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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- White Out

Oh man, guys. I love Elsa. And Anna. I don’t want them to disappear once the Frozen arc is over. Emma needs a friend and, I dare say, she found one in Elsa.

Elsa, determined to find Anna, put up a wall of ice around the town. David, Emma, and Hook were on the scene moments after it happened. So was Elsa. When Emma noticed her hiding within the ice, she went to investigate. That’s what our Savior does. But, when Captain Charming came after her, Elsa’s powers took over and she and Emma got trapped inside.

As we know, the cold doesn’t bother Elsa. It does, however, have a major impact on Emma’s wellbeing. As she begins to freeze to death, the two blondes bond over their lack of control of their respective powers. Elsa tells Emma about Anna and Emma sends her father and her boyfriend (I’m standing by that title. If Rumpel can, so can I) off to find her.

We find out that David, before he replaced James as prince, knew Anna. Back when his hair was as long and luscious as his daughter’s. Anna stayed with him when she sought passage to the Enchanted Forest and she trained him in sword fighting. Anna taught David how to wield a sword! Am I the only one impressed by that? DAVID! Anyway, she helps him defeat Bo Peep and find his courage. He, of course, remembers this when he finds out who Elsa’s sister is.

He and Hook go off to find Bo Peep at the butcher shop and Hook takes her staff. It will help them find Anna because Bo branded her back in the Enchanted Forest. Although Elsa thinks she needs Anna to help control her powers and melt the ice cave, David—using Anna’s words and wisdom—talks her through it and she’s able to melt it just enough for her and Emma to squeeze on out of there.

Emma—still freezing—lunges at Hook in the most amazing, loving hug I’ve ever seen. These two are the real deal. I mean, we’ve seen it from Hook all along, but this was HUGE for her. The way she went to him was VERY telling. So was the hand holding and cuddling back at the Charmings’ while she warmed up.

Using the staff, they weren’t able to find Anna, but they did hear a heartbeat, proving she’s alive. It’s not ideal, but it’s good enough until they can find her.

Also, Snow is now the mayor and was put in charge of getting the power on after Elsa’s ice wall killed it. She succeeded with a little help from baby Neal. I like her in this new role—mother, mayor, she’s killing it! Regina told Henry she didn’t want to see him while she was dealing with her heartache over Robin Hood. But, being a Charming (in some way, I guess?) he doesn’t accept that. He goes on over and they reunite. It was really, really nice. Oh, and kind of a big one, Elsa tries to melt the wall completely—to free the town—but she can’t. They don’t know it yet, but there’s a snow queen in town and she is not going to let that wall down without a fight. Here we go.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- A Tale of Two Sisters

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. It is so amazing to have this stupid little show back. And by stupid, I mean perfect. I was so nervous that Anna wouldn’t live up to Anna in the movie and she TOTALLY did! She was, actually, kind of perfect. So was Elsa. Kristoff was good, but not quite up to snuff with Frozen‘s Kristoff. There’s still time, though, and I adore Scott Michael Foster.

Regina went and broke my heart a million times over. She’s understandably heartbroken and pissed off over the fact that Marion is back and Robin is choosing her. I mean, Robin is a good man who has to live up to his moral code, but it won’t be easy. That’s obvious right off the bat. I’m kind of pumped to see how this mess plays out. I really, really hope Regina doesn’t dabble with the darkness too much. She needs to get it out of her system, I’m sure, but she does not need to go ALL Evil Queen on us.

Emma doesn’t have it easy. She’s the one that brought Marion back. And Elsa, though she doesn’t know that quite yet. She is wrecked with guilt over ruining Regina’s happiness. She’s avoiding Hook because of it. He’s no dummy either, he knows what she’s doing. He also suspects that there’s something else she’s guilty about. Neal, perhaps?

