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Let’s talk about romantic reunions, shall we?

I lead a very… single life. So, I love when I can watch TV and see relationships fall apart and come back together. Yes, they break up and it hurts like a bitch… But, sometimes, they get back together and everything is beautiful and right in the world (even if just for an episode). There are more couples on this list than I realized before I started writing them out, but I’m only going to name the first ten that came to mind. 

Leslie and Ben- Parks and Recreation


I mean, come on. After nearly an entire season of watching these two fall in love, they only got to be together and happy for, like, two episodes. And then they were both miserable for far too long. Neither of them deserve to be unhappy for even a second and as I mentioned before, they were miserable. But, then Leslie spoke up and Ben took action and the kiss that followed was swoon worthy. 

Casey and Cappie- Greek


I was rooting for these two since their ill fated hook up in the pilot. Cappie was clearly still in love with her and Casey was dating that douche, Evan (note: I loved Evan by the end of season 2, if not before). Watching Cappie pine for her while she and Evan continued their descent into Greek Row royalty was hard. After seasons of the two of them denying their feelings and dating other people and not going after one another when they should have, one Thanksgiving night, Cappie walked Casey back to ZBZ and the most excellent exchange occurred. 

Carol and Doug- ER


I can’t say much about this without going into a tailspin. I mean, it was CAROL AND DOUG. They always belonged together. They were meant to raise their girls together. And, so, when Carol finally went to Seattle, my little heart didn’t stand a chance. 

Hannah and Adam- Girls


I don’t know what it is that makes me love Adam so damn much, but I do. And I love to hate to love Hannah. After Adam told her he loved her and they broke up, I was actually okay with that. I don’t think I had been completely won over by either of them. Then, season two happened and things got really dark, but we also really got to see and understand more of Adam and Hannah. He was the only one able to pull her out of her breakdown and the way he did it was so romantic and crazy and… Adam. It was exactly what you’d expect of him at that point in the story.

Lorelai and Luke- Gilmore Girls


These two make up one of my all time favorite couples on television. When they broke up after Emily and Richard’s vow renewal, I was gutted. Neither of them took their breakup well at all. How could they? They’re meant to be. They broke up a second time, but I’m focusing on the first one because season 7 is still a little difficult for me to stomach. Plus, their whole relationship in season 5 was just… better, which made that initial breakup much harder for me. But, that kiss when Luke showed up at her house? Whoa, baby. 

Snow and Charming- Once Upon a Time


Broken up by a curse only to end up on the other side as a single school teacher and a married coma patient. Mary Margaret and David knew they were in love, but didn’t understand why it was so consuming, so intense. They didn’t understand who they truly were. Snow White and Prince Charming are the truest of true love and they were torn apart. It took 28 years and their long lost daughter to bring them back to reality and reunite in the street of Storybrooke, ME.

Peyton and Lucas- One Tree Hill


I didn’t finish this show for the sole reason that these two left it. Seriously, I got two episodes into season seven before throwing in the towel. That says a lot. For a long time, I thought I wanted Lucas and Brooke to end up together, but then they didn’t and Lucas and Peyton finally got together. The two of them really started to make an impression in season five, years after they had broken up. Therefore, their reunion in the very beginning of season six was perfectly timed and a long time coming. 

Veronica and Logan- Veronica Mars


Do I want to focus on their reunion in season 2 or their ultimate reunion in the movie? How about the movie? The two of them had been through three seasons of ups and downs plus nine years of “radio silence,” so it was a great relief to see them reconnect as adults. Yes, the emotional roller coaster that brought them together in season 2 made that reunion very meaningful and sweet, but they had so much growing up to do. 

Rachel and Ross- Friends


She got off the plane. SHE GOT OFF THE PLANE. After ten years of will-they-won’t-they, breakups, and one night stands, Rachel decided not to move to Paris. She decided to be with the man she loved, the man she always loved, so they could be together and raise their daughter together. Who didn’t squee with delight when they slept together the night before she was supposed to leave? Who didn’t fall into a puddle of tears when she got back on the plane? Rachel getting off the plane was the best thing that could have happened and, of course, they had to end up together. It was Ross and Rachel, after all. 

Andy and Sam- Rookie Blue


Obviously, I had to include this one. It’s so good, so important to me, that I had to end the list with it. The crap these two have been through in five seasons is enough to make even the sanest person weep. I’m far from sane, so you best believe I wept every time these two even looked at each other. It took seven episodes for them to kiss, one phone call to send her running, two seasons to be on the same page, two suspensions to tear them apart, one episode for them to work on starting, one death to rip them and their already broken hearts to pieces, one undercover assignment for them to “move on,” two ill-fated relationships to make them realize what they were missing, and one gunshot wound to the abdomen to bring them crashing together. Even then, it wasn’t smooth sailing. It took half of season five to get them to open up and really show each other how they felt. And, oh my god, it’s all been worth it. SO WORTH IT.

