Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Be Cool & Girl Crush

Be Cool:
Thank God for Peter Prentice, am I right? I just love him and his friendship with Mindy so much. I am so happy he was the one to know about her and Danny. It honestly couldn’t have been any better.
And how great was everything with Jeremy and Morgan thinking he was sleeping with Mindy? So funny.
This episode had me howling. From Danny’s terrible lies to get Mindy into his office to Mindy feeding Peter bad grapes to make Danny jealous- I was actually cackling. But Danny was being a straight up asshole.
They were doing so well. But he was scared and kind of right. We’ve seen time and time again how Mindy is his best friend and pretty much his only friend. How did this episode go from so good and funny to so upsetting in a single commercial break? Poor Mindy. But she’s right, she has friends. Danny’s got no one. Ugh. I’m still pissed.
Girl Crush:
Mindy and Danny awkwardness. Sad face. Made even more awkward when Peter’s sister showed up. I do love Joanna Swisher, though. I did like that rare glimpse into Peter’s background.
Danny can’t date her. He just can’t. First, he JUST broke up with Mindy and Peter is the only one that knows the truth about them. And he wants to date his sister, of all people? Rude. I know Danny’s always been a bit of dick, but come on!
The bus ad that Jeremy commissioned was fantastic. Mindy described each of the doctors perfectly. I’d quote it, but I’m far too lazy to look up the exact warning. I live a rough life, guys. (Not really, I’m just lazy).
The four guys trying to get patients in Spanish Harlem was pretty hilarious. They may be handsome devils, but they are still four men offering to check out ladies boobs. We know it’s for health reasons, but they don’t. It gets so much worse when Danny gets Peter’s sister’s (Sally) text of her boobs. And Peter sees them and adds it to his bank before Danny tells him who they belong to. Needless to say, a scene was made and the bus turned out looking SO MUCH worse.
With all that awkwardness back at Shulman and Associates, it’s no wonder Mindy went to Anna Gunn’s practice dr an escape… And a job offer. Thankfully, before any rash decisions were made, Jeremy’s bus, with him, Danny, Peter, and Morgan, show up and see her sneaking around. Uh oh.
Mindy is right, though. Those guys have treated her like dirt since season one. I mean, it comes and goes in waves, but that’s enough if you ask me. Too bad Hamilton’s practice doesn’t take insurance and Mindy has a conscience.
Of course, Mindy is the one to solve the crisis with the bus. As a woman. And she gets them a new patient even after Jeremy likens her to a lumpy chair.
I can’t tell if Danny is happy or sad that Mindy told him that she was fine seeing him with Sally. I hope it was sad. Although, maybe we got the best of both worlds? A lot of making out for a couple of episodes followed by a little awkwardness and maybe back to their old ways?
I guess we’ll see. The finale is titled Danny and Mindy so who knows?!
One more thought: I feel a little bad for Betsy. Ever since Wiener Night we’ve known she’s had a thing for Danny. In the first episode of the night, she legitimately professes her love for him and it goes ignored. In the second episode, she starts to do the same but is cut off. Poor Betsy. But at least she had lines.


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