And, speaking of Neal, I’m a little upset about his headstone. “Beloved son.” That’s all it says. What about “Devoted Father?” Yes, he wasn’t around all that much for Henry, but only because he didn’t know about him! In the little time he spent with his son, he LOVED him. And Henry loved Neal. Like I said, I’m a little upset here.

So, anyway… We pick up the Frozen story about 2 years after the movie ends. Anna’s getting married and Elsa has gifted her with their mother’s wedding dress. However, while they’re in the attic trying on the dress, Elsa finds a diary. It alludes that their parents left because they were afraid of Elsa and her parents. She thinks they left and, therefore, died because of her. So, Anna goes off on a two week journey to Mist Haven to find the truth about why they were headed there. By the way, Mist Haven is the Enchanted Forest.

In Storybrooke, we see Elsa hiding behind her terrifying snow monster and running around town looking for Mr. Gold. In a newspaper she found, she sees a necklace that she had given to Anna the day she left on her journey. So, they’ve been separate since Anna left and Elsa is now sure she’s in Storybrooke. It would make sense if she was in the Enchanted Forest when the curses hit. God, I hope she’s not dead. And I hope Kristoff’s hanging around Storybrooke somewhere, too.

After the promo:

Not too much to say other than I AM SO EXCITED for the rest of this season. Elsa, Anna, Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen. There’s so much to look forward to!

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Bleeding Through

I just watched this episode last night and I can’t really write an entire review right now. However, there are three things that I do want to mention:

  1. Regina and Mary Margaret- AMAZING character and relationship development right here! I mean, we’ve seen them slowly learn to trust each other and work together, but David and/or Emma and Hook are always around, too. This week, we got to see the two of them, alone, have a real, deep, meaningful conversation. We saw them accept their shared past in order to continue working together and becoming… Friends? I don’t know, we’ll see. But Regina protecting her and that baby, showing so much concern for the two of them, was amazing to see. I cannot wait to see this story line continue.
  2. Regina and Robin- More character growth for this woman! So good and so deserved! Robin had to give Rumple Regina’s heart (you know, the one she just gave him) in order to keep Roland safe. Obviously, it was the right thing to do. I mean, hello, he’s going to protect that adorable little boy and those dimples! And Regina respected that decision, she stood behind it. Because she knows how hard it is to lose a child and she’s seen it in others, too. She doesn’t want anyone to feel that way, especially not her true love. And after talking with Mary Margaret about feelings and pain, Regina went to Robin and she kissed himAnd it was perfect and I need more of it, please.
  3. Hook- Poor, suffering Hook. The guy can’t catch a break. And I know some people don’t like him and think he deserves all this pain and sorrow for the pirate he used to be. (Keyword there: used). I don’t agree with that— obviously— because he has grown so much and has tried to do everything right since he found Emma. And same goes for the time they spent in Neverland in 3A. Listen, there’s nothing he can do about the man— pirate — he used to be. And it’s not fair that people are so quick to forgive Regina and not give Killian a second glance. They were both villains once and they’re both working to become better people. *end Hook rant*
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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- The Jolly Roger


Oh my, oh my. This episode ripped out my heart and then proceeded to stomp all over it. Don’t get me wrong, it was great- very well done. Colin O’Donoghue just killed it. And me. His performance killed me. 

We got to see a little of what Hook was up to in the year he was separated from Emma. He was back to his pirating ways without the Jolly Roger. So, dressed as a knight (holy hotness!) he and Smee gets gold from unsuspecting travelers. Mr. Smee and the rest of Hook’s men honor and thank him by hiring a prostitute, but Hook pays her off. Obviously, he’s still hung up on some blonde woman back in NYC. 

After this incident, however, he gets hit in the head and threatened by… ARIEL! She accuses him of kidnapping Prince Eric because she heard he was taken on the Jolly Roger. But Hook has yet to find the Jolly Roger, so it couldn’t have been him. No, it wasn’t Hook. It was Black Beard. Hook, Smee, and Ariel embark on a journey to find his ship and its new owner. 

