Let’s talk about Playing House- 37 Weeks

I. Love. Mark. I love him so much and this episode just made me love him SO MUCH MORE. From the pilot, we’ve been able to see that he and Emma did not end on the happiest of notes. And we also have learned throughout the season that he proposed and she left. Now we know that, had she just asked, he would have gone to China with her. And we could also see how much that meant to Emma.

It’s no surprise that these two still have lingering feelings for each other. They can’t act on them, though, because of Bird Bones. I don’t mind Tina, but she’s just in the way for me. Sorry! I want Emma and Mark to make it. Sue me!

We can talk about Maggie, too, because , you know, SHE’S GOING TO HAVE A BABY! After freaking out about the house not being ready for the impending bundle of joy, she went into labor after admitting to hooking up with Mark after Emma left. Perhaps it was the stress of the argument, but whatever it was, that baby is a-coming!

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