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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Snow Drifts & There’s No Place Like Home

Holy wow. That was some of the greatest two hours of television maybe ever! As a (completely obvious) Captain Swan shipper, it was, like, the best ending I could have asked for. As an Outlaw Queen shipper, though… Ouch. But that is what great storytelling is ALL about. It’s not going to be easy, but when has it ever been easy in Storybrooke?

I’m going to go over my thoughts and freak outs in bullets, because I could write a whole book on my feelings if I really wanted to.

  • I have to start with Captain Swan. I mean, how could I not? He didn’t have to go through that portal with her, but did we really expect him not to? And they just got off to a bad start— changing the course of time. 
  • I loved watching Snow and Charming fall in love almost as much as Emma did. As much as I love them, Mary Margaret and David aren’t the most exciting characters, but this travel back in time and new beginning to their story was a lot of fun.
  • Rumpelstiltskin helping out Hook and Emma was a really cool line. And it really broke my heart when he asked about his son. Oh boy, that was just a swift kick in the gut. Ugh, but at least he was actually helpful. And he didn’t kill Hook.
  •  Rumple and Belle were so stinking cute. Those vows, man, were awesome. However, I cannot wait to see the truth about Zelena come out. Now that they’re married, it’s going to be a really interesting dynamic. 
  • Emma seducing Past-Hook while our Killian got Snow on the right track to Charming was great. I mean, Killian got jealous of himself and it was adorable.
  • Outlaw Queen started out so well. Oh god, and just ended up so sad. Emma had to save Marian. She had to. But, I knew she was going to mess something up. And, boy, did she ever. Poor Regina.
  • Who would have thought that going through a super sensitive, time travel portal was what Emma needed to realize that Storybrooke and her family is home? Watching her parents almost miss meeting each other and Snow almost dying, I can definitely see where she was coming from. 
  • And her magic came back. She got her and Hook back to Storybrooke, but not before Rumple asked what happened to his son. I was so nervous he wasn’t going to drink that memory potion and let her go. Hook had already left and she would not have been able to contend with the Dark One that just found out his son was dead.
  • And back in Storybrooke, we found out the baby’s name— Neal! (Cue the tears). We saw Emma call her parents Mom and Dad (more tears). And then we saw Emma realize that there’s one more person she considered home…
  • We finally found out the truth— that Hook traded the Jolly Roger for a magic bean so he could get to New York and bring Emma home. He trade HIS SHIP for her. Swoon. And, then, she KISSED HIM and it was magical and beautiful and they are canon and my heart is whole. I mean… LOOK!Image

I’m so excited for next season and the new villain (ELSA!). It’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t imagine it’ll be as dark as the Wicked Witch was. Emma and Killian will be a dream to watch while Regina and Robin are going to rip my heart out. But I have faith. SO EXCITED!

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- It’s Not Easy Being Green

onceSo, I’m not going to lie. I missed this episode live last night. I was out for my dad’s birthday dinner, but I woke up early this morning so I could watch it before work (and safely go on Tumblr when I got there). Anyway, I really enjoyed this episode. It had A LOT to offer.

Starting off at Neal’s funeral, watching everyone (minus his father) throwing dirt onto his casket, Henry having no idea about who is father truly was- it was a bitch. Whoa, it hurt. I may ship Captain Swan hardcore, but I never disliked Neal. Not once. He was an amazing character and I hope his death proves to be a powerful storyline that lives through the end of the season. I’m with Hook, Henry needs his memories back. He needs to know who Neal was and who he really is.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Because after the funeral, Hook insists on talking to Henry. He’s the only one around who can shed light on who Neal/Baelfire was at Henry’s age. Emma swoons a little at Hook’s sincerity and then tells him to be careful because Zelena is still out there. Hook promises that nothing will happen to Henry while he’s watching him. That’s about the time I swooned. Sa-woon.