On their journey, Ariel remarks that she thought it was odd when she heard Hook was the one with Eric. She had heard all the things he did in order to help get Henry back to Storybrooke. She was under the impression that he was a good man. Well, let’s just say he did not want to hear that. Hook has this whole “bad ass” thing down and, as far as he’s concerned, it’s who he is. He’s a pirate. He’s not a prince. He’s not a good man. As the audience, we’ve seen him go from pirate to hero and we also know that while he was back in Fairytale land, he was just trying to get over Emma. 

But, when he gets to the Jolly Roger and to Black Beard, some pretty intense stuff goes down. A sword fight (holy hotness again) and an ultimatum. Black Beard’s heard that Hook has gone soft, so he gives him the option of surrendering his boat in exchange for Eric’s location, or Hook can kill him which would end up letting Eric die alone on an island somewhere. And then it happens. Hook kills Black Beard and Ariel flips her… fin. Literally, after slapping him and calling him a coward (maybe… I can’t quite remember), she jumps overboard and is determined to find Eric all her own. She will never stop believing (as you can see, she’s learned quite a bit from the Charmings. All good things, all good things).

So, in Storybrooke, Emma decides that the only way for Regina to defeat the Wicked Witch is if she learns to use her magic and help her. It’s agreed that this is a dangerous idea, sure, but a very good one, nonetheless. After David offers his and Mary Margaret’s services in watching Henry while Emma’s off with Regina, Emma has to drop the bomb that Henry actually finds them a little… boring. He’s twelve and listening to baby talk just isn’t his thing. He’d much rather hang out with our dear Captain Hook. 

Emma and Henry head to the docks, and while Henry’s glued to his phone, Hook and Emma have a bit of a moment. What I love about Hook and his character development is that, yes, a lot of it has to do with Emma, but he’s interested in saving the town and keeping everyone safe. He tells her that magic is a part of her and she should embrace it. And then they get into a bit of a fight because she brings up taking Henry back to New York once everything with the Witch is over. Hook is not okay with that. He’s tried to go back to the person (pirate) he used to be and it didn’t work. (Side note: We saw him go back to the pirate he used to be, and yes he was rife with guilt, but there is so much more to that story and we need to see the rest of it). Emma asks again what happened the year they were apart and he brushes it off, but he does agree to watch Henry.

While Hook is teaching Henry how to cheat in a game of dice (real nice, Killian), the Charmings and half of Storybrooke stumble upon Ariel on the beach. She’s looking for her prince and the Charmings suggest that Hook would be far better suited to help her find him, what with his time at sea and his knowledge. Little do they know that he has a pretty good idea of where Prince Eric could be. Dead on an island outside of the curse’s reach, perhaps? But he agrees to help her and Henry goes off to learn how to drive David’s truck. 

Hook and Ariel head off to Gold’s where they find Eric’s cloak and Belle uses a locator spell on it. Hook and Ariel follow it to the sea, where it looks like Eric must be dead. Ariel hugs Hook and tells him she just wishes she knew how her and Eric’s story ended. After she leaves, Hook’s guilt bubbles up and the man we now know and love runs after her to apologize for the man he was. 

Ariel slaps him again and definitely calls him a coward this time. He promises he will do ANYTHING to make it better, but how is she to trust a man who doesn’t believe in love. Hook admits that he does still believe in love, it’s just that the Jolly Roger was the only thing to fill the void of his broken heart. Ariel asks if he still loves the woman that broke his heart and he tells her the truth- yes. (AHHHHHHHHHH). She makes him swear on that woman’s name and he so swears on Emma Swan (AHHHHHHHHHH). And then BAM, his lips turn green and he is utterly confused. That is until Zelena shows up! That WITCH! She’s cursed his lips, so when he kisses Emma all of her powers will diminish. And so, she tells him that he must kiss her or she will make sure everyone she cares about- her parents, her friends, her son– will suffer. Now we’ve seen that Hook has taken quite a liking to Henry and he’s just admitted to loving Emma, he won’t let anything happen to either of them. But either way, kissing her will take her powers and Regina won’t be able to defeat Zelena on her own, or everyone will be killed. Umm, hello rock please meet hard place. Poor Hook! What is he to do?!

