own little set of drawers at Danny’s now, after a long game of hiding her things and having him find them and make her take them with her. They’ve overcome a couple of issues and they’re better for it. They’re also, like, really funny together. Before this show, I never imagined Chris Messina as funny. But, he is. He really, really is.

OH! And Brendan made a small appearance last night. All my dreams came true in one half hour. Swoon.

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Annette Castellano is My Nemesis

I knew, without a doubt, that Rhea Perlman would be amazing. I mean, hello? She’s Rhea Perlman. But I didn’t know, until I saw it, how perfect she was as Danny and Richie’s mom. It was, like, uncanny. Great.

She’s all tough and ball busting on Danny, but she babies the crap out of little Richie. Who, by the way, runs a “how to be gay on a budget” web series? I think we need to get some of those like we did with Morgan’s webisodes last season. And they definitely need to feature cameos from the rest of the Castellanos.

I digress… Mindy and Danny are still working as a couple and I am so pleased. It’s not being shoved down our throats and I love that. It’s happening naturally and we get to see it that way. Two weeks in and I’m as hooked as ever.

I was bummed at the lack of Peter and the complete lack of Jeremy, but it was about Ma last night, and just a little about Morgan and Tamra’s relationship. They’re kind of weird and I’m not sure where I fall yet. I don’t hate them, so that’s good. But they haven’t completely won me over, either.

To be fair, my heart lies with the Mindy/Danny relationship and anything remotely having to do with Peter Prentice. So… it’s pretty tough competition.

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- We’re a Couple Now, Haters!

It felt SO good to have Shulman and Associates back in my life, even if Peter desperately needs a haircut. Mindy and Danny as a couple is my new favorite thing on television. They’re such a mess and still, kind of, perfect for each other? I’m not sure how that works, but it’s happening and I’m loving every minute of it.

Mindy, as we all know very well, cannot keep a secret or keep anything to herself. Danny is nothing like that. He’s a guy who values his privacy. So, to have Mindy going around the office telling everyone how good he is with his mouth kind of sends Danny off on a little tailspin. Mindy agrees, though, to keep their relationship between the two of them.

It works for, oh, about a day. She goes home to Danny’s and he tells her how proud he is of her and, as a reward, has some gossip for her. Well, not gossip because Danny doesn’t gossip. Anyway, he saw Jeremy giving Lauren– PETER’S GIRLFRIEND– a back rub. Mindy takes the news well and it seems like it’s something she can keep to herself. Then, she finds a pink stripper thong with the word Diamond written in rhinestones. Danny kind of freaks out and that’s that.

Until Mindy goes to Peter for some advice. She stops herself, though (good for her!) but Peter doesn’t let her leave until she gives him advice on really expensive earrings he wants to buy for Lauren. Cue the trouble.

Mindy finds out the stripper thong is a MEN’S thong and then, along with Morgan, finds out that Danny was Diamond Dan once upon a time. She also tells Morgan about Lauren and Jeremy. So, by the time she gets to a charity event at Lauren’s, the whole practice knows about the possible cheating scandal. This includes the new IT guy, Lou, who is Morgan’s murderer cousin, played by the hilarious Rob McElhenney, who is the one to break the news to Peter.

Mindy and Danny fight about keeping secrets- her not being able to and him having too many to hide.Then he storms away when he finds out everyone knows about the back rub. Peter confronts Lauren while Tamra videotapes it and finds out that, no, they aren’t sleeping together, but that, yes, they did kiss. Peter punches Jeremy and Jeremy tells him that he likes Lauren and that he’s going to try and win her heart. Poor, poor Peter.

That’s that outside of the Mindy-Danny relationship. Back at her place, on the balcony, Danny comes to tell her a list of secrets (after Morgan and Lou convince him that she’s, like, really into him). These secrets include his middle name (Alan, after his dad), the fact that he carried a purse to school through fourth and fifth grade because his mother couldn’t afford a backpack, and Mindy shares her own– she’s telling everybody everything because it makes things more real and the more real they are, the less likely it is for it to get taken from her. Then, Danny convinces her it’s real and they go inside to go to bed.

Casual, no big deal. Right? WRONG! Danny breaks out some of his stripper moves for Mindy and it is the SEXIEST thing that’s ever happened in the history of the world. Holy crap! It was AMAZING. I’m still not over it. I never will be.

I’m so excited to see how these two figure out their relationship. It sure as hell won’t be easy, but it’s going to be so worth it! I’m so happy this show is back in my life. I’ve missed it dearly.