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Let’s talk about Parks and Recreation- Moving Up

I’m not upset with the time jump there at the end, nor am I thrilled. It’s too soon to tell. They could go one of two ways on this one

  1. Pull a How I Met Your Mother and use that flash forward as something to work toward and it would end up being, like, a series finale.
  2. Or actually jump ahead three years. 

Like I said, it’s too soon to tell which I’d prefer.

All I can really say is I cannot wait to see why Ben is in that tux and why the hell Leslie is rocking those bangs. (I have a theory about the tux that I’ll discuss at the end). Oh and if they do go the way of a three year time jump, I will not miss a pregnant Leslie. I’m so amped for a mom Leslie, but not really interested in a pregnant one.

So, San Francisco— Michelle Obama and all— was hilarious. Andy and Alcatraz, Andy and the skateboard, Andy in general= GREAT. Andy Dwyer for the win, am I right?

The Unity Concert? Holy hell, I loved it. The lineup was so good! Letters to Cleo? The Decemberists? MOUSE RAT and DUKE SILVER?! Shut up! I feel like Craig right now. I CAN’T STOP YELLING!

I hope Tom’s Bistro really succeeds. I feel like Tom has been through so much and he deserves a win. I’m super happy Tammy II didn’t get her fangs in Ron. He’s got a family now and that would have been hella messed up. April and Andy wanting to get a divorce so they can get married again? God, I love those two so much! SO MUCH! 

So, I saw Nick Offerman live back in September and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love him like you wouldn’t believe. And he closed his comedy show out singing 5000 Candle in the Wind, so I got a little teary eyed when the Unity Concert ended that way with all those bands up on stage. It was perfect. 

You know what else was perfect (albeit expected)? Leslie accepting that job and having the offices moved to the recently renovated third floor. 

My theory on Ben’s tux is below. Warning: It’s not juicy. Continue reading

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Let’s talk about first kisses

After last night’s episode of The Mindy Project, I decided to put together a list of my favorite television first kisses. I’m sure this has been done to death, but not by me. So, lucky you!

There’s no way I could rank them, because of the twelve I’ve chosen, they’re all way too good. So, I’m gonna do this chronologically. Starting with…


Ross and Rachel

I like that this one is first, because Friends is my all time favorite show. Ross and Rachel are my original OTP. I don’t care that I was five years old when this kiss first occurred. I remember how I felt when I first watched it and I know I wanted to be kissed like that one day and I wanted to have a group of friends I could gush over it with.


Pacey and Joey

Umm, Pacey Witter is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. And watching him pine for Joey Potter during season 3 (and 5 and 6) was a little rough for me. I needed this to happen. Once it did, I was so happy. So, so happy. As much as the audience was expecting it to happen eventually, Joey was living in denial and had no idea it was coming. Which, in my opinion, makes it even better.


Luke and Lorelai

It took a long ass time to get to this kiss. But it was worth every bickering filled second. Luke and Lorelai were one of those couples that just made sense. Their undeniable love was buried in their arguing and it made you want to shut them in a room together until they figured it out like the rest of us.


Logan and Veronica

I don’t know, these two are troubled and full of drama, but they belong together. Throughout season one, they went from hating each other to not being able to stay away from each other. And it continued on like that through the next two seasons. As painful as their relationship is at times, their chemistry is ridiculously undeniable. I need them to make it work in the movie. I just do and I really hope I get what I want.


Sam and Andy

I know I said I wasn’t going to rank these, but this is my all time favorite first kiss. Who doesn’t love a girl who takes charge? Clearly, Sam Swarek does- as evident by his willingness to kiss back. Also, can we talk about the fact that this happened in the seventh episode of the FIRST SEASON! Seven episodes in and these two are already making everyone else on this list look like a bunch of amateurs.


Shawn and Juliet

Look at that, another take charge kind of girl. These two hit it off the second they met in that diner in season one. And Jules wouldn’t let it happen because they worked together and things didn’t need to get messy. Also, Shawn had a little growing up to do in the four and a half seasons leading up to this moment. They’ve gone through a lot together, and I just hope they can make it through season eight intact.


Castle and Beckett

An undercover kiss to start it all. Now look at them, planning a September wedding together. This is one of those couples that I love all of the time. Ever since they got together, I have never doubted whether or not they belong together. I don’t what it is, but Castle and Beckett are doing right.


