Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Going Under

Let me preface this by saying that I need to stop looking at spoilers. Like, I really think I would be so much happier. That McSwarek moment would have been so much sweeter if I hadn’t already seen it in .gif form. But, I’ll get to that later.

  • Chris, man, my love, what are you doing? I know I was excited about the Chris going dark storyline, but it really stressed me out all episode. I had the worst feeling he was going to get caught. And I know he will eventually, because that’s television, but I’m not ready for it. Why can’t anyone see what is actually going on? I mean, I know Dov and Chloe see something is up, but they need to get there faster so they can do something about it. It’s already reached a pretty catastrophic level and I don’t think we can afford for it to get any worse. But it’s kind of obvious, at this point, that it will…
  • I do love when we get to see some of our favorites go under, though. Chris, Dov, and Nick were the ones to do it. Chris was definitely the one who should have come out on top, but he got a little distracted by arresting his drug dealer instead of the illegal arms dealer. Nick spent all night flirting with a bartender and, low and behold, she was the one they wanted all along. I liked Nick a lot in this episode and I liked how Traci and Steve were debating his pickup lines and strategies.
  • Traci and Steve are like a breath of fresh air sometimes. There’s no complicated histories, no third parties— just them doing their thing. I love it. I love that they can work together seamlessly and still make a relationship work. They seem like they’ve got that on lock down. And, you know, as an added bonus, I just love the addition of Steve Peck— not just in Traci’s world, but everyone else’s.
  • Can we all agree that Gail broke our hearts? Don’t get me wrong, I loved her scene with Oliver at the end, but I just feel for her. Let me just say, though, that I am very happy Holly was not the focus of this particular breakdown. Sure, she was a part of it, as it should be, but she was not the main reason Gail was struggling. As Oliver explained, Gail let the job get to her and it got under her skin. We’ve seen this happen with every other rookie, so we know this isn’t some hokey brush off. This is real and that little girl that Gail met last week— the one that lost her mother to a Jameson shootout— got to her and made her rethink things. The job’s not a glamorous one, but once she can move past the pain she’ll get right back to being that kickass cop that gets her reports done on time. 
  • Chloe wasn’t a huge player in this episode, but I want to talk about her anyway. I really like seeing her with people other than Dov. We saw a little with Gail, a little with Oliver, a little with Sam and Andy, and we’ve seen her with Chris and Nick in the past. She’s so good and also quite the breath of fresh air, so I like that she’s becoming a real character. I love her.
  • Also, not a huge episode for Sam and Andy, but what we got was pretty damn good. And, that is, communication. They were talking about where to retire like it was nothing. They were joking about seeing each other naked like it was nothing. They were flirty and friendly and it was awesome. But, there was more to it than that. Sam knew that she was taking the allegations from Duncan hard and that she should talk about it. So, instead of making her talk about her issues, he just talked about his experiences. Andy always says that Sam needs to be more open, but we’ve seen time and time again that he’s willing to listen and she doesn’t take it (her first kill, her mother, Duncan). So, now he’s understanding how she works and she’s seeing that he cares enough. 

It was a bit of a filler episode for most, but a real juicy one for Chris. I liked it enough, though. It was no Wanting, but that’s just the McSwarek lover in me. We’ve seen glimpses of the earlier seasons shining through this season and I really like that. Seasons 1 and 2 are, without question, the best. I want to see more of that for everyone. (And saying those are the best seasons is no offense to Chloe or Nick or Steve. Seriously. They fit now, but they would not have then).

After the promo:

McSwarek loving and McSwarek fighting. These are things we need. And I am in no way worried about the fighting. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been spoiled. I’m saying it because they do need to fight some things out. They’ve changed, sure, but they still need to work in order to keep moving together. Which they will.

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