Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- A Curious Thing

Oh man, so much greatness and so much heartbreak. Okay, maybe not that much heartbreak in the grand scheme of things, but my Captain Swan loving heart hurts a little this morning.

But I don’t want to focus on that. No way. I want to focus on Henry and his memories. Oh thank god he got his memories back! And thank god Regina has her son back! It wasn’t nearly as hard as getting Emma to believe in magic, but he did just get attacked by a swarm of flying monkeys. I’m really hoping they weren’t Aurora and Phillip because that would be sad. It already is just knowing it’s a possibility.

But, YES, Henry’s back and he’s doing a remarkable job at having two moms. That came out weird, but I was worried one would feel left behind when he remembered them both. I know he only had his memories for like half the episode— if that— but I have faith in that little guy. 

Also, let’s talk about Regina and Robin! They’re all over each other and I love it! Regina deserves this. Yay. Also, how cute was it when Henry realized his mom was dating ROBIN HOOD?! And then Robin and Regina joked about how they did not get along back in the Enchanted Forest, but they still left the boathouse together, arm in arm. 

So, the Enchanted Forest, huh? Snow was the one who cast the curse. And she did so by nearly sacrificing David’s life. Of course, they’ve been sharing one heart since the day he woke her from the sleeping curse. Now, it’s just official. Even though she was the one who cast the curse— in order to get back to Emma so she could use her light magic to defeat Zelena— it was Zelena who added the memory potion that made everyone forget what happened. 

Then, she made enough potion for her and Rumple so when they got back to Storybrooke they would remember. Thankfully, Neal wrestled himself out of his fathers body just before Rumple was able to drink his half. Neal was the one who sent the note to Hook about finding Emma and getting her back to Storybrooke.

I’m going to talk about Hook now. I’m going to get a little sad. But I do believe things will work out. 

Hook was kidnapped by Zelena who warned him again that he needed to kiss Emma and steal her powers. If he didn’t, she would kill Henry. Luckily (or not so luckily), Hook found Henry after a fight with his mother while he was trying to get in her car and drive to the nearest bus station so he could get back to New York. Hook just wanted to keep him safe, so he took him to the docks instead and convinced Smee to get him to NYC by stolen boat. Then, the monkeys came and then Henry’s parents and grandparents came. And all hell broke loose.

Just as Emma was about to kiss Henry to break the curse, Zelena showed up and took Henry hostage. She made sure to mention it was because Hook didn’t follow through on her instructions. Before Emma could react to that, she used her magic and got her son back. It was Regina who kissed Henry— breaking the curse— and Emma who confronted Hook.

He told her the truth, that Zelena had tried to back him into a corner. He told her that she wanted him to kiss her, successfully stealing her magic, and that he was just trying to keep her son safe. But Emma can’t trust him anymore. How could she? And the look of despair on the captain’s face. OH MY SADNESS! It didn’t help matters that David and Mary Margaret chimed in and told Emma that she shouldn’t trust him. They never sent him the potion that got Emma’s memories back. And if they didn’t, they had no idea who could have.

We know it was Neal, but Hook doesn’t. So, yeah, it does look a little suspicious, but HE GOT HER AND HER MEMORIES BACK! That, in it of itself, is reason enough to trust him. Forget that he was just trying to keep Henry safe. Whatever, like I said, I still think Hook and Emma can work it out. 

I’m really curious to see what the next two weeks will bring for the town. I mean, now that the curse is broken and the memories are back, it’s all up to Emma? Woof. That’s a lot of pressure on the girl. It’s no help her mother is about to have that baby that Zelena wants so badly. It’s about to go down in Storybrooke and I, for one, cannot wait.

Actually, I can. I’m not ready for this season to be over. I feel like we just got it back. 

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