So, Hook takes Henry down to the docks and Henry brings up the fact that his mom always pawned him off on friends with boats. Which, I don’t know, it just might mean that without her memories, Emma was still attracted to the sea. And Hook. Subconsciously, of course. Then, we see them later, and Henry’s tied about every knot that he can and Hook is staring dreamily at the sky. Why? Because he’s going to teach Henry how to use a sextant just like he taught his father all those years before. But Henry doesn’t want to know how to navigate by the stars, he wants to know who his father was. Sure, he understands that his mother is keeping things from him to protect him, but he still wants to know the truth. Then, Hook tells him that when he and Baelfire happened upon each other, it was right after he lost his father. Henry has more in common with Neal than he realizes.

Back in town, Zelena comes to crash the wake and drop a bomb on Regina. She is her sister. Half-sister. Whatever. Cora gave her up and gave Regina everything. Zelena basically challenges her to a duel on Main Street at sundown. So cliché. But when she leaves, Regina goes on a mission to find the truth about whether or not they are sisters. She finds a letter, from Rumple to Cora, claiming that Cora’s firstborn (Zelena) may be the best student he’s ever taught. All this time, Regina thought it was about her, but now she realizes the truth.

Oh, also at Granny’s after the funeral, Tinkerbell sees Robin’s tattoo and gets mad at Regina for not doing anything AGAIN. And when he comes over to offer Regina a drink, Tink kind of fangirls and it’s just about the cutest thing ever. Robin also runs into Regina in the woods, with the letter, and they talk about what’s really bothering her. What she wouldn’t tell Snow and Emma in the vault where she found the letter.

Belle, David, Tink, and Emma go to the farmhouse to see if Zelena’s around so they can try to get to Rumple without her interference. Belle thinks she can get Rumple on their side even though Zelena has his dagger. Oh Belle, true love isn’t always the strongest thing in the world. Needless to say, their plan didn’t work and only pissed Zelena off more. Now, if there’s any outside interference with her and Regina, Rumple will be forced to go on a killing spree. And you can see how much it kills him to be controlled by such a crazy witch. And, you know, he doesn’t want to kill the woman he loves… Or anyone else. Hopefully, at least.

When the time for the duel arrives, Regina is late and Emma, as the Savior, tries to step in. She doesn’t last long at all, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts. When Regina finally does show up, she’s much calmer and more confident than when Emma and Snow last saw her. She’s ready for whatever Zelena has in store. She knows it won’t be easy, but she’s got to, at least, try. And she does, nearly failing. But when Zelena reaches into her chest for what she really wants, Regina’s heart, she finds nothing. Regina’s not rookie, she knows that she can’t show up to a fight with something as sacred and valuable as her own heart. No, she’d left that in the care of Robin because, well, duh.

Zelena flies off on her broom (really, a broom) and the Charmings find Regina still alive. She also has an inkling as to why the Witch is after her heart. She already stole David’s courage; she’s cooking up a recipe. But for what?

When Zelena gets back to the cellar where she’s keeping Rumple, we find out. It’s not a curse. It’s a second chance. She wants to travel back in time to when her mother abandoned her so it doesn’t happen again. And, therefore, Regina won’t be born and Cora and Rumple can’t choose her over Zelena. She’s crazy and vengeful and envious. And she’s not done.

We also find out that Walsh, you remember Walsh, was the one, great and powerful, Wizard of Oz. And when Zelena found out who he was and how he was managing as a Wizard with no magic of his own, she turned him into her flying monkey minion. So, yeah. It’s going to be a long rest of the season. At least everyone knows who she really is now.