There was a couple of silver linings I suppose. Henry had a great time with his grandparents. Regina and Emma were able to work on Emma’s magic and found it to be much stronger than they thought. Also, Zelena told Hook that Ariel did find Prince Eric and they have been living happily ever after. Regina and Emma use their magic together to use mirror magic and, even though they don’t know the truth about who Hook was helping all day, they do see Eric and Ariel together and happy. As far as everyone but Hook is concerned, it was good day with a happy ending. 

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I still cannot get over that scene with Hook and Neal in the hospital. Despite everything the two of them have been through, from Milah leaving with Hook to their love of the same woman, they were able to finally put aside their differences and hug it out. They needed to hug it out and actually talk their issues out before something else bad happened to Neal.

Hook loved him like a son once and we know that he missed him when they all thought he had died. When they split up, when Neal was still a boy, they had their issues. Obviously. And each time they came together after that, they had more issues. But they also had a deep respect for one another, a kind of love, too.

So, let’s remember that Emma and Henry weren’t the only ones that lost someone tonight. So did Rumple. And so did Hook.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Witch Hunt

I love this show no matter what land/realm they’re in, but Storybrooke is my favorite setting. And I was so happy to see most of our favorite townspeople (Neal, we miss you!). On that note, yay for having Ruby back after quite the lengthy absense- in Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest. Also, I was really happy to see that Robin Hood and his merry men were hit with the curse and brought to Storybrooke this time. Okay, I’m not happy they’re cursed, per se, but I’m happy they’re around.

I know Robin is supposed to be Regina’s one true love and all that, which I am wildly excited about, but last night’s episode got me wishing for A LOT more Charming/Hook/Robin interaction. I mean, I’ve been rooting for a Hook/Charming bromance since the end of season 2, so now I won’t be pleased until the three of them become biffles. That’s right, I said biffles. The three of them are my new brotp (which is a phrase I have yet to use in all my time as a fangirl).

Anyway, on to Regina because she really shone this episode. In the Enchanted Forest, she saved Robin’s son, Roland, from one of the Wicked Witch’s flying monkeys which, in turn, caused Robin to owe her one. So, he accompanied her through the underground tunnels, out of reach from the curse, and into her castle. Sure, they had some bumps along the way- you know, a couple of death threats shared between two people is really what brings them together. Just kidding, don’t threaten the ones you love. But, they had a lot to talk about and quite a bit in common. They are both dealing with losing people they love, Robin’s wife and, obviously, Henry.

Um, so Henry. This cursed Henry is like any other teenage boy. I want the real Henry back! And I really, really want him to remember Regina because that storyline was HEART CRUSHING. Seeing him for the first time and knowing right away that he wouldn’t remember her caused her to drop her coffee cup and cause a bit of a scene in the middle of Grannies. This is not the type of scene Regina is used to causing- that came later on.

Later on, she and Emma cooked up a scheme (I was beyond pleased it was a scheme) to try and buy some time to figure out who is behind the current curse. The rest of the town is now convinced it’s Regina, but Regina and Emma were in the Mayor’s office trying to replicate the memory potion that Hook had given Emma so that they could remember what actually happened in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, it failed, but they were able to come up with another plan: Have Leroy (as the unofficial town cryer) let everyone know (or think) that Regina was close to getting the potion right so the person behind the curse would get scared and try and ruin it. Well, it worked, the two of them had a stakeout outside of Regina’s office and waited until they were sure someone was in there. And, oh boy, someone was in there. That’s right, it was the Wicked Witch, but they didn’t know that just yet.

