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Let’s talk about love triangles

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do my favorite or least favorite love triangles, mainly because I hate the whole trope. But, there are some triangles that work out for the best and others that are just used for drama (lookin’ at you, Rookie Blue). So, since I don’t know which list to do, I’ve decided to do a list of the love triangles that made me FEEL the most– good or bad.

Sam/Andy/Nick- Rookie Blue

You knew I was going to do this one, didn’t you? This is definitely one I hate. Without question, Nick was made a romantic prospect just to make waves in the McSwarek story. Well, joke’s on you, Nick Collins. Sam and Andy came out WAY on top and slayed it throughout season 5.

Pacey/Joey/Dawson- Dawson’s Creek

I don’t like Dawson as a character, so I especially don’t like him as a love interest. However, I see why this triangle was so difficult for the characters involved. And, even though I know in my heart that Pacey is the right man for Joey, I understand the arguments in Dawson’s favor. I don’t agree with them, but I get them.

Ross/Rachel/Joey- Friends

This whole storyline was a joke, right? A sick, sick joke?

Summer/Seth/Anna- The OC

Oh, Anna, I really liked you. And you made a lot of sense at one point. But you and Seth were just way too similar. And Summer and Seth had that whole opposites-attract-thing going on. Plus, the chemistry was just there for them where it wasn’t for Anna and Seth.

Baze/Cate/Ryan- Life Unexpected

Who remembers this show? I loved it so hard. And, from day 1, I was rooting for Baze and Cate to get their stuff together and figure it out. I mean, sure, they hooked up once in high school and it resulted in a baby that Baze didn’t even find out about until 16 years later when said baby showed up on his doorstep, but Baze and Cate were meant to be. It was especially obvious when you threw Lux into the mix. They were a family and, sorry Ryan, this story ended just as I wanted it to (albeit, a little too soon for my liking).

Jess/Rory/Dean- Gilmore Girls

Dean was perfect, right? Wrong. I hate Dean. Jess was perfect? Not at all. He was terribly flawed. But that’s why I loved him. He and Rory just made sense. They had so much in common, but were also so different. Yeah, he bailed. And, yeah, it was wrong. But, if this show were to ever get a follow-up, they need to happen. The last we saw of him, he was exactly the man that Rory Gilmore deserved. And the last we saw of Dean… I don’t even remember because his character was so insignificant to me.

Danny/Mindy/Cliff- The Mindy Project

I thoroughly enjoyed Mindy lusting after Cliff. Really, I did. And I also liked that it made it so much clearer to Danny how he felt about her. This is a love triangle that I was happy to get behind. And even happier because it ended in my favor! Can’t wait to see how Mindy and Danny fare in season 3!

Aidan/Carrie/Big- Sex and the City

I love Aidan Shaw so much it hurts. Therefore, this love triangle kills me. Carrie had, in my opinion, the best man when she cheated on him with Big. And then, she got a second chance with him. But, Big was always an issue. But he’s not even, really, the reason they broke up the second time. I mean, probably he was on some level, but she just couldn’t marry Aidan. Fine, I get it, whatever. She loved Big. He was the love of her life. Blah blah blah. #TeamAidan

Logan/Veronica/Duncan- Veronica Mars

Notice, I didn’t do Piz? Veronica’s relationship with Duncan was more troublesome and, had he stuck around, would have continued to be. Logan and Veronica belong together. I truly believe that. Duncan, though, was a serious contender up until that whole baby-with-Meg-thing. Who knows what would have happened if Duncan didn’t kidnap Lily? Would that what-if sequence in the graduation episode be accurate? I don’t know. I hope so…

Ted/Robin/Barney- How I Met Your Mother

Don’t even get me started on the huge disappointment that was the series finale. Ted and Robin never belonged together. I stand by that now more than ever. And I actually really liked Robin and Barney together. They deserved a chance and they got it. And it was ruined so Ted could end up with a woman who never really seemed to want to be with him…

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Let’s talk about How I Met Your Mother- Gary Blauman

You know, the closer we get to the end, the more emotional I get. Jeez, just thinking about it gets me all misty. But last night’s episode was awesome, it was full of cameos, and it really got me thinking about Ted.

