Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Think Like a Peter

The friendship between Mindy Lahiri and Peter Prentice is quickly becoming my favorite thing on television. They hit it off in Wedding Crushers and have been crushing it (not sorry for that pun) ever since.

This week, Peter plays Mindy’s wingman and she ends up going home with Max Greenfield (or Lee. His name was Lee). But, when she wakes up he’s gone and all that’s left of him is his scarf. She’s sure it’s some Cinderella sign and that he’s left it for her to find him. Peter thinks it was a mistake and he left her place for a reason. But, being the best BroBGYN ever, he accompanies her on her search.

They end up at the school where Lee teaches and he is more than a little bit creeped out. You see, the reason he liked her in the first place is because she’s a little crazy. His mom was crazy and it’s an Oedipal thing, I guess. But there’s a crazy line and Mindy crossed it. Leaving the scarf was a mistake. After Peter tells Mindy that she can do better, he still drags Lee out to the hallway where they demand an apology. During their conversation, though, Mindy notices Lee’s WEDDING RING. Ugh, this guy is worse than Schmidt and Peter rolled into one super douche. (I love both Peter and Schmidt, but come on. They suck with the ladies). Peter, as my new fictional best friend, does the best thing ever and PUNCHES him right in the face. Wammo.

Also, Morgan and Tamra have been secretly hooking up and Danny finds them. Since Mindy’s not sharing her drama, he practically begs Tamra to fill him in on hers. She’s still with Ray Ron, but thinks Morgan is the better choice. Danny, in yet another dick move, convinces her to stay with Ray Ron which, obviously, breaks Morgan’s heart.

Danny uses this broken heart as a way for more drama and becomes the shoulder for Morgan to lean on. That is, until Morgan finds out the truth about why Tamra decided to stay with Ray Ron. Poor Morgan.

We also find out that Danny has been dating Sally— Peter’s sister, remember?— and also avoiding her. He’s pretty much just waiting around for Mindy to talk about herself and her issues like she used to. What he doesn’t get, though, is they’re him. He’s her drama. He’s her issues. He broke her heart.

Back at his place, where he’s snuggled up (quite unhappily, might I add) with Sally, we see that Mindy has left her own little Cinderella sign in the form of diamond earrings. And as much as Danny has been annoying me the last two episodes, I can’t help but hope he finds them and uses them to get her back.

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