Let’s talk about Red Band Society- Pilot

really enjoyed this show. It was one of those pilots that made me want to keep tuning in. Let’s hope the rest of the season does the same, huh? It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel far too many things. My kind of hour.
I love Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable (umm, hello gorgeous), but the kids are why I’m watching. I loved them all. They all bring something different to the table. I’m most excited to see how Kara’s story plays out because we hate her now, but she got all those pizzas in hope of waking Charlie up. There is a heart in there after all.
Leo, though, he’s going to be heartbreaking and spectacular all at once. I know it. He and Jordy are going to become either the best of friends or the worst of enemies and I’m pretty pumped to see which way that goes. Leo likes Emma. Jordy likes Emma. We’re not sure where she stands just yet. I mean, there are clearly lingering feelings for Leo, but Jordy hasn’t done anything to disappoint her yet. We’ll see.
Can we talk about Dave Annable again for just a second? He’s, like, all grown up. He’s got perfect salt and peppery hair for a pretty young guy. I like it. And his beard is red and beautiful. I LOVE it. AND he’s like the sweetest cancer doctor I ever did see. Can’t wait to see his character more. But, like I said, I’m here for the kids.

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