Let’s talk about Criminal Minds-Lauren

I know, I’m a little behind. Okay, so years behind. I started watching Criminal Minds on August 28 (it was my birthday) and I just now, like four minutes ago, finished the episode titled Lauren. You know? The one where Emily “dies” in Boston after being hunted by an IRA annihilator she had an affair with while working for Interpol? Yeah, it was… Hella rough. Even though I know how it all turns out because I cannot stay away from IMDb and Wikipedia, it still hurt like a bitch.

I think what makes me the most emotional is how the team is going to have to deal with it. Rossi, Derek, Penelope, Spencer. This is what’s going to end me in the coming episodes. Seeing them work through such a huge loss. I’m not equipped for those kinds of emotion. I wasn’t equipped for what I just watched, either. I’m still kind of a sniveling mess over here. But, hey, at least we got JJ back for an episode. When does she come back for good? I’m kind of missing the crap out of her.

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