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Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Everlasting

Is it weird that I’m not really worried about that very last scene? Like, I know Rookie Blue‘s timeline has always been iffy at best, but… Yeah, I’m not too concerned. Maybe I’m just in denial, but I really don’t think that’s the case.

  • That scene with Sam, Andy, and Marlo was pretty awkward, though, huh? I kind of loved seeing Sam squirm like that. But, I think, the most important part of the whole scene was the fact that Andy told Sam why she was uncomfortable with Marlo being around and her bringing Sam coffees. And I LOVED that Sam insisted that her sudden reappearance would not ruin his honeymoon phase with Andy. I mean, these two are growing up right before our very eyes and I love it so much.
  • Ted McDonald is still on the loose when the episode starts out. And he’s running amok all over the place, putting bombs on judges cars while they’re off getting married. So insensitive. He’s after the judge because she was in charge of the case against the bomber that killed Ted’s son and and Ted’s sure the whole thing was the police’s doing. Well, Andy and Oliver get to the wedding in time to make sure no one gets hurt while ETF Bailey and his men disarm the bomb that was planted on the judge’s personal car.
  • Oliver and Andy find Ted at his son’s grave and bring him in. You know, if there’s one thing I love more than a McSwarek partnership, it’s a McShaw partnership. They kick ass and take names every single time. I love that Oliver hit the streets even though John Jarvis didn’t want him to. That’s the thing about Oliver, though, he’s a blue shirt at heart. And he’s damn proud of it. I love Oliver so much!
  • Back at the station, while Sam is questioning Ted, he finds out there are more bombs. So, Marlo and Dov are geeking out over the Intelligence software while Andy and Traci figure out that the tip Duncan got was actually from Ted McDonald himself. That leads them to figure out that Ted’s not targeting the people responsible for his son’s death and the dropped case, but he is targeting their children. Sick, right? An eye for an eye. Sam somehow gets him to give up the location of the next bomb and Oliver and Chloe go and take care of the teenage boy and his friends. 
  • Andy’s back at the station at this point, filling out the paperwork necessary for her and Oliver’s bust. At one point, Sam goes to ask Marlo a question about McDonald’s computer and hard drive and Marlo sends Andy off to pick it up in evidence. At this point, she and Sam have another frank discussion about what is going on with Marlo and how Andy feels she’s trying to undermine her. As much as Sam doesn’t understand the ways of women, he does want to. Instead, he just goes back to work while Andy goes up to evidence.
  • He’s back with McDonald when an alarm starts sounding, though, and no one on the first floor seems to know what’s going on. All of a sudden, officers run down the stairs and Sam runs up them to see what’s going on and where Andy is. When he gets there, the whole floor is black and covered in soot. A bomb went off in evidence and Sam fights his way through the mess to get to Andy. She was in the room, but is totally fine. She just can’t hear very well, so it take Sam a bit to find her. When he does, she asks if he’s crying and he claims it’s only the smoke. He was sure she was dead. He was terrified. 
  • When he gets back to Ted, he’s slit his wrists and is dead in the interrogation room. Chris (oh yeah, Chris is back and he seems to be back to normal. He and Sam talked about it and he’s… dry)is sure that he searched McDonald in booking, but he’ll take the blame if he has to. Because if he messed up, he knows enough that he needs to man up. 
  • Some other goings on at 15–
  • Gail told Holly about adopting Sophie just as Holly was about to ask her to move to San Francisco. Things clearly aren’t looking good for these two. But, I’m okay with it honestly. Gail deserves to be happy and I think Sophie will do that way more than Holly.
  • Nick ran into that lady that bought his toothbrushes a few weeks back. And then he stalks her to a coffee shop. Then, they make out on the street. And he’s looks like he’s about to get some good lovin’ until she finds out he’s a cop and bails. What the hell? If I was making out with someone like Nick Collins and found out he was a cop, I’d be way more inclined to keep making out with him. 
  • Dov and Chloe are dunzo. She tries to get him back with a little red dress she was planning on wearing to the commissioner’s gala, but he’s not having it. Marlo asked him if he loved her and he does, but he can’t trust her. Marlo seems to think that’s okay, that they can work through that. I don’t think I agree with her, but I do hope the two of them work it out.
  • And this is when Dov finds a sonogram on a desk that Marlo was working on. We don’t know who it belongs to, but I think we’re supposed to believe it’s Marlo’s and that we’re supposed to believe it’s of a baby that belongs to Sam. This is what I’m not worried about. I don’t think Marlo is pregnant with Sam’s kid. She’d either already have given birth or be about to pop. She sure as hell didn’t look like she was about to pop. And if she did have a kid and it is Sam’s, how could she not tell him months ago? I mean, yes, it’s possible, but I just don’t think it’s the case. Why the hell would she just leave it on a desk? Like, really? 
  • Oh, and are they setting up a relationship with Traci and ETF Bailey? They spent the whole episode talking about fairytales and he seemed like he wanted to be the reality he told her to start living in…