I always think about Ted. Ted’s my favorite and he always has been. Last night we got to see Ted and the mother (we need her name already!) go on their first date. Four days after the wedding. Meaning Ted did not go to Chicago. But why? Is it all because he met the mother? I don’t think so. I mean, he’s done some crazy things for women, but that seems BIG for a girl he just met. But, what do I know? I just assume something else happens on the wedding day and I can’t wait to see what it is.

So, anyway, the episode was filled to the brim with cameos. This season has been filled to the brim with cameos. Not just any cameos, though, returning guest stars that the audience cares about or doesn’t, but still, the writers brought a lot back last night to see what some of our favorites are up to. And then there was Blauman, played by the HILARIOUS Taran Killam, who’s the reason behind all of these cameos. He came to wedding, without RSVPing, only to be kicked out by the vengeful groom. The group is split between loving him and hating him- and Marshall plays judge to decide his ultimate fate. Marshall decides, since the bride wanted him to stay, that he could stay. But Barney took it upon himself to tell him he couldn’t- over a stolen accidental curly fry. It’s serious business, guys.

But, Blauman gets upset when the gang chases after him in order to give the bride (Robin) what she asked for. He tells them that he’s never going to see them again and it’s Ted that it could be true. Who knows when or if they’ll see Blauman again- or each other. We all know that after this wedding, everyone is going their separate ways- Marshall and Lily to Italy, Robin and Barney back in the city, and Ted to Chicago.

Apparently not, though. Why isn’t Ted going to Chicago? I guess we’ll find out…

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Let’s talk about friendships

I know, I know- Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. And I was going to make a post that would reflect this particular holiday. However, I am as single as it gets and decided that I didn’t want to look at a bunch of happy couples on my blog. I want to look at some awesome friendships that make me realize it doesn’t matter whether or not I have a man in my life. As long as I have someone I love, Friday is just another great start to a weekend.

The Rookies- Rookie Blue



If you haven’t noticed, Rookie Blue is my favorite show. I actually had a tough time choosing between the rookies and Sam and Oliver, but the show is called Rookie Blue for a reason.

Andy, Traci, Gail, Chris, and Dov are the original rookies and among the five of them, there are some amazing dynamics. Really, any combination of the five works. When the five are together, it works even better. I love these guys. I even love Nick Collins. He makes things a little complicated because he keeps sleeping with one of the originals, but when things are calm, the six of them mesh really well. Let’s hope season five brings some of that calm, huh?

The Friends- Friends



Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. The best friendship in television history, if I do say so myself. Can I point out a specific scene? Good, because I was going to anyway.

The six of them are in the living room, scattered around the coffee table when a knock sounds on the front door. They look at each other’s faces, confused, as Phoebe counts the amount of people in the room. Who could possibly be knocking on the door when all six of them are already there?

I love that scene! They get that it’s weird to just have the six of them and no other friends, but it works. Like, that’s all there is to it. The six of them are friends, lifelong friends, that only need each other.

Shawn and Gus – Psych



These two are hilarious, right? They’ve been friends since, well, forever. There are all those flashbacks of the two of them growing up together only to bring it back to the present where they’re still hanging out, working together and being best friends. Gus is the ultimate sidekick and most of the time he doesn’t even mind it. He’s there for Shawn because Shawn is his best friend and together they are saving Santa Barbara.

