Let’s talk about Emma Swan

I love her. I really, truly love her character. She’s strong and independent, but also feels and loves deeply. She gets hurt. A lot. I understand that. But she can’t just up and leave with Henry once the Wicked Witch is defeated. It’s selfish.

He has a mother in Storybrooke who loves him so much. He has grandparents who love him. He has a whole town who loves him. And he doesn’t remember them or understand them. And it breaks my heart.

It’s not only that, either. It’s not only Henry. All of those people that love Henry— the ones he doesn’t remember— they love Emma, too. And Hook. Hook loves her so much. Mary Margaret and David love her so much. They are about to have a baby; I can only imagine they want her around for that. 

It just frustrates me. Mainly because I understand where she’s coming from. Henry’s memories, his current ones, are good and they are normal and they are safe. They had a life in New York and just because hers didn’t turn out as expected, it doesn’t mean he should suffer. There are two sides to that, though. He’s missing out on so much by not knowing who he truly is, who his family truly is. 

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