Let’s talk about The Night Shift- Save Me

I am so upset that the first season is over. Since when does 8 episodes constitute as a season? COME ON!

Well, at least Topher lived and is okay. Otherwise, I would not be okay. Actually, I’m not okay at all. That episode was way too emotional for me.

TC has been struggling since day one and it just continued to escalate. Last night he finally broke and it broke my heart. This whole time we knew his brother, Thad, died at war. We knew that TC was there and how much it affected him. Now, finally, we understand why.

He thinks it was his fault because he hesitated. The sniper that killed his brother was a child, no older than twelve, and TC couldn’t kill him. So, Thad entered the building and the kid killed him. Honestly, since we didn’t see the sniper until the very end of the episode, I was convinced that TC had been the one to kill his brother. Thank god he didn’t. That is not something he would be able to work through and not even Jordan would be able to help him.

Speaking of Jordan, she had a pretty rough night herself. She was in charge of the shooter’s injury from the takedown. And she (clearly) wasn’t pleased with that. She did an emergency procedure, stopping some kind of bleeding in his neck, while the OR was occupied– all while she had a detective breathing down her neck. Let’s just say, the guy didn’t make it and the detective thinks it’s her fault. Is it? I don’t know. That’s definitely going to play out next season.

A lot more went on– Ragosa found out he has a tumor behind his eye, Krista’s patient (again) broke my heart as she got a phone call from her mother as she died, Drew kicked ass and took names as he ran all the trauma coming in, he was also the one who got Jordan to talk to TC. It wasn’t an easy night, but when has it ever been?

I’m really upset it’s over already, but I can’t wait until season 2. Only what? Another year?

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One thought on “Let’s talk about The Night Shift- Save Me

  1. I am so sad that the season is already over! I can’t imagine how painful it was for TC to relive these old memories, but I am really glad that he finally adresses the issue and that he opened up to Jordan. Also, we got a little glimps on why Jordan and TC broke up and it seems to me that she regrets not being more patient with him at the time.
    I am also very glad that Topher is alive, I would have gone mad if he died that night. As to whether Jordan’s procedure killed the shooter, I don’t know either. But I think, unfortunately, the detective is right and she didn’t do everything she could have done for him. I completely understand why she was reluctant to treat the guy, but I hope this won’t have too many repercussions for her.

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