Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Bleeding Through

I just watched this episode last night and I can’t really write an entire review right now. However, there are three things that I do want to mention:

  1. Regina and Mary Margaret- AMAZING character and relationship development right here! I mean, we’ve seen them slowly learn to trust each other and work together, but David and/or Emma and Hook are always around, too. This week, we got to see the two of them, alone, have a real, deep, meaningful conversation. We saw them accept their shared past in order to continue working together and becoming… Friends? I don’t know, we’ll see. But Regina protecting her and that baby, showing so much concern for the two of them, was amazing to see. I cannot wait to see this story line continue.
  2. Regina and Robin- More character growth for this woman! So good and so deserved! Robin had to give Rumple Regina’s heart (you know, the one she just gave him) in order to keep Roland safe. Obviously, it was the right thing to do. I mean, hello, he’s going to protect that adorable little boy and those dimples! And Regina respected that decision, she stood behind it. Because she knows how hard it is to lose a child and she’s seen it in others, too. She doesn’t want anyone to feel that way, especially not her true love. And after talking with Mary Margaret about feelings and pain, Regina went to Robin and she kissed himAnd it was perfect and I need more of it, please.
  3. Hook- Poor, suffering Hook. The guy can’t catch a break. And I know some people don’t like him and think he deserves all this pain and sorrow for the pirate he used to be. (Keyword there: used). I don’t agree with that— obviously— because he has grown so much and has tried to do everything right since he found Emma. And same goes for the time they spent in Neverland in 3A. Listen, there’s nothing he can do about the man— pirate — he used to be. And it’s not fair that people are so quick to forgive Regina and not give Killian a second glance. They were both villains once and they’re both working to become better people. *end Hook rant*
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