Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- The Tower

Okay, I do not like this Witch. I don’t like her messing with Rumple. I especially didn’t like her shaving him. I’m not okay with how she handled David. The poor guy has enough to deal with. Everyone does. I don’t like how she’s so shifty and I hate that Mary Margaret is enamored with her. The second half of this season is straight up stressing me out.

There were a couple of bright (but not really) spots, though. First, Regina and Henry were able to spend some time, one on one, together. Henry opened up to her about his feelings toward Emma and her decision to turn down Walsh’s proposal. He admitted that he couldn’t wait for the day there would be more than two plates set up for holiday dinners. And what Regina told him next was so spot on, I just had to smile. She told him that one day he would have more family than he would know what do with.

What I loved most about that sentiment is that she wasn’t just talking about his blood family, but also the rest of Storybrooke. It’s something she had mentioned just before she really got Henry talking; the good thing about living in a small town (i.e. Storybrooke) is that it’s like everyone is family. I mean, in the case of Henry and Storybrooke, that’s pretty damn near accurate.

What hurt about this scene is the fact that Regina is just Madame Mayor to Henry. Sure, she got to spend some quality time with her son, but he has no idea why it matters. He’s just getting some ice cream and a tour of the town.

Emma and Hook also got to spend some quality time together this episode. At first, they were working with David to gather clues in Regina’s office, but just as he found remnants of berries and told them where to find them in the woods, he was called back to the loft to meet the new midwife, Zelena (that Witch). And Emma and Hook took to the forest together where they had one of their very close standing, serious talks. Emma admitted that she had been considering Walsh’s proposal. You know, before she discovered he was a flying monkey. She also admitted that his betrayal had broken her heart. To which Hook expressed his delight.

You see, he’s not happy that her heart was broken. Not really. He was happy that her heart was breakable, that it still worked. Because then she is capable of loving him back. Unfortunately, she turned away from him before he could get any closer. But he still followed her so they could finish their mission.

The two of them happened upon a mysterious (well, mysterious to them) farmhouse. We know it’s where that Witch is keeping Rumple prisoner. It’s all locked up and before they call Regina, Emma sees a voicemail from David who is sure he’s about to confront the Wicked Witch.

Alas, it is not. It’s himself, a side effect of the night root that Zelena slipped into his tea during their meeting at the loft. By the time Emma, Hook, and Regina show up, David has confronted his greatest fear and was able to defeat “himself.” When he tells Regina about his sword that disappeared, she reveals that it was the Wicked Witch’s way of taking a symbol of his courage. Uh oh.

Seriously, I can’t wait for all this terrifying mystery to be over. Actually, I can, because then the season will be over and we’ll be thrusted into another dreadfully long hiatus.

Ps, we got to meet Rapunzel, who was a victim of night root back in the Enchanted Forest. I wonder if she’s back in Storybrooke after David saved her and brought her back to her parents.

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