The only thing I’m worried about is surviving another Rookie Blue hiatus. Oh, and the fact that 5b might be the last season. I need more than 11 episodes. I just really, really do.

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Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Two Truths and a Lie

Ummm, I will never be over the perfection that was this episode. I watched it last night. I was going to watch it again before writing this, but there’s too much going on in my noggin for that. So, sorry if this one’s a mess.

Also, not sorry if it’s primarily Sam related. He shone so much in this episode. He and Andy finally got everything out on the table and were able to move on as one. It was kind of perfect (by kind of, I mean totally, by the way). 

I do want to mention a few other things, though, before I hop into the Sam Swarek loving.

  • Gail and Nick working together, joking together, talking about making online dating profiles for each other was all great. I am way more pleased to see these two acting as friends than I thought I would be. I mean, I was always a little bitter about how their romantic relationship ended. I honestly didn’t think they’d get to this point. But I am really happy they did and that they made me laugh.
  • Traci/Steve/Dex was another happy surprise. I never liked Dex, not when he had no had no interest in being a father, not when he came back and he and Traci got back together, and definitely not when he came back to start a custody battle. But, maybe what Steve said to him in the hospital really worked because I didn’t hate him by the end of this episode. I really just want him and Traci to come to a healthy agreement so they can continue raising their son together. 
  • Dov and Chloe had a bit of drama this episode. When they were digging up secrets on the victim, Dov brought up Wes and Chloe got a little pissed. Actually, she’s a little pissed about a lot of stuff. She’s chained to the desk while she’s still recovering, there’s a blood clot in her neck that could, you know, kill her. And it’s Wes’ fault that it’s still there. Oh, and she’s pissed that Dov didn’t fight more for her at the hospital. But they made up and went home to get drunk and make out. Though, I don’t think this fight is quite over just yet.

Let’s talk about the fight that is over, though, shall we? Sam and Andy finally yelled it out last night. After Andy found out who one of the prisoners was that they were sent to interview, she got Sam to talk about his dear old dad a little. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pleasant, but it was necessary.

Once we all found out that Sam’s father was the prime suspect’s sponsor on the inside, we understood why Sam was so hell bent on getting out of there as soon as the suspect was in custody. He doesn’t want to see his father and he sure as hell does not want Andy to meet him. The fight all starts when Sam won’t open up about his dad and he brings up Tommy McNally’s misgivings as an alcoholic father. Andy’s quick to remind him that he knows everything  about her, including the hard life she had with her dad (who is a much better man than Jay Swarek, mind you, but we’ll get to that). Sam doesn’t want to talk about that stuff and she just wants to know him. He shuts down when things get rough. We know that, we saw it in season 3 when Jerry died, which Sam FINALLY brought up. HE brought up that Jerry died and Andy left. 

We, well I, always knew how hard that was on Sam. And he’s brought it up to her before. But she’s right, too, because he had broken up with her and her going undercover was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. As raw as Sam is in this fight scene and how fantastically Ben Bass portrayed it, Andy/Missy Peregrym brought their A game. Andy wasn’t going to back down because she’d gone through hell with him once before. If they want to make it work, she knows that he needs to be more open. And so, he hands her his father’s file. 

While she’s reading the file, Sam finds out that the suspect, Larry Chism, attempted suicide and was in critical condition. They needed to go back in and talk to Jay. I’m not going to get into detail there, but I am going to mention how much I hate the man. I’ve hated him a while, since Sam told Marlo that toolshed story, and getting to spend some time with him and seeing how poorly he treats Sam even now— it makes me sick. 

