Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Deal With the Devil

A deal has been made alright. Was it with the devil? I hope not. Oliver has enough on his plate, he doesn’t need to contend with the devil. In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I love Oliver Shaw very much. I love his relationships with every single person he interacts with. He’s more than a friend, he’s more than a boss. He’s Oliver.

  • This episode began with a round of drinks shared among friends– Oliver, Sam, and Andy. They were celebrating Oliver’s last week as staff sergeant and he seemed so happy to take off the white shirt. Oliver and Sam are the strongest friendship we have on Rookie Blue and Oliver’s relationship with Andy has always been one of my favorite dynamics. It’s no secret I love Sam and Andy together and Oliver has been pro-McSwarek since, like, season 1, so the three of them together was like heaven for me.
  • Andy had her hearing about Duncan. It was supposed to be in two weeks, but got moved up to two hours. So, she and Oliver scrambled to make sense of the reports she fudged in Duncan’s favor to make sure that she didn’t come out as unfit or at fault. It seemed to be going okay until we found out that Andy had spoken with Duncan at the Penny the week before– something she was not supposed to do.
  • Duncan, whom I now hate with a burning passion, recorded the entire conversation where Andy, being Andy, took a good amount of blame for his misgivings as a rookie. That evidence was enough to drag out the investigation which Inspector Jarvis assured Oliver would lead to McNally no longer working at 15.
  • So, here comes the deal. Oliver agreed to take the permanent position as staff sergeant if Jarvis discontinued the investigation and the issue got handled internally. This, in turn, would mean that Duncan gets to come back to work and Oliver took responsibility for entrusting Andy, who he felt was not ready, with being a TO. Needless to say, Andy didn’t take that too well. In fact, over a basketball game with Sam (so freaking cute that he’d make a fool of himself to make her feel better) she made it quite clear that she was not pleased with “Staff Sergeant Shaw.”
  • Elsewhere, Oliver had to deal with Izzy Shaw being suspended from school and dropped off at the station by Zoe Shaw. Obviously, he’s a smidge busy with the Andy/Duncan situation, so he makes Gail watch over her while she heads down to the morgue to get Holly’s help.
  • That’s right, Holly’s back, but she and Gail did not get the happy ending their fans wanted. No, actually, Holly is seeing someone else because Gail ignored her calls. We know Gail, we know how Gail deals with things; Holly doesn’t. So, Gail’s uncertainty and teenage behavior (her words) led to Holly moving on. I’m sure there’ll be more to this story.
  • Anyway, Izzy tells her father that when she went to his house, she found Celery doing some kind of fertility ritual. Oliver doesn’t want more kids, he’s got three that he barely sees thanks to work and his divorce, so he needs to speak with Celery and finally have a chance to hang out with his daughter. I love seeing Oliver in dad mode– with his own kids. He’s always on dad mode at the station.
  • Chris doesn’t come into work. He also doesn’t call out until the end of the day, basically. So, Dov does a little snooping in his truck. And what does he find? Just some cocaine. So, he goes home to confront Chris–who is looking pretty rough (but very hot with a beard)– and, in the process, ditches Chloe on her birthday.
  • Chloe was finally broken free from the desk, paired with Nick, and sent to investigate a fire in Little Italy. All day, she’s sure that Dov has something awesome planned but even if he doesn’t, she’ll just watch The Breakfast Club and eat popcorn like always. After Dov ditches her, she gets a present at the front desk thinking he might be redeeming himself, she excitedly opens it only to find that it’s actually from Wes. At this point, if things go wrong with Dov, I’d rather she hook up with Nick than Wes. She and Nick have some awesome chemistry and could actually make a good couple.

It was a rough episode for everyone. No one seemed to be having a good day. Well, except for Traci and Sam who were able to solve their case of the fire in Little Italy. Cases aren’t the draw to this show, though, it’s the characters.

After the promo:

Chris is starting to piss me off. He’s not Dov’s junkie brother? How is that even remotely okay to bring up? Dov and Chloe don’t seem to be faring well after her birthday snub and I might have to place some of that blame on Chris, too. He’s Dov’s best friend, I can’t imagine he’ll be telling anyone about his drug problem. Oh, yeah, and it looks like Traci messed up big time and Detective Peck is none to pleased. Intrigue.

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