Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Snow Drifts & There’s No Place Like Home

Holy wow. That was some of the greatest two hours of television maybe ever! As a (completely obvious) Captain Swan shipper, it was, like, the best ending I could have asked for. As an Outlaw Queen shipper, though… Ouch. But that is what great storytelling is ALL about. It’s not going to be easy, but when has it ever been easy in Storybrooke?

I’m going to go over my thoughts and freak outs in bullets, because I could write a whole book on my feelings if I really wanted to.

  • I have to start with Captain Swan. I mean, how could I not? He didn’t have to go through that portal with her, but did we really expect him not to? And they just got off to a bad start— changing the course of time. 
  • I loved watching Snow and Charming fall in love almost as much as Emma did. As much as I love them, Mary Margaret and David aren’t the most exciting characters, but this travel back in time and new beginning to their story was a lot of fun.
  • Rumpelstiltskin helping out Hook and Emma was a really cool line. And it really broke my heart when he asked about his son. Oh boy, that was just a swift kick in the gut. Ugh, but at least he was actually helpful. And he didn’t kill Hook.
  •  Rumple and Belle were so stinking cute. Those vows, man, were awesome. However, I cannot wait to see the truth about Zelena come out. Now that they’re married, it’s going to be a really interesting dynamic. 
  • Emma seducing Past-Hook while our Killian got Snow on the right track to Charming was great. I mean, Killian got jealous of himself and it was adorable.
  • Outlaw Queen started out so well. Oh god, and just ended up so sad. Emma had to save Marian. She had to. But, I knew she was going to mess something up. And, boy, did she ever. Poor Regina.
  • Who would have thought that going through a super sensitive, time travel portal was what Emma needed to realize that Storybrooke and her family is home? Watching her parents almost miss meeting each other and Snow almost dying, I can definitely see where she was coming from. 
  • And her magic came back. She got her and Hook back to Storybrooke, but not before Rumple asked what happened to his son. I was so nervous he wasn’t going to drink that memory potion and let her go. Hook had already left and she would not have been able to contend with the Dark One that just found out his son was dead.
  • And back in Storybrooke, we found out the baby’s name— Neal! (Cue the tears). We saw Emma call her parents Mom and Dad (more tears). And then we saw Emma realize that there’s one more person she considered home…
  • We finally found out the truth— that Hook traded the Jolly Roger for a magic bean so he could get to New York and bring Emma home. He trade HIS SHIP for her. Swoon. And, then, she KISSED HIM and it was magical and beautiful and they are canon and my heart is whole. I mean… LOOK!Image

I’m so excited for next season and the new villain (ELSA!). It’s going to be a lot of fun and I can’t imagine it’ll be as dark as the Wicked Witch was. Emma and Killian will be a dream to watch while Regina and Robin are going to rip my heart out. But I have faith. SO EXCITED!

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