Eventually, Sam leaves and Andy has to get the information on Larry, the reason they’re there, but Jay won’t even talk until she tells him if she’s dating Sam. I mean, it was bad enough when Sam was talking to him and he kept talking to Andy or making inappropriate remarks about their possible relationship. If I were Sam, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it together. I just wanted to slap the man. I hated him, but I am so glad that we met him and that we got to see that side of Sam.

We did get a scene with Sam and his father, just the two of them, and we saw how angry Jay is at Sam. We’ve always known Sam was angry with him, but this was new. Sam admitted that he used to be afraid of Jay and then, eventually, that he was afraid of turning out like him. Finally, now that he’s there and he’s sees how miserable he is, he knows he’ll never be like him and so he forgives him. Jay does not forgive Sam, but Sam is finally able to forgive his father.

You know what, Sam knows he’ll never be like Jay because of how unhappy he is. And Sam has finally figured out how not to end up unhappy. He has a real shot with Andy, especially now that they’re more open with each other. If they get through this big fight and any other things that get thrown their way, he knows that he’ll never be unhappy again. He’s got the love of his life and he now knows how they can get through almost anything in order for them to get to Costa Rica one day to retire.

On the way home, after Sam admits that his father is in prison because Sam lied to the cops (gaining Jay six months before he killed someone in a fight which got him another twenty years), Andy assures him that he is nothing like his father. If he ever needs to be reminded, he just needs to ask her. And so, after confirming that she’ll actually be there to ask, Sam tells Andy that he loves her! This is the first time since the end of season 3 that he’s said those words. And Andy tells him that she loves him, so it’s the first time ever that the “I love you,” is reciprocated vocally. Seriously, the fight and the declarations of love were perfect. 

So was the game of two truths and a lie back at Sam’s place. Even though he’s the worst, telling truth on top of truth on top of truth, it was a raw, real moment between the two of them. And it ended quite beautifully, if I do say so myself



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Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Going Under

Let me preface this by saying that I need to stop looking at spoilers. Like, I really think I would be so much happier. That McSwarek moment would have been so much sweeter if I hadn’t already seen it in .gif form. But, I’ll get to that later.

  • Chris, man, my love, what are you doing? I know I was excited about the Chris going dark storyline, but it really stressed me out all episode. I had the worst feeling he was going to get caught. And I know he will eventually, because that’s television, but I’m not ready for it. Why can’t anyone see what is actually going on? I mean, I know Dov and Chloe see something is up, but they need to get there faster so they can do something about it. It’s already reached a pretty catastrophic level and I don’t think we can afford for it to get any worse. But it’s kind of obvious, at this point, that it will…
  • I do love when we get to see some of our favorites go under, though. Chris, Dov, and Nick were the ones to do it. Chris was definitely the one who should have come out on top, but he got a little distracted by arresting his drug dealer instead of the illegal arms dealer. Nick spent all night flirting with a bartender and, low and behold, she was the one they wanted all along. I liked Nick a lot in this episode and I liked how Traci and Steve were debating his pickup lines and strategies.
  • Traci and Steve are like a breath of fresh air sometimes. There’s no complicated histories, no third parties— just them doing their thing. I love it. I love that they can work together seamlessly and still make a relationship work. They seem like they’ve got that on lock down. And, you know, as an added bonus, I just love the addition of Steve Peck— not just in Traci’s world, but everyone else’s.
  • Can we all agree that Gail broke our hearts? Don’t get me wrong, I loved her scene with Oliver at the end, but I just feel for her. Let me just say, though, that I am very happy Holly was not the focus of this particular breakdown. Sure, she was a part of it, as it should be, but she was not the main reason Gail was struggling. As Oliver explained, Gail let the job get to her and it got under her skin. We’ve seen this happen with every other rookie, so we know this isn’t some hokey brush off. This is real and that little girl that Gail met last week— the one that lost her mother to a Jameson shootout— got to her and made her rethink things. The job’s not a glamorous one, but once she can move past the pain she’ll get right back to being that kickass cop that gets her reports done on time. 
  • Chloe wasn’t a huge player in this episode, but I want to talk about her anyway. I really like seeing her with people other than Dov. We saw a little with Gail, a little with Oliver, a little with Sam and Andy, and we’ve seen her with Chris and Nick in the past. She’s so good and also quite the breath of fresh air, so I like that she’s becoming a real character. I love her.
  • Also, not a huge episode for Sam and Andy, but what we got was pretty damn good. And, that is, communication. They were talking about where to retire like it was nothing. They were joking about seeing each other naked like it was nothing. They were flirty and friendly and it was awesome. But, there was more to it than that. Sam knew that she was taking the allegations from Duncan hard and that she should talk about it. So, instead of making her talk about her issues, he just talked about his experiences. Andy always says that Sam needs to be more open, but we’ve seen time and time again that he’s willing to listen and she doesn’t take it (her first kill, her mother, Duncan). So, now he’s understanding how she works and she’s seeing that he cares enough. 