She’s so shifty, that witch. Back in the Enchanted Forest, we found out that she’s not just any witch- she’s Regina’s half sister! And she trained with Rumple! Ugh, I don’t like her. In Storybrooke, she is well underway of winning Mary Margaret’s trust as a midwife. A freaking midwife.

I’m starting to think that she has a plan for the Charming children. I mean, someone sent Hook that message to bring Emma back and it wasn’t her parents. Now, Zelena is going to help Mary Margaret through this current birth? No, not okay. I DON’T LIKE HER.

After the mess of a day, with failed potions and failed stakeouts for the women, Hook and Charming met them in the apartment to fill them in on what was happening with all the missing people. They’re turning into flying monkeys. Little John crossed the townline, not knowing the circumstances as he’s new to the cursed town, and was attacked and taken by a monkey- just like the one Emma was about to marry while she was in New York. Which, by the way, Hook was all to happy to bring up. In front of David, nonetheless, and it was great. Anyway, she sends them off to find Little John (with Robin- the beginning of my new favorite bromance) and they find him, still as a man, but hurt. When they take him to the hospital, before Dr. Whale even has a chance to get a look at him, Little John transforms leaving everyone a little shocked.

But, at least, this information is enough for Regina to figure out who is behind this curse- The Wicked Witch. Bum bum bum.

I don’t know, I’m still a little nervous for our friends in Storybrooke, but at least Emma’s presence is helping things get figured out. It’s not going to be easy by any means, but I have faith they’ll figure it out. And, I still love Regina working with the good guys! And Hook! I mean, the five of them working together is my new favorite thing and season 3 has been full of it. Silver lining, I guess?

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- New York City Serenade

As some of you know, Once Upon a Time was a show I watched over the winter hiatus. I watched it all within a week and was caught up right around the first of the year. Over the week I spread out the two and a half seasons, I was hooked. This show sprang to the top of my list so quickly, I didn’t know what came over me. It’s a complicated story that needs to be paid close attention. The family tree alone will make your head start pounding if you think about it too hard and too long. There are a lot of characters, there are a lot of relationships, and there are a lot of stories being told- all of it sucked me in and ran through my head until I was able to watch the new episode last night.

I’m nervous for the second half of this season, guys. It’s going to get dark and the fact that no one knows what happened to them makes me very uneasy. I mean, at least Regina knew the last time a curse was put on everyone. Now it’s just the Wcked Witch who, according to interviews with Jennifer Morrison, is one of the sweetest people in Storybrooke. And she’s the only one who knows she’s the Wicked Witch and what happened to everyone. I just think it’s going to be a very dangerous second half for our friends in Storybrooke.

Everyone that was transported back to the Enchanted Forest kind of reacted differently, it seemed. Hook just decided he didn’t want to try and be a hero anymore, so he took off. (We all know, and so does everyone else, that this has everything to do with Emma being back in our world). Snow, Charming, and Regina team up to take back their kingdom, which is strange, but I cannot wait to see the three of them working together. Neal has suffered a lot- losing his father, his son, and the woman he loves in one fell swoop- but at least he has Belle to lean on and help get to Rumple’s place.

Regina is also having a very rough time being away from Henry. She’s hurting. A lot. She reaches the point where she feels the only way it will stop hurting is if she tears out her own heart and buries it. Thankfully, Snow finds her in the knick of time and convinces her that she needs her heart to find the one thing Henry always wanted for her- happiness. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that just after putting her heart back in its rightful place, Robin Hood saves her from one of the Witch’s flying monkeys. I can’t wait to see more of Robin Hood and I hope he and his boy were taken back to Storybrooke with the rest of the fairytale characters.

When we see Emma again, she’s meeting her boyfriend of eight months for dinner. Walsh is played by the ever charming Christopher Gorham, but I knew straight away that I wasn’t going to like him. And, yeah, maybe it has something to do with my undying love for Hook, but that wasn’t the only thing. He was just rubbing me the wrong way. I was SO happy that as soon as he stepped away from the table, Hook took his seat and used what little time he had to apologize. But he, like we, knew that Emma believed him that something wasn’t right. She’s stubborn, as she has always been, but he’s able to convince her to go to an address that we find out later is Neal’s apartment that Emma, Gold, and Henry visited a year before.

