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Let’s talk about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I don’t know what possessed me to start watching this show. I really don’t. All I know is one day I was living easy and the next day I couldn’t sit still at work because I just wanted to get home, get in bed, and fire up the next episode on Netflix.

I never considered this show as something I would ever watch, let alone like, let alone become obsessed with. Well, guess what? I. Am. Obsessed.

These characters, man. Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Dee, and Frank are the weirdest, most socially inept group of people on TV and, yet, they’re amazing. They’re hilarious, and troubled, and best friends, and fierce rivals, and they make up so many different character traits among just the five of them.

There’s a reason to love each and every one of them and, yes, a reason to hate them, as well. For example, I remember despising Dennis right off the bat. He was such a douche. Now, all of a sudden, I think he just might be my favorite character and when bad things happen to him, I get angry (but am usually too busy laughing my ass off to notice).

There’s something so simple yet magical that goes on when I’m watching an episode that it becomes impossible to stop after only one. So, if you’ll excuse me, season six is calling my name. 

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Christmas Party Sex Trap

I need to gather my thoughts. This is too much. Danny. Cliff. Danny. Cliff. DANNY!


I’ll say it again; I love Cliff and I have been rooting for him since day one. But Danny broke my heart in this episode. He can try and be a thoughtless ass all he wants, but he CHOREOGRAPHED A DANCE for Mindy. And then he almost kissed her. And then Peter and Jeremy ruined it all in the most perfect way possible.

This episode revolved around a building wide Christmas party that Mindy organized just to get her and Cliff together. Apparently, their building is full of taxidermists, though, so the party had a weird vibe. Made even weirder by being both gluten and alcohol free. Tamra has Celiac Disease and Peter has a drinking problem that leads him to having sex with Christmas trees. Continuity hasn’t always been this show’s strong point, but they brought in this fact from Peter’s very first episode, so I appreciated that.

Since he has a drinking problem and Jeremy’s skinny again (thanks to something called The Center), they decide to be sober buddies. It all goes to hell, though, when Peter sets his sights on Maria Menounos (Brendan’s new girlfriend/ex-girlfriend?) and Jeremy gets a taste of some frosting. Peter thinks he needs the liquid courage and the only way to get alcohol is to drink it from Mindy’s bra (obviously) and Jeremy ends up eating Danny’s second annual gingerbread house. It was the Monticello and he was very proud of it. And he decorated it wearing those amazing/ridiculous red, wrap around glasses.

So, this is what ruined the Danny/Mindy moment that almost led us to a kiss. SO CLOSE. And he did it all despite the fact that Mindy had an elaborate plan to lure Cliff away from Heather. Oh, Danny. And he called her Min, which is just about my favorite thing ever.

Mindy’s plan was crazy, but, being The Mindy Project, it worked. Not the way she imagined, but she got a kiss with Cliff outside in the lightly falling snow. While Danny looked on from his office window. See? Heartbroken.

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