It was a bit of a filler episode for most, but a real juicy one for Chris. I liked it enough, though. It was no Wanting, but that’s just the McSwarek lover in me. We’ve seen glimpses of the earlier seasons shining through this season and I really like that. Seasons 1 and 2 are, without question, the best. I want to see more of that for everyone. (And saying those are the best seasons is no offense to Chloe or Nick or Steve. Seriously. They fit now, but they would not have then).

After the promo:

McSwarek loving and McSwarek fighting. These are things we need. And I am in no way worried about the fighting. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been spoiled. I’m saying it because they do need to fight some things out. They’ve changed, sure, but they still need to work in order to keep moving together. Which they will.

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Let’s talk about McSwarek

I cannot get over Monday night’s episode. I have thought of very little since I watched it and my mind keeps going back to Andy and Sam’s first and last scenes of the episode.

This episode, for them, started off friendly and light. They we able to joke with each other about their past. You know, their really troubled, brokenhearted past? But they parted with smiles on their faces and only the fondest memory of their first shift together. It was beautiful.

Then, after an especially rough day for Andy, Sam was there to offer her a ride home. Yeah, it didn’t start out great, but Andy was able to tell him what she wanted to hear. And Sam was there to tell her, not what she wanted to hear, but what she needed to hear.

He’s always been there for her and that’s still the same. Now, though, he has a better idea of how to be exactly what she needs. And being that person for her only makes him happier. Even Traci said it, he’s been in a great mood since he got out of the hospital. They’re both working to get exactly what they want and need from each other and it’s beautiful.

God, I could talk about these two all day, but I really shouldn’t.

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Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Wanting

Ugh, my McSwarek heart is beating overtime this morning. Before I jump into bullet form and talk about everyone, I need to talk about that first scene with Andy and Sam in the kitchen.

First, he brings her coffee, because it’s what friends do (this is where I laugh at the word “friends”), she gives him half a bagel, because… “friends,” and when they’re talking about her training the rookie, Sam tells her to be careful because sometimes they develop feelings and it gets awkward. And I love Sam so freaking much, it’s not even funny! When Andy quips back that she should have told Duncan right off the bat that he wasn’t her type, Sam’s quick to remind her that it doesn’t always work.

I’m sorry, was this not THE PERFECT exchange between two “friends?” The answer is yes, it was the perfect exchange.

Anyway… On to the rest:

