Let’s talk about Jane the Virgin

I’m, like, way obsessed. I watched all but one episode last night and all I can think about is getting home and watching the latest one. Why? How?

I had no plans to watch this show. I mean, come on? It sounds like the dumbest show in the world. And it’s really, really not. It’s funny and sweet and confusing and dramatic and… Lovely. It is a lovely show. And I am enamored with it.

I love Jane and Xo and Alba. Michael’s… okay, I guess. I LOVE Rafael. I think. I want to. And I do. But… Do I trust him? As of now, yes. Do I want him and Jane to raise the baby together? Yes. Do I want them to be madly in love? Yes.

I know what happens in the latest episode, too, I just haven’t watched it. I’m a little nervous that they’re getting together so soon, but that is what makes it a soap, right? There’s bound to be more drama and confusion. I can’t wait for it. But I also just want Jane to be happy. So, so happy. I love Jane.

I love this stupid, lovely show.


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