Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Fragments

It’s times like these that I hate being so in love and obsessed with something. One more episode is not enough to satisfy my need for Rookie Blue. Two parters are the worst, too, because I’m just supposed to sit here for a week and wait for a resolution?! And then another nine months for the resolution to the finale? No, not okay!

All I want in life is an ongoing stretch of brand spankin’ new episodes of Rookie Blue. That’s it. That’s the dream. Sigh.

On to last night’s episode, though… 

  • Sam offered Andy a key to his house (apartment? condo? I don’t actually know). She didn’t take it. Instead, she claimed she was a stallion and slapped his ass. Oh, how I long to be that hand. Sorry, sidetracked… She later told Chloe it was because she didn’t want to mess anything up because things are really good. Which they are, obviously, we’ve seen that over and over again. But, come on, McNally, take the key to his heart that just happens to open the front door. That’s an offer you can’t refuse.
  • So, there was an explosion in a parking garage and Andy and Chloe were the first on the scene. They saw the suspect fled, not knowing he was a suspect at the time, and the whole city was on alert for any other bombings. ETF Bailey was on the scene, obviously, and we saw him and his team flee to one in the middle of an intersection. This time with casualties.
  • They think it’s the Russian mob targeting the Irish mob. Alas, it is that guy from Moving Day whose bike had been stolen. The one that was really anti-cop. Yeah, it’s him seeking revenge for the death of his son four years earlier. And it’s Duncan who gets the tip and goes to bring him in. Alone.
  • Yes, little Duncan Moore has his badge and his gun back. After requesting to ride with Andy, he ends up with Nick, but leaves them both at the station while he goes to investigate. He’s trying to show them he deserves to be there. But he really doesn’t. He’s really stupid. And he ends up with a wrench to the face and handcuffed to a truck that just happens to have some explosives strapped to it.
  • Nick is the one who is in charge of defusing it. There’s only seven or so minutes left on the timer and ETF is at least ten minutes out. Bailey talks him through it, though they’re not quite sure their tactics will work. Thankfully, it does, and both Nick and Duncan get out unscathed. So, it’s time for the Nick/Andy talk.
  • Yeah, their relationship was brought up for the first time in weeks. And it was Duncan who did it– he brought it up to Nick as a way to connect them. Nick brought it up to Andy as… I’m not sure why he did. But I’m kind of glad that he did. Because when she asked if they were okay and he said it depended and asked if she was happy, you could see how genuinely she meant it when she told him that, yes, she was happy.
  • That is until Marlo Cruz shows up. Now as an Intelligence officer. Poor Sam, you could sense the discomfort when he was standing with his former girlfriend and current love of his life. And Andy is ready for the case of Ted MacDonald to be wrapped up so that Marlo can go back to work and she can finally accept Sam’s key. (I embellished on that last part, but I stand by it)
  • Oh, and Dov found out about Chloe deleting her video footage. Which means she had to tell him about Wes kissing her. Let’s just say Dov didn’t take that well. Can we blame him?
  • Gail and Holly? Where did that come from? I’m so confused, Holly. But, hey, if that’s the way they want to play it, fine. Gail’s got bigger fish to fry. She’s only adopting Sophie! Who knows if she’s got what it takes to be a mother, but she clearly cares about that little girl. Change is a comin’.

So, obviously, this case is far from over. Ted is missing and hell bent on his revenge. Who knows where he’s headed and who is in the crossfire. 

After the promo:

Actually, it kind of looks like Andy is in his crossfire. In the station. So, the whole station is in danger. Fantastic…

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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Fragments

  1. I didn’t quite get why Andy didn’t accept the key right away. She knows that she’s happy with Sam and there shouldn’t be anything in the way of their relationship advancing even further, not even a returned Marlo. I knew that she would appear again this season, so I was really nervous about the moment she would appear. I never expected her to habe become an Intelligence officer. She looks like trouble to me.
    I’m glad Nick and Andy dealt with their break-up. To me, it just never seemed resolved on his side. He was dumped and they never really mentioned it again, but now I can live with it.
    Gail wanting to be a mother? I did not see that coming! She’s changed so much from season 1 to now and I like that.
    Still can’t stand Duncan … even though his apology seemed sincere, but then again he thought he was about to die.

    • meghananna says:

      At first, I was a little confused as to why she didn’t take the key and brushed it off so easily. Then, she spoke to Chloe and it got me thinking about her track record with Luke. I can understand her trepidation, but I think even she regrets it after that scene. I don’t think Marlo is going to be an issue for them. I mean, yeah, Andy might get annoyed with her being around, but she’s not a threat, you know? I am really interested to see how she plays into the case more and how everyone reacts toward her reappearance.
      I’m obviously not a Nick and Andy fan, but I am a huge Nick fan, so I’m glad they got that closure. I’m glad HE got that closure.
      I suspected Gail would try and adopt or foster Sophie and, honestly, I think I prefer that storyline to the Holly one. I’m kind of over Holly and even if Gail’s not 100% ready to be a mom, she obviously cares SO much about that little girl. That’s exactly the kind of change I want to see in her and I’m so happy we’re getting it.
      I loved Duncan when he started and hated him only a couple of episodes later. I mean, yeah, his apology seemed sincere and Andy seemed to forgive him, but he’s still got a lot to make up for!

      • I don’t think that Marlo is an immediate threat to Andy, because Sam doesn’t want her back, but I could imagine Marlo wanting to have Sam back and unconciously bringing tension to the Sam-Andy-dynamic.

        I think Gail will be a good mom in the end, but the adaption process is cruely long. I’m not sure that her chances as a single female cop are that high. I bet she’s going to get custody of Sophie at some point, but it’ll take a while.

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