Schmidt and Nick- New Girl



They’ve been roommates for over ten years now (well, I guess not anymore) and they have definitely had their rough times. We all know Schmidt is kind of a douche, but we love him a whole lot, right? I mean, I know I do! And Nick Miller is a bit of a mess, but we also love him. Put ‘em together and they’re a couple of wild and crazy guys. Their Tinfinity was the epitome of Schmidt and Nick— Schmidt made sure that it was perfect and that everything was made out of tin. Nick’s whole life turned into a battle to get their party guests to use his used port-a-potty. And then the two of them fought before ultimately being there for each other. Because they are best friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the roommates and I love them all together. However, it’s these two and their fights about cookies that make everything worth it.

Sherlock and Joan- Elementary



I know that a lot of people want to see these two end up together and maybe I do, too. But, for now, I am really loving the close knit friendship they’ve got going. Sherlock doesn’t open up much, but when he does it’s to Joan. And Joan was really confused about what she wanted out of her life up until she started as Sherlock’s sober companion. Now, the two of them are working together with the NYPD to solve crimes. Their chemistry is great and, yeah, maybe it will lead to something more one day, but where they’re at is pretty great, right?

The Gang- How I Met Your Mother



I could have done almost any combination of Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin. I’m not going to, though. The five of them together, sitting around their usual table at MacLaren’s or in Ted and Marshall’s (originally) apartment. This last season has been a little tough for me, because I hated the division. I know it was mostly just Marshall on his own, but that’s hard enough. And, okay, there are relationship issues- Ted and Robin, anyone?- but friendship comes first. Plus, quotes from this show find their way into my daily vocabulary and that’s always a plus!

Max and Brad- Happy Endings



Don’t even get me started on how much I miss this show! I could go on and on, but I won’t. As much as I love the entire, insane group, it’s Max and Brad that I miss the most. They made the least sense on paper- Brad was super successful, had a beautiful wife, and always dressed to impress. Max was broke as all hell, drove around a 1980’s limo to scam tourists, and regularly shared his bed with a pizza. Yet, Max and Brad were THE BEST. The dancing, the jokes, the unbreakable bond- the two of them rocked Chicago.

Rory and Lane- Gilmore Girls



I wanted to end this list on some of my favorite girl friends. First, I’m focusing on Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim from my beloved Gilmore Girls. They bonded over music- the more obscure, the better. Rory and Lorelai’s house was Lane’s home away from home, a home where she could be who she wanted to be. For the majority of their lives, they only had each other and, yeah, eventually they got other friends and boyfriends, but they always remained best friends.

Penny and Bernadette and Amy- The Big Bang Theory



For a long, long time Penny was the only girl in a group of super nerdy guys. And it worked, it really did. Things really rounded out, though, when Bernadette and then Amy fell in love with a couple of those nerds. Penny finally had a couple of girls to chat with. She no longer had to split her time between the longing looks from Leonard and the more than confusing talks with Sheldon. Sure, Amy can be a little strange in her own right, but she’s there for Penny and Bernadette. Just like they’re there for her.

Fiona and Veronica- Shameless



Fiona Gallagher does not have a simple life. She never has and, by the looks of it, she never will. But she does have some pretty great friends in her neighbors, Veronica a Kevin. Especially Veronica. Fiona had to be an adult WAY too soon. She basically started raising her siblings at the age of six and when the show started, she was a 21 year old taking care of her five siblings. Right away, we found out that Veronica was her only escape from the mess that was her family. When she didn’t have to make breakfast and change diapers, she spent her time at clubs with Veronica- dancing or working, at least they had each other.


Veronica and Wallace- Veronica Mars

Lorelai and Sookie- Gilmore Girls

Rusty and Cappy- Greek

Brennan and Angela- Bones

Team Arrow (Oliver, Dig, and Felicity)- Arrow

Now, don’t get me wrong, I could have done a list of my top 50 ships of all time. Maybe I will one day! Also, if you’re in love, great! But, you’ve all still got friends, right? And they’re there for you no matter what, right? So, I wanted to focus on some fictional friendships to reflect that. I’m most likely spending tomorrow night with a friend or two because when you’re single, you’ve got to stick together!

