Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- All By Her Selfie

Duncan “Selfie” Moore sure is going to be a fun ride— for the audience, at least. Andy may not feel the same. I think, overall, Andy is going to make a great training officer. I don’t doubt it and I’m glad Sam suggested it. Selfie, though, is going to be a challenge. He’s just so gung ho. Like, he’s on a whole new level. He’s like rookie-Dov on speed. Now, Dov has grown up and turned into a great cop, so maybe Duncan will become a “super cop.” Who knows?

His first day on the job, he gets his fingerprints all over evidence, he chokes on a peanut, he gives the worst death notification EVER, and we find out his step-father is the commissioner. He’s kind of a mess, but I still kind of love him. And to add to all of his own mistakes, Andy let the first suspect in the murder case walk. The actual robber of the pawn shop got out of Selfie’s grasp mid-handcuffing and wielded a sword. So, you know, just another day at 15.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Oliver is the new staff sergeant and he hates it. He’s one of the street guys, but John Jarvis wanted him. And, so, now he’s rocking the white shirt. If I do say so myself, he’s rocking that white shirt. He’s like the dad of this whole operation anyway. Therefore, he’s going to do great once he gets used to being off the streets.

He wasn’t exactly excited when Andy offered to be Duncan’s TO, but he relented. Oliver was a great training officer. He let his rookies breathe before jumping in, he gave them the talk, he cares about them to this very day. Andy needs to find her own rhythm and her own routine, but she needs to remember where she came from, too. Oliver, Sam, and Noelle are pretty solid examples to look to. 

While Andy was dealing with her aspect of the case and her new little buddy, Traci was on a mission to work an eight hour day. She doesn’t want to break anymore promises. And, thanks to Steve Peck, she made it out of work in eight hours and got Leo “The Lion” Nash to hockey on time. Take that, Dex!

Chris Diaz is making me a little nervous, guys. I mean, he’s not acting like Chris, my favorite puppy, at all. During the ping pong game in the opening scene, he took that random girl’s shot without permission, he flirted with a possible suspect and then, when she was cleared, called her up and asked her out. I get that he’s got a lot going on and I see that his friends are tied up with their own lives and issues, so I see what he’s doing. And I’m actually very excited to see it play out. Maybe he needs to go a little darker before he can find himself for real.

Dov and Chloe talked out the whole husband situation. Well, Chloe talked. And Dov didn’t exactly seemed pleased with what she had to say. I can’t blame him. Finding out your girlfriend has a husband is kind of earth shattering news. They ended their scene in a kiss, though, and Dov was smiling, but we will see. 

Sam Swarek had a couple of hospital visitors in this week’s episode. Andy joined him after a ping pong win— a little drunk— and this is when she told him about Oliver as the new staff sergeant and the new rookie. It’s where Sam told her to that she would be good as a training officer. It’s where she was comfortable enough to hop onto his hospital bed and have this conversation. That is until Sarah Swarek joined them. Before leaving the two brooding siblings alone, Andy offered to give Sarah a ride to the train the next day until she remembered that she doesn’t have a car. So, Sam told her to take the truck and it was decided. 

(Sam effortlessly letting Andy take his sacred truck just makes my McSwarek heart beat).

I don’t know why Sarah stuck around as long as she did. She clearly doesn’t respect Sam’s feelings toward their father and, yeah, I know there’s more to that story. We only know what Sam told Marlo last season, though, and that is more than enough for me to take his side in this one. Sarah is the one who can’t seem to move on from whatever ripped her and Sam apart. He seemed happy to have her around and it was like she couldn’t wait to get out of there. So, of course, she had to nail some doubt into Andy’s mind.

When Andy drove her to the train, Sarah asked if she had any idea what was going on in Sam’s head. This, of course, has always been and issue for Sam and Andy. And even though Andy acknowledged that Sam seemed more open since he woke up form surgery, when Sam texted her to ask if she was coming by, she said she wasn’t and that she needed some time. Poor Sam. Like, first Sarah throws a knock knock joke in his face and then this?

I’m not worried. We knew this wasn’t going to be simple. Things rarely are. But these two have grown so damn much that I know they’re going to be okay. And if I’m wrong… Well, I don’t think I’m wrong. I have enough faith thanks to the text Sam sent back telling Andy that he wasn’t going anywhere. BAM! Progress. 

Thoughts after the promo:

I think I might do this from now on. Not just with Rookie Blue, but every show I write about.

In this instance, it looks like they are really trying to go for this love triangle showdown. Andy, Sam, and Nick. Chloe, Dov, and Wes. I hope next week is the end of that nonsense. I hate love triangles. Really, I’m over them. Especially these two. As an audience, we don’t know Wes and we love Dov. So, obviously, like 99.99% of us are team Dov and just don’t want to see him suffer any more. He’s clearly not happy with the situation and just wants things to go back to normal. SO DO I! Chloe and Dov make me so happy. Keep it that way!

And don’t even get me started on Nick and Andy… Even if you are a McSwarek fan, you do not want me to start that rant.


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