Of course, as soon as Hook vacates the restaurant Walsh comes back and proposes. Emma, being the Emma we’ve always known and loved, has to have some time to think. No matter what memories are implanted in her by Regina, her history with Neal is real and she holds on to the hurt she felt. Love and trust have, and probably always will be, a real issue for her. And obviously, everthing that’s happened with Hook up to this point is fresh in her mind and she needs to know the truth about herself before agreeing to any life changing decisions.

Henry, on the other hand, is all for Walsh and his mom getting married. I’m not going to lie guys, I liked seeing Emma and Henry happy and living normal lives. I know it’s not in the cards for them, but it was nice to see while it lasted. I actually kind of hoped that Henry, having the heart of the truest believer, was just going along with everything for Emma’s sake and somehow knew the truth about their family and friends. I no longer believe that, but I wish it were true. Getting Henry to believe and understand everything is going to be hard. And the fact that Emma doesn’t want his good, happy, stable memories to disappear is going to make it more difficult.

Anyway, Emma does go to Neal’s apartment and does realize quite quickly who it belongs to. Not only that, but when she finds a camera with Henry’s name on the strap, she knows that what Hook was telling her about her real life and her real family could be true. So, she meets him in Central Park where he told her he’d be and after he tries to convince her that he’s not crazy and that she and Henry were at Neal’s only a year ago, he asks her to drink a potion that will help get her memories back. Obviously, she doesn’t, but she does get him arrested. Because, of course she did.

Later on, Henry and Emma are on their way home and Henry drops a bomb on her that he texted Walsh and told him to come over for dinner and that he would be at a friend’s for a sleepover. It’s difficult because Emma wants to be happy with Walsh and Henry, but she also wants to see what the pictures from the camera she found are of. She sends Henry up to the apartment and checks the bag of developed pictures to find her and her son in a town called Storybrooke- a town she’s never heard of, let alone been to.

Now she knows Hook is on to something and she gets him out of jail. He’s finally able to convince her to drink the potion and find out her truth. And when she does, the nice, safe world she was living in falls around her and she’s back to who she was with a man she may, or may not, have been in love with once upon a time. A man who clearly still loves her and has come back to, not save her family, but to save her.

Back at the apartment, Hook tells her the truth that he didn’t stay with her parents which is why he was able to use the Jolly Roger and come back for her when he received a note. He told her there was nothing in the Enchanted Forest for him, and we all know it’s because she wasn’t there with him.

When the doorbell rings and Emma realizes she needs to break things off with Walsh, because he doesn’t deserve to be sucked into her life and her mess, Hook decides he’ll be the one to get rid of him. Ha, you keep your jealousy in check, Captain, and Swan will send him away. Which she does and he says that he wishes she hadn’t drank that potion. WHAT?! How could he possibly know about the POTION? Because he’s a flying monkey, that’s why.

Poor Emma, even the fake life she was living wasn’t safe. This poor girl can’t win, can she? At least she has Hook and Henry to drive up to Maine with so she can see her parents for the first time in a year. And the scene with her and David was absolutely adorable. She doesn’t know the reach of the current curse, so as far as she know, David doesn’t remember anything. Luckily, or not so luckily, he remembers her and what happened up until the point she and Henry drove away from Storybrooke a year before. He’s just SO happy to see his daughter and to find out that she remembers who he is. And he knows it’s been a year since they last saw each other because… Mary Margaret is pregnant(!!) and pretty far along. I mean, that’s a pretty good way to judge a span of time, if you ask me.

Like I said, this second half of the season will be tough for everyone in Storybrooke, but at least they have the savior back. And thankfully for us, the show is just BACK ON!

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