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Let’s talk about How I Met Your Mother- Bass Player Wanted

I LOVE the mother! And I love that she’s meeting everyone else before she meets Ted. Nothing is more important to Ted than his friends, so it makes perfect sense that all of them are able to fall in love with her before he does. It’s how he’ll know. 

I was actually most looking forward to her meeting Marshall due to how close he is with Ted. It didn’t’ disappoint. She knew who he was from Lily and she picked him up on the side of the road. She’s literally the sweetest. I love that she tricked him into believing she was a psychic. Because, of course, he’d be freaked out. And they talked about Italy vs. being a judge and, no matter how hard the situation will be for them, Marshall and Lily need to figure it out.

I’m torn about Marshall and Lily “pausing” their fight. On the bright side, we FINALLY got a group scene with everyone happy. On the downside, it was kind of a cop out. They’re going to need to fight it out eventually. Ugh, but no. I’m team “pause” because seeing Lily crying after punching Marshpillow was hard enough. She needed that night with her husband her friends. 

Darren was the devil. Trying to ruin Robin and Lily AND Ted and Barney? Nuh uh. Not okay. As if they don’t have enough going on. Poor Barney, though, huh? It really must have been a severe punch to the gut to hear his best friend is moving in two days. And it’s because of him and the woman he’s marrying. Yowza. 

The night ended well, though. Darren ruined the third bottle of Glen McKenna 30 year, so Ted punched him in the face. Doing that caused Darren to quit the mother’s band which caused the mother to buy Ted a drink for the first time ever. If only she had hung around the bar a little longer…

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The Dreaded Winter Hiatus

With my favorite show being a summer show (what’s up Rookie Blue?), I’m used to long, grueling breaks. But that does not mean I like them. In fact, I hate them more than anything.

During the break between fall finales and spring premiers, I have a lot more time to kill. First off, I have no classes to distract me and, of course, my stories are all put on pause. Tonight, How I Met Your Mother is being put to rest and I think that’s the last of my shows to air new episodes until January.

So, between now and then, what am I going to do? My main goal is to start and catch up with Once Upon a Time. It’s been all over my dashboard for months and I already ship Captain Swan, so it’s about damn time I watch it.

I was out of work sick last week and I rewatched seasons 3+4 of Parks and Rec, so I’ll probably finish rewatching season 5 and what’s aired in season 6. I’ll definitely rewatch some of The Mindy Project because, hi, it’s the best sitcom on television this season.

And when the fall shows end in May, I’ll be in some weird limbo for three months or so. Well, for every night other than Thursdays. Seriously, if you think a 3 month hiatus is hard, try having a summer series as your favorite and see how much of a bitch a 9 month hiatus is. But, like, really, is Rookie Blue back yet?

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Let’s talk about me and my shows

Let me preface this by saying I’m not very interesting. My most interesting thoughts are based on the lives of my favorite television characters. So, that’s why I chose to start this little blog. I’m just going to be ranting and spewing on and on about the characters I love in the shows I can’t live without.

So, about me…. I’m 23 years old. I have a real-life, big kid job. It’s okay, I get paid. I am in my first semester of grad school. I’m going for an MA in Communications. I have a BA in Public Relations. I write a lot, about pretty much anything. Not much of it gets out there, though. So, this is a way for me to share a little of that writing about my absolute favorite subject:

My Shows!

This list changes all of the time. It’s not going to be in any particular order. I’m going to throw in all of the cancelled shows that I still love and watch, too. Chances are I’ll write about them retrospectively.

  • Rookie Blue
  • Bones,
  • Castle
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • New Girl
  • The Mindy Project
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Modern Family
  • Psych
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Elementary
  • Scandal
  • Veep
  • The Newsroom
  • Veronica Mars
  • Happy Endings
  • Friends
  • Dawson’s Creek
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Greek
  • My Boys

There’s more. I know there is. I’m not going to write about every show on that list. Like I said, I have a job. But, probably a lot.


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