Let’s talk about The Night Shift- Blood Brothers

Oh, boy. I’m not okay with this. Are you kidding me with that episode? It was so good, so well done, so on point, and, yet, so upsetting. Let’s see how long it will take me to get to that ending, but I need to hit some other points up first.

  • Paul kind of started to round out as a character this episode. We got to know just a little bit more, but not too much. He’s a virgin, he’s got a girlfriend, and that’s all she wrote. I don’t think we’ll get too much more on this front next week— there are bigger fish to fry, after all.
  • Krista had a patient who swallowed a fork. A FORK! We found out she was bulimic and that Krista had been when she was in high school, too. She promised Nina (the patient) to get her admitted to the hospital so she could get some help to get over her illness, but her parents refused to let her stay. In retaliation, Nina swallowed a scalpel. That’s worse than the fork. And way more terrifying. Let’s just hope it was enough for her parents to realize she needs help.
  • Topher and TC were called into a plane crash where their patient just happened to have an abundance of cocaine on him. When they got back to the hospital, a DEA agent was ready and waiting for the patient to tell him what he needed to  know. Unfortunately, the patient needs to get an MRI and have surgery ASAP. And, unfortunately, the DEA agent is not an actual DEA agent. He’s some sketchy drug supplier? I don’t know, I’m not in on the drug scene. All you need to know is he’s bad news and he killed Dwayne. Not cool, man. Not cool.
  • What’s even less cool, you ask? The fact that during SWAT’s takedown, after they dropped a flashback and TC went to cover Jordan, TC tackled the fake agent and, in the process, Topher got shot. NOT COOL, MAN!
  • This episode had quite a bit of backstory for TC and Topher. We saw when they met in the army. We saw what happened when Thad was killed. And we really started to see how all of this affects TC in the end. He’s not completely stable, but it’s not his fault. He’s struggling and we know it has something to do with why he and Jordan are no longer together. I want to know more. Still.

After the promo:

It’s a To Be Continued… kind of episode, which is good. Topher can’t die. I love him. TC loves him. He has a wife and three kids. He cannot die. TC’s blaming himself for what happened to his best friend, Jordan’s comforting him, and I need to see that play out. Scott’s got some harsh words, though, pointing out that TC is troubled and that he’s not what’s best for Jordan. What the hell does he know?

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