Ben and Leslie

Leslie Knope is not a woman who needs a man, but when she and Ben Wyatt started working together, their connection was indisputable. Ben and Chris were the best things that ever happened to this show, Ben especially. Parks and Rec would not be where it is without him and his nerdy accounting jokes. Leslie Knope would not be who she is without his unwavering support.


Nick and Jess

Can I, like, get this kiss tattooed on the inside of my eyelids? Because it’s perfect and spontaneous and so, very hot. Who knew Nick Miller had it in him, huh? And last night he proved he was not only a good kisser, but a pretty awesome boyfriend as well. I’m really interested to see where these two are headed. The first “I love you” is gonna be soon, I can feel it.


Don and Sloan

I am so happy that this show was picked up for a third season. If I didn’t get to see what happens with these two after this kiss, I would have screamed. I think it’s safe to say that most people hated Don when the show started. I don’t know when it is that I switched teams, but oh my god, did I switch teams. Don Keefer is amazing. Sloan Sabbith is amazing. Put them together and they are impressive.


Hook and Emma

I grew up thinking Captain Hook was a villain. Then he sails right into Storybrooke and falls for the savior and he is the man of my dreams. Emma made him remember what it’s like to care about someone other than himself. Hook made her remember what it’s like to feel something again. Unfortunately, all memories of her very brief time with Hook were taken from her in order to save her family and friends. So, let’s skip forward to March 9 and see just how Hook plans to get her to remember him and the rest of the Enchanted Forest characters, shall we?


Danny and Mindy

Time to talk about the kiss that started this whole post. Danny Castellano and Mindy Lahiri, making out on a plane. What?! He just went for it and it was even better than I had imagined. I always knew it would be him, because he’s the only one who really seems to notice what’s going on between them. I was kind of terrified that when it happened, Mindy would push him away, especially now that she wanted Cliff back. I was beyond ecstatic when she kissed him right back, though. And now we have to wait more than two months to see what happens next. I CAN’T DO THAT.

*None of the above gifs are mine. I found them all on Google. I apologize if anyone is offended I used them. I will take them down if requested.

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The Dreaded Winter Hiatus

With my favorite show being a summer show (what’s up Rookie Blue?), I’m used to long, grueling breaks. But that does not mean I like them. In fact, I hate them more than anything.

During the break between fall finales and spring premiers, I have a lot more time to kill. First off, I have no classes to distract me and, of course, my stories are all put on pause. Tonight, How I Met Your Mother is being put to rest and I think that’s the last of my shows to air new episodes until January.

So, between now and then, what am I going to do? My main goal is to start and catch up with Once Upon a Time. It’s been all over my dashboard for months and I already ship Captain Swan, so it’s about damn time I watch it.

I was out of work sick last week and I rewatched seasons 3+4 of Parks and Rec, so I’ll probably finish rewatching season 5 and what’s aired in season 6. I’ll definitely rewatch some of The Mindy Project because, hi, it’s the best sitcom on television this season.

And when the fall shows end in May, I’ll be in some weird limbo for three months or so. Well, for every night other than Thursdays. Seriously, if you think a 3 month hiatus is hard, try having a summer series as your favorite and see how much of a bitch a 9 month hiatus is. But, like, really, is Rookie Blue back yet?

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Let’s talk about me and my shows

Let me preface this by saying I’m not very interesting. My most interesting thoughts are based on the lives of my favorite television characters. So, that’s why I chose to start this little blog. I’m just going to be ranting and spewing on and on about the characters I love in the shows I can’t live without.

So, about me…. I’m 23 years old. I have a real-life, big kid job. It’s okay, I get paid. I am in my first semester of grad school. I’m going for an MA in Communications. I have a BA in Public Relations. I write a lot, about pretty much anything. Not much of it gets out there, though. So, this is a way for me to share a little of that writing about my absolute favorite subject:

My Shows!

This list changes all of the time. It’s not going to be in any particular order. I’m going to throw in all of the cancelled shows that I still love and watch, too. Chances are I’ll write about them retrospectively.

  • Rookie Blue
  • Bones,
  • Castle
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • New Girl
  • The Mindy Project
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Modern Family
  • Psych
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Elementary
  • Scandal
  • Veep
  • The Newsroom
  • Veronica Mars
  • Happy Endings
  • Friends
  • Dawson’s Creek
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Greek
  • My Boys

There’s more. I know there is. I’m not going to write about every show on that list. Like I said, I have a job. But, probably a lot.


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