Let’s talk about McSwarek

I cannot get over Monday night’s episode. I have thought of very little since I watched it and my mind keeps going back to Andy and Sam’s first and last scenes of the episode.

This episode, for them, started off friendly and light. They we able to joke with each other about their past. You know, their really troubled, brokenhearted past? But they parted with smiles on their faces and only the fondest memory of their first shift together. It was beautiful.

Then, after an especially rough day for Andy, Sam was there to offer her a ride home. Yeah, it didn’t start out great, but Andy was able to tell him what she wanted to hear. And Sam was there to tell her, not what she wanted to hear, but what she needed to hear.

He’s always been there for her and that’s still the same. Now, though, he has a better idea of how to be exactly what she needs. And being that person for her only makes him happier. Even Traci said it, he’s been in a great mood since he got out of the hospital. They’re both working to get exactly what they want and need from each other and it’s beautiful.

God, I could talk about these two all day, but I really shouldn’t.

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