Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- The Girl Next Door

Oh, Danny. Danny, Danny, Danny. 

That’s how I felt when last night’s episode ended. I mean, I know he’s still hung up on Mindy and all that jazz, but way to make it awkward, pal. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t all that awkward. Mindy handled the almost kiss with grace (something I though I’d never say) and they were able to walk away peacefully. It was nice.

I like Tim Daly a lot. I always have. I just don’t think his character is right for Mindy. Which is kind of silly because he’s just Danny to a grumpier extent and I think Danny is all kinds of right for Mindy. But, Charlie just doesn’t make the cut for me. Maybe it’s his age, I don’t know. Maybe he’s too much of a curmudgeon for my like. I’m really not sure, but I’m not feeling it. And I honestly felt like, by the end of the episode, neither was Mindy.

What I was feeling, though, was Peter and the brain surgeon. I am all about that. If it helps Peter to grow up a little and is still able to keep him the loveable, goofy douche that I love, then let’s see how this goes. 

Anyway, next week is the finale and I am 100% sure that I’m not ready for this perfect season to end. But it is called Danny and Mindy, so I’m super excited to see what that’s all about!

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