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The Dreaded Winter Hiatus

With my favorite show being a summer show (what’s up Rookie Blue?), I’m used to long, grueling breaks. But that does not mean I like them. In fact, I hate them more than anything.

During the break between fall finales and spring premiers, I have a lot more time to kill. First off, I have no classes to distract me and, of course, my stories are all put on pause. Tonight, How I Met Your Mother is being put to rest and I think that’s the last of my shows to air new episodes until January.

So, between now and then, what am I going to do? My main goal is to start and catch up with Once Upon a Time. It’s been all over my dashboard for months and I already ship Captain Swan, so it’s about damn time I watch it.

I was out of work sick last week and I rewatched seasons 3+4 of Parks and Rec, so I’ll probably finish rewatching season 5 and what’s aired in season 6. I’ll definitely rewatch some of The Mindy Project because, hi, it’s the best sitcom on television this season.

And when the fall shows end in May, I’ll be in some weird limbo for three months or so. Well, for every night other than Thursdays. Seriously, if you think a 3 month hiatus is hard, try having a summer series as your favorite and see how much of a bitch a 9 month hiatus is. But, like, really, is Rookie Blue back yet?

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