  • Dov and Chloe have not had sex since she left the hospital and Chloe is all too quick to fill Nick in on their situation. She requests him to “get some intel on the DL” while he’s partnered with Dov. Poor Nick. The last thing he (or really anyone) wants is to get involved in Dov and Chloe’s relationship. But, Chloe makes him super uncomfortable and he concedes. 
  • Dov saw her die, remember? It’s tough for him to want what he wants (Chloe, duh) and not do anything about it. He also doesn’t want to push her or over exert her in any way. Plus, you know, she’s back living with her parents and that can always be a little difficult. By the end of the episode, though, Nick tells them both each others’ deals and is able to walk away just before the making out ensues.
  • See, I like Nick when he’s not sleeping with his co-workers. He’s a good friend— he was to Andy before and during their UC stint and he can be to everyone else if he just keeps his pants on.
  • Gail is not talking to Holly. And she seems okay for the most part. That is until one of the three victims dies and she goes to find her keys and, instead, ends up finding her young daughter. Gail is emotional, always has been, but she’s in a more fragile state now. I mean, she’s had a rough couple of years and she’s dealing with a breakup. I don’t blame her and I totally sympathize with her. And I love her. I love Gail. She’s so real and harsh and amazing.
  • Chris is a little tired during his shift. He had a long night hooking up with a hot date (as far as Gail thinks). We’ve seen his downward spiral start and now we’re watching it play out. I love it, but I’m terrified of what’s to come. I mean, remember when Chris was the puppy that loved everything and everybody? Now he’s suffering in silence and making sketchy drug buys. 
  • More Traci and Steve, please? I love them so much and I don’t think I have enough evidence to back that up. Give me more evidence!
  • DUNCAN! You idiot, I really wanted to like you. And you’ve just gone right ahead and ruined that! He is not, in any way, cut out to be a cop. Sometime’s that’s just the way it is. He left Andy, his training officer, alone in a house with a little boy and, you know, just some murderer with an agenda. Ugh, poor Andy! She was calling him and calling him for backup and he just got scared and stayed in the car. I was so mad. And then he tried to play it off like his radio was dead. Come on, man, grow a pair or get off the job. 
  • So, Andy had to write all of this in her report and Oliver assured her there would be an investigation and that Duncan would most likely lose his badge. It’s probably good for the city’s population, but sucks for Duncan and definitely hurts McNally. She wanted to do right by him and for him to come out on top. He made it impossible.
  • So, Sam drove her home and they shared a very quiet drive. All day, she and Duncan were arguing about whether or not change was possible. She believes that, yes, it is. But there was some doubt in her mind and when Sam didn’t say anything that would make her feel better, she started to think he hadn’t changed as much as she thought. 
  • Sam knows, though, that she doesn’t need him to tell her that she did all she could. She believes in people and when Duncan wasn’t all she believed he could be, it felt like a failure. But, Sam makes sure she knows that she’s one of the best cop’s he’s seen and it’s not her fault. And then she kissed him and it was beautiful and amazing and everything was perfect. He didn’t push her or pressure her— he was willing to be her friend if it’s what she wanted. Of course it’s not, though, because Sam has changed. They both have and they will be their best selves together. I mean, look: 


After the Promo:

More Duncan drama. He and his lawyer and, I’m assuming, his very powerful stepfather, are going up against the division and Andy. He’s starting some serious troubles for her. Not cool, man. Not cool. 

It also looks like Chris’s dirty little secret might be coming out. It almost look like his dealer showed up at the station. Uh oh. This can’t be good.

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Rookie Blue Season 5

Okay, okay, okay. I am so excited. I can’t breathe. This is the best thing to grace the internet in quite sometime.

I’m so happy that Andy and Dov have each other to lean on during this time. I mean, the people they love are both fighting for their lives and they don’t have anything to do to make it better.

Some other thoughts:

-This may be the promo for the Canadian start date (which is a month before the US), but I will find a way to keep up as they start airing in May.
-This whole diner thing seems intense and I love that Andy and Dov can’t do much, if anything, about it.
-I love Gail and I am really intrigued to see why she cut all of her hair off.
-I could go either way on Holly, though. We barely got any time to know her. I’m kind of excited to see how it plays out even though I am a hardcore Chrail shipper.
-Which leads me to Chris— we didn’t get much of him, but I adore him.
-I need Sam to wake up before the end of this episode because I, like, really NEED a McSwarek scene (the McSwarek scene).
-I know Andy will be dealing with the Nick sitch, but I can’t wait for it to be a non-issue.
-I love Nick, as a character. He just really blows as a love interest. Like, seriously.
-Traci and Steve. TRACI AND STEVE! I love Steve’s character AND his relationship with Traci.
-AND OLIVER?! Holding Dov back in the hospital like only Ollie could. He’s the greatest! Oliver is sometimes the only bright light when Rookie Blue falls into a hole of depressing, dark drama.

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Let’s talk about first kisses

After last night’s episode of The Mindy Project, I decided to put together a list of my favorite television first kisses. I’m sure this has been done to death, but not by me. So, lucky you!

