Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Kansas

The Wicked Witch has been defeated. YAY! Thank god. Am I right? Jeez, I sure was getting sick of that Witch. She needed to GO. And, thanks to Rumple, she is GONE. 

Although, I’m a little sad that Rumple lied to Belle in order for it to happen. I know he was doing it because Zelena killed Neal and I am all for that, but poor Belle. She trusted him. She agreed to MARRY HIM. She ain’t gonna take this well, let me tell you that. 

But on to other news, Regina was the one to defeat Zelena. She was able to use light magic and she has officially become a hero. That just about makes me the happiest person in the world right now. Henry believed in her, so she was able to believe in herself. It was magical. 

Emma couldn’t defeat the Witch because she had to save Hook’s life. Because that stupid Witch drowned him. Despite the fact that Emma was still holding the grudge from last week because Killian wasn’t honest with her, she saved his life and lost her powers. And the only reason he was helping her was because David made her take him. Her father understood Zelena’s role better than Emma did. Well, I think Emma understood just fine, it was just her deep trust issues with everyone

But, yeah, the curse is broken, Zelena is dead, Hook is trusted, the baby has been born, taken, and returned, and Emma still plans on going back to New York. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean, we know Henry has no intentions to go back now that he has his memories and the rest of his family. But, she honestly think he wants to give up his real life and go back to NYC? I don’t think she’d go without him, but, yeah… I don’t know.

Also, the promo for next week’s two hour finale was bananas. So much is going to happen and I have no idea what will cause it. You know, now that the Witch is defeated and dead, who or what is behind next week’s struggle? Where do Emma and Killian end up dressed like royalty? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

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