Let’s talk about Parks and Recreation- Moving Up

I’m not upset with the time jump there at the end, nor am I thrilled. It’s too soon to tell. They could go one of two ways on this one

  1. Pull a How I Met Your Mother and use that flash forward as something to work toward and it would end up being, like, a series finale.
  2. Or actually jump ahead three years. 

Like I said, it’s too soon to tell which I’d prefer.

All I can really say is I cannot wait to see why Ben is in that tux and why the hell Leslie is rocking those bangs. (I have a theory about the tux that I’ll discuss at the end). Oh and if they do go the way of a three year time jump, I will not miss a pregnant Leslie. I’m so amped for a mom Leslie, but not really interested in a pregnant one.

So, San Francisco— Michelle Obama and all— was hilarious. Andy and Alcatraz, Andy and the skateboard, Andy in general= GREAT. Andy Dwyer for the win, am I right?

The Unity Concert? Holy hell, I loved it. The lineup was so good! Letters to Cleo? The Decemberists? MOUSE RAT and DUKE SILVER?! Shut up! I feel like Craig right now. I CAN’T STOP YELLING!

I hope Tom’s Bistro really succeeds. I feel like Tom has been through so much and he deserves a win. I’m super happy Tammy II didn’t get her fangs in Ron. He’s got a family now and that would have been hella messed up. April and Andy wanting to get a divorce so they can get married again? God, I love those two so much! SO MUCH! 

So, I saw Nick Offerman live back in September and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love him like you wouldn’t believe. And he closed his comedy show out singing 5000 Candle in the Wind, so I got a little teary eyed when the Unity Concert ended that way with all those bands up on stage. It was perfect. 

You know what else was perfect (albeit expected)? Leslie accepting that job and having the offices moved to the recently renovated third floor. 

My theory on Ben’s tux is below. Warning: It’s not juicy.My guess is he’s about to be sworn in as Mayor. I mean, City Manager to Mayor is a pretty believable promotion. And he looked damn good in that tux.

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