Let’s talk about New Girl- Big News

You know, for the first time in quite a while, I was completely happy with last night’s episode. Don’t get me wrong, there have been great moments throughout season 3, but last night was the first time it truly felt like the New Girl I fell in love with.
I’m honestly not saying that has anything to do with Nick and Jess not being together. That was the main focus of the episode, actually. It’s just a matter of the characters falling back into who they used to be and the group mentality coming back. I’ve missed that group quite a bit. I remember in season 1 that the episodes seemed to almost always end with the four (or 5, including Cece) of them together. Now, we’re up to six thanks to the brilliance of Coach and it just works.
I also think that the writers and actors did a phenomenal job with the breakup. It wasn’t just Nick and Jess dealing with it, and they knew that would be an issue from the beginning, it was all of them. Poor Schmidt, a child of divorce, didn’t take it so well. Winston, who finally got into the police academy, put his celebration on the back burner so his friends could mourn the end of their relationship. And then Cece and Coach were there for Nick and Jess when no one else knew what was going on. Everyone had a role, everyone had a reaction. It felt real.
Don’t get me started on that last scene, though. Ugh, so much heartbreak. At the beginning, Nick and Jess discussed how they were both taking the breakup so well; he wasn’t leaving her drunken voicemails and she wasn’t crying to Dirty Dancing. It was all an act, obviously, and once that was known, they did what they always did at the time of a breakup.
She cuddled up on the couch with her tissues and pink wine. He sat in his room with his whisky (maybe?) and cellphone. And they had a real, honest talk. And funny. And sweet. Nick called her honey and Jess smiled and I wanted to cry.
I don’t know where these two are headed, but for the first time in a while, I’m really excited to find out.

EDIT: I totally forgot to express my excitement for the return of Tran. He was also there for Nick when he needed someone to talk to. Those tow have the best, weirdest relationship in the world. I kind of want someone from the group to stumble upon them in the park one day.

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