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Let’s talk about love triangles

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do my favorite or least favorite love triangles, mainly because I hate the whole trope. But, there are some triangles that work out for the best and others that are just used for drama (lookin’ at you, Rookie Blue). So, since I don’t know which list to do, I’ve decided to do a list of the love triangles that made me FEEL the most– good or bad.

Sam/Andy/Nick- Rookie Blue

You knew I was going to do this one, didn’t you? This is definitely one I hate. Without question, Nick was made a romantic prospect just to make waves in the McSwarek story. Well, joke’s on you, Nick Collins. Sam and Andy came out WAY on top and slayed it throughout season 5.

Pacey/Joey/Dawson- Dawson’s Creek

I don’t like Dawson as a character, so I especially don’t like him as a love interest. However, I see why this triangle was so difficult for the characters involved. And, even though I know in my heart that Pacey is the right man for Joey, I understand the arguments in Dawson’s favor. I don’t agree with them, but I get them.

Ross/Rachel/Joey- Friends

This whole storyline was a joke, right? A sick, sick joke?

Summer/Seth/Anna- The OC

Oh, Anna, I really liked you. And you made a lot of sense at one point. But you and Seth were just way too similar. And Summer and Seth had that whole opposites-attract-thing going on. Plus, the chemistry was just there for them where it wasn’t for Anna and Seth.

Baze/Cate/Ryan- Life Unexpected

Who remembers this show? I loved it so hard. And, from day 1, I was rooting for Baze and Cate to get their stuff together and figure it out. I mean, sure, they hooked up once in high school and it resulted in a baby that Baze didn’t even find out about until 16 years later when said baby showed up on his doorstep, but Baze and Cate were meant to be. It was especially obvious when you threw Lux into the mix. They were a family and, sorry Ryan, this story ended just as I wanted it to (albeit, a little too soon for my liking).

Jess/Rory/Dean- Gilmore Girls

Dean was perfect, right? Wrong. I hate Dean. Jess was perfect? Not at all. He was terribly flawed. But that’s why I loved him. He and Rory just made sense. They had so much in common, but were also so different. Yeah, he bailed. And, yeah, it was wrong. But, if this show were to ever get a follow-up, they need to happen. The last we saw of him, he was exactly the man that Rory Gilmore deserved. And the last we saw of Dean… I don’t even remember because his character was so insignificant to me.

Danny/Mindy/Cliff- The Mindy Project

I thoroughly enjoyed Mindy lusting after Cliff. Really, I did. And I also liked that it made it so much clearer to Danny how he felt about her. This is a love triangle that I was happy to get behind. And even happier because it ended in my favor! Can’t wait to see how Mindy and Danny fare in season 3!

Aidan/Carrie/Big- Sex and the City

I love Aidan Shaw so much it hurts. Therefore, this love triangle kills me. Carrie had, in my opinion, the best man when she cheated on him with Big. And then, she got a second chance with him. But, Big was always an issue. But he’s not even, really, the reason they broke up the second time. I mean, probably he was on some level, but she just couldn’t marry Aidan. Fine, I get it, whatever. She loved Big. He was the love of her life. Blah blah blah. #TeamAidan

Logan/Veronica/Duncan- Veronica Mars

Notice, I didn’t do Piz? Veronica’s relationship with Duncan was more troublesome and, had he stuck around, would have continued to be. Logan and Veronica belong together. I truly believe that. Duncan, though, was a serious contender up until that whole baby-with-Meg-thing. Who knows what would have happened if Duncan didn’t kidnap Lily? Would that what-if sequence in the graduation episode be accurate? I don’t know. I hope so…

Ted/Robin/Barney- How I Met Your Mother

Don’t even get me started on the huge disappointment that was the series finale. Ted and Robin never belonged together. I stand by that now more than ever. And I actually really liked Robin and Barney together. They deserved a chance and they got it. And it was ruined so Ted could end up with a woman who never really seemed to want to be with him…

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Danny and Mindy

Danny! Danny, Danny, DANNY! Be more perfect, I dare you. He catfished her. He actually catfished her. That happened and it was THE BEST. I’m, like, still in shock over here. I mean, COME ON. That was grade A television. No doubt, no questions asked, PERFECT.

In case you weren’t aware, last night’s episode was the perfect combinations of all of Mindy’s (MY) favorite movies. You had You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle. And all of that was Danny’s idea. He put the ad in the paper, prompting her to email him (You’ve Got Mail), he offered to watch When Harry Met Sally which sent them on a tour of New York City in a montage much like what is shown in the movie, and of course he chose to meet her on the Empire State Building, a la Sleepless in Seattle. PERFECT. 

