Rookie Blue. Season 5. Six Minute Preview. Dying.

I’m feeling so many things right now, it’s hard to function. I shall try, though.

Okay, here we go.

  1. Sarah Swarek has finally entered the picture. Thank god. And, okay, so she doesn’t seem like the most upbeat person in the world, but that will only bring us closer to the truth about Sam’s past. I’M READY FOR THAT.
  2. As if Traci hasn’t lived through enough, now she’s dealing with a custody battle? That makes me really sad. 
  3. Her and Steve should be interesting. Adam MacDonald seemed to sum it up: Traci’s focus is on her son and Steve’s focus is on Traci. It should make for a VERY interesting season for them. 
  4. Gail and Holly, we’ll see. I’m still not 100% sold, but who knows how I’ll feel after some more interaction. Holly’s no Chris, though, am I right?
  5. And Chris. YES! I see a real storyline in his future and I couldn’t be more pumped for it. He’s such an underrated character and his storylines are often sped through or glossed over. I need more for him and it looks like… we might get more? AND MORE OLIVER. SO MUCH MORE.
  6. Andy McNally: Training Officer. Yes, yes, yes. I am so pumped for this. Selfie is going to be a handful and watching her navigate this new role will be fascinating.
  7. All right, I’m intrigued with Dov and Chloe. I saw some BTS pictures that seemed to shed a different light on where those two are going, but this preview went a totally different direction. Color me excited, friends. I love Chloe and I just can’t wait to see more of her. Thanks for not killing her off, writers!
  8. I’m over love triangles, though. Looking at you McCollins/McSwarek.
  9. BUT McSWAREK! Shut up! I’m so excited for their relationship to restart. And I’d been expecting something to happen immediately, but it doesn’t look that way. Which is a good thing, because the two of them have been through so much— together and a part. They need to move forward at the same pace if we want them to end up okay. WHICH WE DO. I NEED IT.
  10. Season 5 looks like it could be an amazing season with amazing stories to tell. I can’t express how much it’s killing me to wait any longer. 
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