Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Danny and Mindy

Danny! Danny, Danny, DANNY! Be more perfect, I dare you. He catfished her. He actually catfished her. That happened and it was THE BEST. I’m, like, still in shock over here. I mean, COME ON. That was grade A television. No doubt, no questions asked, PERFECT.

In case you weren’t aware, last night’s episode was the perfect combinations of all of Mindy’s (MY) favorite movies. You had You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless in Seattle. And all of that was Danny’s idea. He put the ad in the paper, prompting her to email him (You’ve Got Mail), he offered to watch When Harry Met Sally which sent them on a tour of New York City in a montage much like what is shown in the movie, and of course he chose to meet her on the Empire State Building, a la Sleepless in Seattle. PERFECT. 

And, yeah, of course Mindy got pissed when “Andy” stood her up and she confronted the guy she thought was Andy on the subway. And after having talked himself out of telling her the truth, it was finally time for Danny to come clean. And Mindy got way more pissed— all the way from the train up to the office. In the office, Danny got her alone in the bathroom, away from the prying eyes of their colleagues (Morgan and Tamra already knew because Morgan is a lot smarter than Danny “thoughten”). In the bathroom, she yells and he begs her to give him another chance because he LOVES HER. 

Mindy didn’t believe him, but he plans to prove it to her. He’ll be at the Empire State Building at 8 and wait all night if he has to. We see Mindy sitting in her office at 9:15, with no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. But when Morgan, Peter, Jeremy, Tamra, and Betsy come in and yell at her that she needs to go. Of course Danny loves her! She’s still not 100% convinced, so Peter literally drags her into Danny’s office by the hair to show her something.

Remember, in Think Like a Peter, Mindy’s story about the Cinderella signs that she leaves in guys’ apartments so they have a reason to find her? And remember how we saw a pair of earrings in Danny’s apartment as the episode ended? Yeah, he keeps those in a box of his favorite things in his desk drawer. Peter has seen him staring at those very earrings and it just proves how much he loves her.

That’s all Mindy needs to kick her ass that won’t quit into high gear and book it to the Empire State Building where the elevator just happens to be down. She has to take the stairs up 104 flights. That’s not bad, though, because the rest of Shulman and Associates have just found Danny eating a slice of pizza NOT on top of the Empire State Building. He waited an hour and then left (not quite as romantic as waiting all night like he said he would, but hey). So, now Danny has to book it, but first he needs his friends to point out the correct direction of the Empire State Building… Oh, Danny.

So, now he’s running Billy Crystal style. And can I just point out the moment in the PILOT episode where Danny and Mindy were watching When Harry Met Sally and he laughed at a man running through the streets like an idiot. Now, two seasons later, here we were watching Danny running like an idiot, getting hit by car doors and then an actual car, until he made it through the lobby and up the now working elevator of the Empire State Building. 

But when he gets to the top, he can’t find Mindy. He’s screaming her name, running around the entire perimeter, and she’s no where to be found. He’s sure she’s shown up and left because he wasn’t there. But, after apologizing to the sky, he hears an awfully familiar wheeze. Turning slowly toward the sound, he sees a pair of legs lying on the ground. So, he walks to them, sure they belong to the one he loves, and there she is, half dead and still wheezing. And then he GETS ON THE GROUND NEXT TO HER. Ah, he’s so perfect. 

When Mindy tells him her heart is racing, he tells her his is, too. But she just gets annoyed and asks why he would bring her there. “Because you love it…. And I love you.” Again, I dare Danny Castellano to be any more perfect. He wouldn’t be able to do it. He’s reached the peak of perfection and he shall remain there for the rest of time.So, after bickering some more because that’s what they do and it worksDanny tells her he’s all in. And she loves that idea. And they start bickering again about how many and what gender their children will be. And while I was swooning, Danny cut her off mid-sentence with the most perfect, sexy, sweet, kiss atop the Empire State Building. PERFECT.

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