And, yeah, of course Mindy got pissed when “Andy” stood her up and she confronted the guy she thought was Andy on the subway. And after having talked himself out of telling her the truth, it was finally time for Danny to come clean. And Mindy got way more pissed— all the way from the train up to the office. In the office, Danny got her alone in the bathroom, away from the prying eyes of their colleagues (Morgan and Tamra already knew because Morgan is a lot smarter than Danny “thoughten”). In the bathroom, she yells and he begs her to give him another chance because he LOVES HER. 

Mindy didn’t believe him, but he plans to prove it to her. He’ll be at the Empire State Building at 8 and wait all night if he has to. We see Mindy sitting in her office at 9:15, with no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. But when Morgan, Peter, Jeremy, Tamra, and Betsy come in and yell at her that she needs to go. Of course Danny loves her! She’s still not 100% convinced, so Peter literally drags her into Danny’s office by the hair to show her something.

Remember, in Think Like a Peter, Mindy’s story about the Cinderella signs that she leaves in guys’ apartments so they have a reason to find her? And remember how we saw a pair of earrings in Danny’s apartment as the episode ended? Yeah, he keeps those in a box of his favorite things in his desk drawer. Peter has seen him staring at those very earrings and it just proves how much he loves her.

That’s all Mindy needs to kick her ass that won’t quit into high gear and book it to the Empire State Building where the elevator just happens to be down. She has to take the stairs up 104 flights. That’s not bad, though, because the rest of Shulman and Associates have just found Danny eating a slice of pizza NOT on top of the Empire State Building. He waited an hour and then left (not quite as romantic as waiting all night like he said he would, but hey). So, now Danny has to book it, but first he needs his friends to point out the correct direction of the Empire State Building… Oh, Danny.

So, now he’s running Billy Crystal style. And can I just point out the moment in the PILOT episode where Danny and Mindy were watching When Harry Met Sally and he laughed at a man running through the streets like an idiot. Now, two seasons later, here we were watching Danny running like an idiot, getting hit by car doors and then an actual car, until he made it through the lobby and up the now working elevator of the Empire State Building. 

But when he gets to the top, he can’t find Mindy. He’s screaming her name, running around the entire perimeter, and she’s no where to be found. He’s sure she’s shown up and left because he wasn’t there. But, after apologizing to the sky, he hears an awfully familiar wheeze. Turning slowly toward the sound, he sees a pair of legs lying on the ground. So, he walks to them, sure they belong to the one he loves, and there she is, half dead and still wheezing. And then he GETS ON THE GROUND NEXT TO HER. Ah, he’s so perfect. 

When Mindy tells him her heart is racing, he tells her his is, too. But she just gets annoyed and asks why he would bring her there. “Because you love it…. And I love you.” Again, I dare Danny Castellano to be any more perfect. He wouldn’t be able to do it. He’s reached the peak of perfection and he shall remain there for the rest of time.So, after bickering some more because that’s what they do and it worksDanny tells her he’s all in. And she loves that idea. And they start bickering again about how many and what gender their children will be. And while I was swooning, Danny cut her off mid-sentence with the most perfect, sexy, sweet, kiss atop the Empire State Building. PERFECT.

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- The Girl Next Door

Oh, Danny. Danny, Danny, Danny. 

That’s how I felt when last night’s episode ended. I mean, I know he’s still hung up on Mindy and all that jazz, but way to make it awkward, pal. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t all that awkward. Mindy handled the almost kiss with grace (something I though I’d never say) and they were able to walk away peacefully. It was nice.

I like Tim Daly a lot. I always have. I just don’t think his character is right for Mindy. Which is kind of silly because he’s just Danny to a grumpier extent and I think Danny is all kinds of right for Mindy. But, Charlie just doesn’t make the cut for me. Maybe it’s his age, I don’t know. Maybe he’s too much of a curmudgeon for my like. I’m really not sure, but I’m not feeling it. And I honestly felt like, by the end of the episode, neither was Mindy.

What I was feeling, though, was Peter and the brain surgeon. I am all about that. If it helps Peter to grow up a little and is still able to keep him the loveable, goofy douche that I love, then let’s see how this goes. 

Anyway, next week is the finale and I am 100% sure that I’m not ready for this perfect season to end. But it is called Danny and Mindy, so I’m super excited to see what that’s all about!

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