Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Two Truths and a Lie

Ummm, I will never be over the perfection that was this episode. I watched it last night. I was going to watch it again before writing this, but there’s too much going on in my noggin for that. So, sorry if this one’s a mess.

Also, not sorry if it’s primarily Sam related. He shone so much in this episode. He and Andy finally got everything out on the table and were able to move on as one. It was kind of perfect (by kind of, I mean totally, by the way). 

I do want to mention a few other things, though, before I hop into the Sam Swarek loving.

  • Gail and Nick working together, joking together, talking about making online dating profiles for each other was all great. I am way more pleased to see these two acting as friends than I thought I would be. I mean, I was always a little bitter about how their romantic relationship ended. I honestly didn’t think they’d get to this point. But I am really happy they did and that they made me laugh.
  • Traci/Steve/Dex was another happy surprise. I never liked Dex, not when he had no had no interest in being a father, not when he came back and he and Traci got back together, and definitely not when he came back to start a custody battle. But, maybe what Steve said to him in the hospital really worked because I didn’t hate him by the end of this episode. I really just want him and Traci to come to a healthy agreement so they can continue raising their son together. 
  • Dov and Chloe had a bit of drama this episode. When they were digging up secrets on the victim, Dov brought up Wes and Chloe got a little pissed. Actually, she’s a little pissed about a lot of stuff. She’s chained to the desk while she’s still recovering, there’s a blood clot in her neck that could, you know, kill her. And it’s Wes’ fault that it’s still there. Oh, and she’s pissed that Dov didn’t fight more for her at the hospital. But they made up and went home to get drunk and make out. Though, I don’t think this fight is quite over just yet.

Let’s talk about the fight that is over, though, shall we? Sam and Andy finally yelled it out last night. After Andy found out who one of the prisoners was that they were sent to interview, she got Sam to talk about his dear old dad a little. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pleasant, but it was necessary.

Once we all found out that Sam’s father was the prime suspect’s sponsor on the inside, we understood why Sam was so hell bent on getting out of there as soon as the suspect was in custody. He doesn’t want to see his father and he sure as hell does not want Andy to meet him. The fight all starts when Sam won’t open up about his dad and he brings up Tommy McNally’s misgivings as an alcoholic father. Andy’s quick to remind him that he knows everything  about her, including the hard life she had with her dad (who is a much better man than Jay Swarek, mind you, but we’ll get to that). Sam doesn’t want to talk about that stuff and she just wants to know him. He shuts down when things get rough. We know that, we saw it in season 3 when Jerry died, which Sam FINALLY brought up. HE brought up that Jerry died and Andy left. 

We, well I, always knew how hard that was on Sam. And he’s brought it up to her before. But she’s right, too, because he had broken up with her and her going undercover was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. As raw as Sam is in this fight scene and how fantastically Ben Bass portrayed it, Andy/Missy Peregrym brought their A game. Andy wasn’t going to back down because she’d gone through hell with him once before. If they want to make it work, she knows that he needs to be more open. And so, he hands her his father’s file. 

While she’s reading the file, Sam finds out that the suspect, Larry Chism, attempted suicide and was in critical condition. They needed to go back in and talk to Jay. I’m not going to get into detail there, but I am going to mention how much I hate the man. I’ve hated him a while, since Sam told Marlo that toolshed story, and getting to spend some time with him and seeing how poorly he treats Sam even now— it makes me sick. 

Eventually, Sam leaves and Andy has to get the information on Larry, the reason they’re there, but Jay won’t even talk until she tells him if she’s dating Sam. I mean, it was bad enough when Sam was talking to him and he kept talking to Andy or making inappropriate remarks about their possible relationship. If I were Sam, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it together. I just wanted to slap the man. I hated him, but I am so glad that we met him and that we got to see that side of Sam.

We did get a scene with Sam and his father, just the two of them, and we saw how angry Jay is at Sam. We’ve always known Sam was angry with him, but this was new. Sam admitted that he used to be afraid of Jay and then, eventually, that he was afraid of turning out like him. Finally, now that he’s there and he’s sees how miserable he is, he knows he’ll never be like him and so he forgives him. Jay does not forgive Sam, but Sam is finally able to forgive his father.

You know what, Sam knows he’ll never be like Jay because of how unhappy he is. And Sam has finally figured out how not to end up unhappy. He has a real shot with Andy, especially now that they’re more open with each other. If they get through this big fight and any other things that get thrown their way, he knows that he’ll never be unhappy again. He’s got the love of his life and he now knows how they can get through almost anything in order for them to get to Costa Rica one day to retire.

On the way home, after Sam admits that his father is in prison because Sam lied to the cops (gaining Jay six months before he killed someone in a fight which got him another twenty years), Andy assures him that he is nothing like his father. If he ever needs to be reminded, he just needs to ask her. And so, after confirming that she’ll actually be there to ask, Sam tells Andy that he loves her! This is the first time since the end of season 3 that he’s said those words. And Andy tells him that she loves him, so it’s the first time ever that the “I love you,” is reciprocated vocally. Seriously, the fight and the declarations of love were perfect. 

So was the game of two truths and a lie back at Sam’s place. Even though he’s the worst, telling truth on top of truth on top of truth, it was a raw, real moment between the two of them. And it ended quite beautifully, if I do say so myself



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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Two Truths and a Lie

  1. That was a great review/summary!

    I really liked seeing Nick and Gail as friends as well, but to be honest, I’d really like to see Nick deal with the break up with Andy more. They really neglected that topic in my opinion, because you could only see how heart broken he was in the episode “Heart Breakers, Money Makers”. McSwarek is definitely end game, but Nick’s and Andy’s short romance was still terribly sweet!

    You summarized the whole Sam-Andy-parts of the episode perfectly. I hated Jay! I don’t understand how you can be this cold hearted and unforgiving. Sam is such a good person and I agree, he didn’t have to forgive his father at all. Also, I am so glad that Sam and Andy finally discussed their previous issues out in the open, instead of ignoring them further. I still can’t believe how much Sam has changed throughout the seasons.

    • meghananna says:

      Thank you!!

      While I was never a fan of the Nick/Andy romance, I would like to see him dealing with the breakup. Then at least, he’d be working toward a real story. That’s my issue with Nick, his only storylines have been Gail and Andy. I want to know him as a man, not just an ill-fated love interest.

      As for Sam, he REALLY has grown so much and it’s such an amazing thing to see. It seems the longer he’s been out of Jay’s grasp, the healthier/happier he’s become. Now he has real closure, so he can continue growing– with Andy!

      • Okay, I totally get your issue with Nick. The only thing I can vaguely remember being about him (and not his relationship with a woman) was the one time he was totally drunk to honor one of his fallen soldier friends. Actually, I always thought they would do more with his military background … but yeah, I get what you mean.

        You’re so right! I’m really happy that Sam and Andy finally seem to be in a good place – together!

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