Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Blink

Blink. Your partner gets shot. Blink. Your friend and mentor gets kidnapped. Blink. The man you love gets shot. Blink. Your boyfriend lets you go. Blink. It’s three hours later and EVERYTHING has changed.

Andy McNally has had quite the day when we see her again (for the first time in nine months!). Sam’s on his way to surgery, Dov’s still dealing with the Wes situation, Traci’s suddenly dealing with an impending custody battle, Gail’s finally letting the past four years tumble out of her, Chris is dealing with the SIU investigation of the shooting, and Nick is AWOL because he went to find Sam’s next of kin.

After Chloe wakes up and asks to see Wes, Dov and Andy head out for some “grilled cheese sandwiches and Irish floats” — Frank’s orders. It shouldn’t be an issue, really. It’s right down the street and they’re just getting a quick bite. They’ll be gone 20 minutes, tops. Ha, yeah right. What I loved about this scene was the conversation between Andy and Dov. They have common ground— the people they love are fighting for their lives, they can’t do anything about it, they both have choices to make. Life is not easy for these two, for anyone working at 15.

As if these two didn’t have enough to deal with, the diner gets held up and they have no badges and no guns. They’re in just as much danger as every one else. But, since they are cops, they remain calm and are even able to crack a few jokes. But these two kids with a gun aren’t interested in their jokes, they just want the money from the safe. But that safe is on a timer and won’t open for another hour. What this means is that every single diner patron, Andy and Dov included, are forced to hang out until it can be opened and hope that nothing goes wrong.

This is Rookie Blue. Andy and Dov are not lucky enough for things to go that smoothly. No, a pregnant woman forces her way into the diner at 4:30 in the morning. She needs a milkshake and the diner is the only nearby restaurant that’s opened all night. Dov makes her the milkshake, but the owner of the diner tries to slip her a “receipt” that gets intercepted by one of the kids holding up the diner. The woman leaves, the “receipt” is revealed to show that the owner was trying to get the cops called, and then the owner gets pistol whipped. Pretty much, all hell breaks loose. All Andy and Dov can do is try and keep the bleeding to a minimum until the safe can be opened and the kids can take their money and leave. After Andy tries to get the safe removed so they can speed things along and get Louis (the owner) to the hospital, the other diner employees pulls out a shotgun and shoots the unarmed robber.

Again, Andy tries to keep the bleeding to a minimum. She tells his girlfriend to talk to him. She obviously has recent experience in this arena having just told Sam that beautiful story (nine months ago our time). But before the girl can say much, he dies and everything changes yet again.

While all of this is happening, Frank and Traci are trying desperately to get in contact with Nick so he can give his statement on the shooting. Nick is not answering, the inspector is not amused, and Frank and Traci have to keep stalling. I don’t blame Nick for not answering, he went on a mission to find Sarah Swarek. We’ve only been waiting to meet her since season 1, episode 10. She’s not what I was expecting, though. I don’t know, I expected her and Sam to be closer. But she claims not to know him. She’s not ready to deal with his shooting and stepping up as his next of kin, but Nick convinces her that he needs someone and she stays put.

Once Nick walks away from her, he finds Andy. She tearfully tells him what she said to Sam in the ambulance, that she still loves him. Nick asks if she does and she tells him, “yes.” Poor Nick, but he never he had a chance. He should have known as much. He was there through the breakup, knows how hard it was on her, that is wasn’t your typical breakup and move on situation. Seeing the two of them work together, with Sam, is going to make for an interesting story. But maybe it will lead to something other than a romantic line for Nick. That kid needs more depth.

Traci, while dealing with Leo and Dex, has Steve Peck to lean on. Let me tell you something, I love Steve Peck and I love that he and Traci are a thing. He’s going to be good or her, but we know from experience that women in the sow don’t like when their boyfriends do background checks on people from the past.

Elsewhere, Gail goes to Holly’s, finds some bourbon, and hides away in the bathroom. When Holly goes to find her, most of Gail’s hair has been cut off and she’s a little bit drunk. If I were her, I would have had a similar breakdown months before. I’m surprised she was able to hold out as long as she did. When she explained to Holly what the inches of her ponytail were from (the academy, first six months on the job, her relationship with Chris, Jerry dying, her relationship with Nick), I was heartbroken. It was so raw and so real and she just wanted a fresh start. Seriously, this girl has been through hell and she’s far too tough to admit when she’s hurting. I’m glad she trusted Holly enough to finally breakdown and reveal herself. I love Gail. She’s grown the most out of the five original rookies and I know we’ll see more growth from them all this season and I really can’t wait.

Can we talk about the whole scene with Chloe and Oliver?! Because it was one of my favorites. Oliver is, without question, the best. I love him. He knows how to keep a girl calm after she just woke up from a gunshot wound. He knows how to keep things relatively calm when she has a heart attack and her boyfriend barrels into her room. Rookie Blue needs Oliver Shaw like I need air. He sings and he jokes and he smiles and he cries and he loves and he’s there. Always.

When Chloe awakes from her scare, Dov’s there. Wes is gone, as per Chloe’s wishes, and she just wants to be with Dov. Even though he was willing to leave her alone if it’s what she wanted, he sticks around because, duh, he loves her. These two are great. I’ve loved Chloe since day one and she and Dov make perfect sense to me. I am pumped to see these two stick together.

Back to Andy and Sam, though. Because, season 5 is going to be the season of McSwarek. I’m calling it right now. As soon as he opens his eyes and finds Andy sitting there, he smiles. He tells her that he’s really happy to see her. She agrees. He tells her he doesn’t want to waste anymore time and that he doesn’t want to be sad anymore. She agrees. And the smiles on their faces are the best. Sam looks so happy, like a little kid who just broke open a piñata. This guy’s never had it easy. Things with him and Andy have never been easy. But we’ve seen over the last four years how much he loves her— how much they love each other. They may not say it often, but we’ve seen it. They’re best when they’re together.

Final thought:

I am so ready for this season and everything it has to offer.

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