But, before I wrap this up, I want to go back to Hook and Emma. And then Regina and Robin. First, when Hook brings Henry back to Emma, this is when he tells her she can’t just go back to New York when all this with the Witch is over. Henry needs to know the truth. The truth about himself, his father, and who all these people in Storybrooke really are. Emma just thanks him for taking Henry and goes to her room. Hook lingers awhile before begging off to his own. Hook has grown SO much since “Tallahassee” in season 2. And he’s been there for Emma so much. I mean, offering to take Henry was as much for her as it was for him. He’s also suffered so damn much in his life. I want a happy ending for the guy, and I’m pretty sure it’s Emma. She just needs to realize and accept who she is and where she’s from. She’s been through a lot, too, more than most, but she deserves her own happy ending.

So does Regina. And that is with Robin! He was the one watching over her heart while she was dealing with Zelena. And she also left it with him to watch over until the Witch infestation is handled. Guys, she literally gave him her heart. And admitted to owing him a drink. Oh god, it’s going to be so GOOD when they get together. Just get rid of this Witch, give Henry back his memories, and everyone will be right where they belong with WHO they belong. COME ON!

PS: Who’s ready for a Hook-centric epsiode next week? I know I am.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- The Tower

Okay, I do not like this Witch. I don’t like her messing with Rumple. I especially didn’t like her shaving him. I’m not okay with how she handled David. The poor guy has enough to deal with. Everyone does. I don’t like how she’s so shifty and I hate that Mary Margaret is enamored with her. The second half of this season is straight up stressing me out.

There were a couple of bright (but not really) spots, though. First, Regina and Henry were able to spend some time, one on one, together. Henry opened up to her about his feelings toward Emma and her decision to turn down Walsh’s proposal. He admitted that he couldn’t wait for the day there would be more than two plates set up for holiday dinners. And what Regina told him next was so spot on, I just had to smile. She told him that one day he would have more family than he would know what do with.

What I loved most about that sentiment is that she wasn’t just talking about his blood family, but also the rest of Storybrooke. It’s something she had mentioned just before she really got Henry talking; the good thing about living in a small town (i.e. Storybrooke) is that it’s like everyone is family. I mean, in the case of Henry and Storybrooke, that’s pretty damn near accurate.

What hurt about this scene is the fact that Regina is just Madame Mayor to Henry. Sure, she got to spend some quality time with her son, but he has no idea why it matters. He’s just getting some ice cream and a tour of the town.

Emma and Hook also got to spend some quality time together this episode. At first, they were working with David to gather clues in Regina’s office, but just as he found remnants of berries and told them where to find them in the woods, he was called back to the loft to meet the new midwife, Zelena (that Witch). And Emma and Hook took to the forest together where they had one of their very close standing, serious talks. Emma admitted that she had been considering Walsh’s proposal. You know, before she discovered he was a flying monkey. She also admitted that his betrayal had broken her heart. To which Hook expressed his delight.

You see, he’s not happy that her heart was broken. Not really. He was happy that her heart was breakable, that it still worked. Because then she is capable of loving him back. Unfortunately, she turned away from him before he could get any closer. But he still followed her so they could finish their mission.

The two of them happened upon a mysterious (well, mysterious to them) farmhouse. We know it’s where that Witch is keeping Rumple prisoner. It’s all locked up and before they call Regina, Emma sees a voicemail from David who is sure he’s about to confront the Wicked Witch.

Alas, it is not. It’s himself, a side effect of the night root that Zelena slipped into his tea during their meeting at the loft. By the time Emma, Hook, and Regina show up, David has confronted his greatest fear and was able to defeat “himself.” When he tells Regina about his sword that disappeared, she reveals that it was the Wicked Witch’s way of taking a symbol of his courage. Uh oh.

Seriously, I can’t wait for all this terrifying mystery to be over. Actually, I can, because then the season will be over and we’ll be thrusted into another dreadfully long hiatus.

Ps, we got to meet Rapunzel, who was a victim of night root back in the Enchanted Forest. I wonder if she’s back in Storybrooke after David saved her and brought her back to her parents.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Witch Hunt

I love this show no matter what land/realm they’re in, but Storybrooke is my favorite setting. And I was so happy to see most of our favorite townspeople (Neal, we miss you!). On that note, yay for having Ruby back after quite the lengthy absense- in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest. Also, I was really happy to see that Robin Hood and his merry men were hit with the curse and brought to Storybrooke this time. Okay, I’m not happy they’re cursed, per se, but I’m happy they’re around.

