Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Wanting

Ugh, my McSwarek heart is beating overtime this morning. Before I jump into bullet form and talk about everyone, I need to talk about that first scene with Andy and Sam in the kitchen.

First, he brings her coffee, because it’s what friends do (this is where I laugh at the word “friends”), she gives him half a bagel, because… “friends,” and when they’re talking about her training the rookie, Sam tells her to be careful because sometimes they develop feelings and it gets awkward. And I love Sam so freaking much, it’s not even funny! When Andy quips back that she should have told Duncan right off the bat that he wasn’t her type, Sam’s quick to remind her that it doesn’t always work.

I’m sorry, was this not THE PERFECT exchange between two “friends?” The answer is yes, it was the perfect exchange.

Anyway… On to the rest:

  • Dov and Chloe have not had sex since she left the hospital and Chloe is all too quick to fill Nick in on their situation. She requests him to “get some intel on the DL” while he’s partnered with Dov. Poor Nick. The last thing he (or really anyone) wants is to get involved in Dov and Chloe’s relationship. But, Chloe makes him super uncomfortable and he concedes. 
  • Dov saw her die, remember? It’s tough for him to want what he wants (Chloe, duh) and not do anything about it. He also doesn’t want to push her or over exert her in any way. Plus, you know, she’s back living with her parents and that can always be a little difficult. By the end of the episode, though, Nick tells them both each others’ deals and is able to walk away just before the making out ensues.
  • See, I like Nick when he’s not sleeping with his co-workers. He’s a good friend— he was to Andy before and during their UC stint and he can be to everyone else if he just keeps his pants on.
  • Gail is not talking to Holly. And she seems okay for the most part. That is until one of the three victims dies and she goes to find her keys and, instead, ends up finding her young daughter. Gail is emotional, always has been, but she’s in a more fragile state now. I mean, she’s had a rough couple of years and she’s dealing with a breakup. I don’t blame her and I totally sympathize with her. And I love her. I love Gail. She’s so real and harsh and amazing.
  • Chris is a little tired during his shift. He had a long night hooking up with a hot date (as far as Gail thinks). We’ve seen his downward spiral start and now we’re watching it play out. I love it, but I’m terrified of what’s to come. I mean, remember when Chris was the puppy that loved everything and everybody? Now he’s suffering in silence and making sketchy drug buys. 
  • More Traci and Steve, please? I love them so much and I don’t think I have enough evidence to back that up. Give me more evidence!
  • DUNCAN! You idiot, I really wanted to like you. And you’ve just gone right ahead and ruined that! He is not, in any way, cut out to be a cop. Sometime’s that’s just the way it is. He left Andy, his training officer, alone in a house with a little boy and, you know, just some murderer with an agenda. Ugh, poor Andy! She was calling him and calling him for backup and he just got scared and stayed in the car. I was so mad. And then he tried to play it off like his radio was dead. Come on, man, grow a pair or get off the job. 
  • So, Andy had to write all of this in her report and Oliver assured her there would be an investigation and that Duncan would most likely lose his badge. It’s probably good for the city’s population, but sucks for Duncan and definitely hurts McNally. She wanted to do right by him and for him to come out on top. He made it impossible.
  • So, Sam drove her home and they shared a very quiet drive. All day, she and Duncan were arguing about whether or not change was possible. She believes that, yes, it is. But there was some doubt in her mind and when Sam didn’t say anything that would make her feel better, she started to think he hadn’t changed as much as she thought. 
  • Sam knows, though, that she doesn’t need him to tell her that she did all she could. She believes in people and when Duncan wasn’t all she believed he could be, it felt like a failure. But, Sam makes sure she knows that she’s one of the best cop’s he’s seen and it’s not her fault. And then she kissed him and it was beautiful and amazing and everything was perfect. He didn’t push her or pressure her— he was willing to be her friend if it’s what she wanted. Of course it’s not, though, because Sam has changed. They both have and they will be their best selves together. I mean, look: 


After the Promo:

More Duncan drama. He and his lawyer and, I’m assuming, his very powerful stepfather, are going up against the division and Andy. He’s starting some serious troubles for her. Not cool, man. Not cool. 

It also looks like Chris’s dirty little secret might be coming out. It almost look like his dealer showed up at the station. Uh oh. This can’t be good.

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