Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Exit Strategy

I really liked this episode. I don’t know, it just had a lot of elements that reminded me of classic Rookie Blue. While Dov and Chris were trapped inside the house, didn’t it remind you of 2×04 when Andy was stuck in the laundromat or 2×05 when Dov was stuck on that booby trap? It couldn’t have just been me…

I liked a lot of elements here. I LOVED the McPeck, the Dov and Chris, the Traci and Steve, and (obviously) the McSwarek. What I didn’t love was the Oliver Shaw pain. 

  • McPeck were paired as officers were designated to patrol a quiet neighborhood. And Andy is still pissed about the Duncan/Oliver situation so she was “mean Andy” all day. Gail loved it. And I loved seeing them working together and actually talking. Hell, Gail even joked about the Nick situation. And was it just me or did Andy look disgusted when that whole thing was brought up?
  • We first saw Chris sitting in a support group meeting. Except his name was Dave. Real smooth, Diaz. I didn’t buy it for a second when he came out and told Dov that he had a great time and it was a great idea. Which, yay me, because Dov found a text on his phone from his dealer saying he could pick up his stash after work. It’s got to be a new dealer, right? That guy had to cut him loose. Anyway… This is when Chris throws Dov’s brother (Adam?) in his face. He later apologized when they were trapped in the house with the kid who had just shot himself and the gas was leaking, but still. Not cool, Chris. Not cool. I’m glad Chris has Dov, though, because at least he has someone. And I got a little emotional at the station when Dov was about to tell Oliver about the drugs, when he said he would either find him hanging from the ceiling or he’d tell Oliver and lose him anyway. Thankfully, Chris manned up and told Oliver himself.
  • Steve Peck had a big illegal gambling bust planned. He had a whole team, led by Nick, and all was going according to plan until John Jarvis told Oliver to call off the dogs and relocate the uniforms to the streets. Eventually, after a pep talk from Sam, Oliver let Steve go ahead with his bust. YAY, right? Wrong. Because before that happened, Traci got word that Dex decided to fight for sole custody and spousal support and with the best lawyer in the city. So, Steve showed Traci pictures from his gambling ring and, low and behold, Dex is getting his money to pay for his fancy lawyer by gambling illegally. After the bust is back on track, Traci goes to Dex and tells him not to go gamble because she doesn’t want to see him go to jail. Well, apparently Dex has a big mouth, because NO ONE was there. Steve’s bust was a… bust. (Too cheesy?) Needless to say, he’s none too pleased with Traci. But… He still took full responsibility when Traci tried to ‘fess up to Oliver. That says something.
  • Sam and Andy were not the focus here, but they definitely had some good scenes. The episode started with them out to breakfast where Andy was venting about her sitch with Oliver. Sam just listened and kissed her to get her through the day. It was all very much EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED. Okay, too much. They worked together a little bit with the questioning and Sam tried to get her to talk to Oliver throughout the day. Smiles were shared between them like it was the most natural thing in the world. This is what I live for…
  • Oliver, my dear, sweet, Papa Shaw. He’s not taking things well– he hates being a white shirt. He hates fighting with Andy. He hates being a hardass. But he has to be. 15 is far from a well oiled machine and, as much as he hates it, it’s his job to make it look like one. When Andy finally goes to talk to him, he’s just finished talking to Chris about the cocaine and to Steve about the busted bust. Even though he and Andy didn’t fix much, if anything, he’s at least happy they talked. It was the best part of his day. 

I liked seeing the case play out in this one. I liked seeing Andy and Sam outside the house, concerned for Dov and Chris, but also working together to make sure they could get out alive. I didn’t like poor Chloe dealing with the possible loss of Dov, but, at the same time, he can’t really keep Chris’s secret and be the boyfriend he needs to be. It’s not fair to her, but it’s also not fair to him. Which leads me to…

After the promo:

Chloe and Wes are getting a divorce. And… kissing? We’ll see and so will everyone else because the officers of 15 Division are now required to wear cameras on their shifts. This is going to be interesting…

Oh, and I think this episode is called Moving Day… Who’s moving and where?

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2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Exit Strategy

  1. I totally know what you mean at the beginning with Chris and Dov being trapped and it reminding you of past episodes, because it totally reminded me of when Gail and Chris were stuck in the warehouse and Chris got stabbed. Do you remember that episode?
    Ahahaha I thought next episode would be called Movie Day, but you’re right it’s Moving … wonder what that’s about.

    • meghananna says:

      Oh, yeah! I love that episode and I totally know what you mean!

      I’m really intrigued to see if the title has anything to do with the main characters. The titles haven’t been as obvious as they have been in past seasons, so I feel like it could mean anything.

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