I know Robin is supposed to be Regina’s one true love and all that, which I am wildly excited about, but last night’s episode got me wishing for A LOT more Charming/Hook/Robin interaction. I mean, I’ve been rooting for a Hook/Charming bromance since the end of season 2, so now I won’t be pleased until the three of them become biffles. That’s right, I said biffles. The three of them are my new brotp (which is a phrase I have yet to use in all my time as a fangirl).

Anyway, on to Regina because she really shone this episode. In the Enchanted Forest, she saved Robin’s son, Roland, from one of the Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys which, in turn, caused Robin to owe her one. So, he accompanied her through the underground tunnels, out of reach from the curse, and into her castle. Sure, they had some bumps along the way- you know, a couple of death threats shared between two people is really what brings them together. Just kidding, don’t threaten the ones you love. But, they had a lot to talk about and quite a bit in common. They are both dealing with losing people they love, Robin’s wife and, obviously, Henry.

Um, so Henry. This cursed Henry is like any other teenage boy. I want the real Henry back! And I really, really want him to remember Regina because that storyline was HEART CRUSHING. Seeing him for the first time and knowing right away that he wouldn’t remember her caused her to drop her coffee cup and cause a bit of a scene in the middle of Grannies. This is not the type of scene Regina is used to causing- that came later on.

Later on, she and Emma cooked up a scheme (I was beyond pleased it was a scheme) to try and buy some time to figure out who is behind the current curse. The rest of the town is now convinced it’s Regina, but Regina and Emma were in the Mayor’s office trying to replicate the memory potion that Hook had given Emma so that they could remember what actually happened in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, it failed, but they were able to come up with another plan: Have Leroy (as the unofficial town cryer) let everyone know (or think) that Regina was close to getting the potion right so the person behind the curse would get scared and try and ruin it. Well, it worked, the two of them had a stakeout outside of Regina’s office and waited until they were sure someone was in there. And, oh boy, someone was in there. That’s right, it was the Wicked Witch, but they didn’t know that just yet.

She’s so shifty, that witch. Back in the Enchanted Forest, we found out that she’s not just any witch- she’s Regina’s half sister! And she trained with Rumple! Ugh, I don’t like her. In Storybrooke, she is well underway of winning Mary Margaret’s trust as a midwife. A freaking midwife.

I’m starting to think that she has a plan for the Charming children. I mean, someone sent Hook that message to bring Emma back and it wasn’t her parents. Now, Zelena is going to help Mary Margaret through this current birth? No, not okay. I DON’T LIKE HER.

After the mess of a day, with failed potions and failed stakeouts for the women, Hook and Charming met them in the apartment to fill them in on what was happening with all the missing people. They’re turning into flying monkeys. Little John crossed the townline, not knowing the circumstances as he’s new to the cursed town, and was attacked and taken by a monkey- just like the one Emma was about to marry while she was in New York. Which, by the way, Hook was all to happy to bring up. In front of David, nonetheless, and it was great. Anyway, she sends them off to find Little John (with Robin- the beginning of my new favorite bromance) and they find him, still as a man, but hurt. When they take him to the hospital, before Dr. Whale even has a chance to get a look at him, Little John transforms leaving everyone a little shocked.

But, at least, this information is enough for Regina to figure out who is behind this curse- The Wicked Witch. Bum bum bum.

I don’t know, I’m still a little nervous for our friends in Storybrooke, but at least Emma’s presence is helping things get figured out. It’s not going to be easy by any means, but I have faith they’ll figure it out. And, I still love Regina working with the good guys! And Hook! I mean, the five of them working together is my new favorite thing and season 3 has been full of it. Silver lining, I guess?

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