Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- The Devil Wears Lands End

You know, I really am 100% on board with where the Mindy and Danny story is headed. I was nervous before going into it, but it just makes me so damn happy. Mindy with Danny is exactly the same Mindy she was before him. Same with Danny. The only difference is they’re growing and compromising and being absolutely hilarious together.

I love the Jeremy and Peter relationship, too. I mean, they were bros last season and now they’re enemies, but I still like it. It’s great. Last night, they went back (maybe?) to being bros so Jeremy could fill in as Peter’s partner at a beer pong tournament. And they won, taking the title from Shonda Rhimes. Because, duh, why wouldn’t they? Can we just talk about Jeremy with an American accent playing a frat douche? It was weird but oddly satisfying…

I do miss Peter and Mindy broing out, though. We’ve gotten a little taste of it, but not as much as I’d like. They were on fire towards the end of last season I miss it.

Last night Mindy went on a girl date with her new boss so she and the rest of the practice didn’t have to work nights. But, whoops, the new boss thought it was a real date and ended it with a kiss. Obviously, Mindy being Mindy thought lying and continuing dating her was the right way to go. Poor Danny, though, just wanted his girlfriend to break up with her girlfriend. Danny’s not a liar, not really, so he’s a little uncomfortable with how easy it comes to Mindy.

But, after they two of them go to break the news to Jean, Jean’s wife (Deb Deb) hears them talking about the kiss. All hell breaks lose, Deb Deb wants to leave Jean. Jean wants to put Shulman and Associates back on nights. Mindy calls and tells Jean that Danny’s just as upset as Deb Deb, if not more so, and is threatening to kill himself.

Cue Danny’s string of lies to get Mindy and the practice off of Jean’s shit list. He just killed it, playing it off all drunk and emotional. It was crazy, a wild ride, but man it was damn good.


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