There’s no way I could rank them, because of the twelve I’ve chosen, they’re all way too good. So, I’m gonna do this chronologically. Starting with…


Ross and Rachel

I like that this one is first, because Friends is my all time favorite show. Ross and Rachel are my original OTP. I don’t care that I was five years old when this kiss first occurred. I remember how I felt when I first watched it and I know I wanted to be kissed like that one day and I wanted to have a group of friends I could gush over it with.


Pacey and Joey

Umm, Pacey Witter is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. And watching him pine for Joey Potter during season 3 (and 5 and 6) was a little rough for me. I needed this to happen. Once it did, I was so happy. So, so happy. As much as the audience was expecting it to happen eventually, Joey was living in denial and had no idea it was coming. Which, in my opinion, makes it even better.


Luke and Lorelai

It took a long ass time to get to this kiss. But it was worth every bickering filled second. Luke and Lorelai were one of those couples that just made sense. Their undeniable love was buried in their arguing and it made you want to shut them in a room together until they figured it out like the rest of us.


Logan and Veronica

I don’t know, these two are troubled and full of drama, but they belong together. Throughout season one, they went from hating each other to not being able to stay away from each other. And it continued on like that through the next two seasons. As painful as their relationship is at times, their chemistry is ridiculously undeniable. I need them to make it work in the movie. I just do and I really hope I get what I want.


Sam and Andy

I know I said I wasn’t going to rank these, but this is my all time favorite first kiss. Who doesn’t love a girl who takes charge? Clearly, Sam Swarek does- as evident by his willingness to kiss back. Also, can we talk about the fact that this happened in the seventh episode of the FIRST SEASON! Seven episodes in and these two are already making everyone else on this list look like a bunch of amateurs.


Shawn and Juliet

Look at that, another take charge kind of girl. These two hit it off the second they met in that diner in season one. And Jules wouldn’t let it happen because they worked together and things didn’t need to get messy. Also, Shawn had a little growing up to do in the four and a half seasons leading up to this moment. They’ve gone through a lot together, and I just hope they can make it through season eight intact.


Castle and Beckett

An undercover kiss to start it all. Now look at them, planning a September wedding together. This is one of those couples that I love all of the time. Ever since they got together, I have never doubted whether or not they belong together. I don’t what it is, but Castle and Beckett are doing right.


Ben and Leslie

Leslie Knope is not a woman who needs a man, but when she and Ben Wyatt started working together, their connection was indisputable. Ben and Chris were the best things that ever happened to this show, Ben especially. Parks and Rec would not be where it is without him and his nerdy accounting jokes. Leslie Knope would not be who she is without his unwavering support.


Nick and Jess

Can I, like, get this kiss tattooed on the inside of my eyelids? Because it’s perfect and spontaneous and so, very hot. Who knew Nick Miller had it in him, huh? And last night he proved he was not only a good kisser, but a pretty awesome boyfriend as well. I’m really interested to see where these two are headed. The first “I love you” is gonna be soon, I can feel it.


Don and Sloan

I am so happy that this show was picked up for a third season. If I didn’t get to see what happens with these two after this kiss, I would have screamed. I think it’s safe to say that most people hated Don when the show started. I don’t know when it is that I switched teams, but oh my god, did I switch teams. Don Keefer is amazing. Sloan Sabbith is amazing. Put them together and they are impressive.


Hook and Emma

I grew up thinking Captain Hook was a villain. Then he sails right into Storybrooke and falls for the savior and he is the man of my dreams. Emma made him remember what it’s like to care about someone other than himself. Hook made her remember what it’s like to feel something again. Unfortunately, all memories of her very brief time with Hook were taken from her in order to save her family and friends. So, let’s skip forward to March 9 and see just how Hook plans to get her to remember him and the rest of the Enchanted Forest characters, shall we?


Danny and Mindy

Time to talk about the kiss that started this whole post. Danny Castellano and Mindy Lahiri, making out on a plane. What?! He just went for it and it was even better than I had imagined. I always knew it would be him, because he’s the only one who really seems to notice what’s going on between them. I was kind of terrified that when it happened, Mindy would push him away, especially now that she wanted Cliff back. I was beyond ecstatic when she kissed him right back, though. And now we have to wait more than two months to see what happens next. I CAN’T DO THAT.

*None of the above gifs are mine. I found them all on Google. I apologize if anyone is offended I used them. I will take them down if requested.

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