We need to talk about Ben Bass and Sam Swarek.

I was thinking about Sam a little while ago and I was thinking about how much happier he is this season. He’s, without question, the happiest he’s ever been. It’s obvious. It’s especially obvious when you compare season 5 Sam to season 4 Sam. They’re like polar opposites at this point. Oliver was right in 4×10, Sam was moping all last season. And now he’s with Andy and he is the happiest we’ve ever seen him.

This goes beyond the character, though, all props go to Ben Bass himself. He’s on fire this season. He always is, really, but now that his character is with Andy, Ben is able to play him to the best of his abilities. It’s no secret that Ben Bass has been rooting for Sam and Andy to be together. It’s no secret that he thinks Sam’s relationship with Andy is the most integral part of his character. And now things are playing out on screen the way they should be and Ben Bass is able to portray Sam better than ever. 

Sam’s the same man he’s always been— despite what some people may think. A lot changes in five years, though, so of course he’s changed and grown. And Ben Bass has done a phenomenal job at portraying it believably. 

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