Let’s talk about Playing House- Bosephus and the Catfish

I watched the first five episodes of this show one night last week and fell deeply, madly in love with it. It’s both ridiculous and believable… It’s hilarious and heartfelt… I love it so much.

I watched this week’s episode last night and, again, it was on point. The only thing missing was Mark, but I didn’t even realize that until the end, so it’s forgiven. I think I’m on Team Emma with this one, Bosephus is straight up creepy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious, but… No. 

Zach is one of my favorite characters, which is funny because I’ve never really liked a character played by Zach Woods. I like him as an actor, but none of his characters… Until now. Zach is so funny and this week’s episode was no different. He killed it in that Mad Men outfit— especially when he added the fedora. Actually, when he considered himself the male Joan, I just about lost it. LOST IT. So good.

My favorite part of the episode, though, I think had to be the end. When Emma and Maggie went to lay Bosephus to rest, I died. Lennon Parham is just so good and her Bosephus is so brilliant and weird and perfect. Jessica St. Clair’s reactions were spot on, too. These two are great and this show has quickly become a favorite.

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