Let’s talk about Rookie Blue

As if I don’t do that enough, huh?

Today’s a hard day. It’s the last day of filming on our little show. And, if I had to guess, it’s the last day ever. I think 5b/6 is where this story ends and I am a wreck just thinking about it.

Yes, I want it to end on a good note. I think the show has hit its mark and I want it to stay there. Dragging it on would not do that. Stopping now is whatshould happen. That doesn’t mean I’m okay with it, though. I’m a damn mess. And we still have, what? 7-9 months longer before 5×12/6×01 airs? Imagine what I’ll be like then.

A blubbering mess, that’s what. Ugh, why do I love this show so much? Why do I let it get to me like this? Why is this cast SO PERFECT?

Anyway, I’ll be at work, sulking like a fool all day if you need me…

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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Rookie Blue

  1. NO! I won’t allow it to end! It needs a proper final season and not just an extended season that got split for some weird reason. I need an official statement to prepare for this!

    • I am an emotional mess today just thinking about it. I just don’t see it going past 5b/6. I am pissed though that we got robbed of four episodes… If they were going to split the season, we at least deserved two FULL seasons…

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