Let’s talk about How I Met Your Mother- Gary Blauman

You know, the closer we get to the end, the more emotional I get. Jeez, just thinking about it gets me all misty. But last night’s episode was awesome, it was full of cameos, and it really got me thinking about Ted.

I always think about Ted. Ted’s my favorite and he always has been. Last night we got to see Ted and the mother (we need her name already!) go on their first date. Four days after the wedding. Meaning Ted did not go to Chicago. But why? Is it all because he met the mother? I don’t think so. I mean, he’s done some crazy things for women, but that seems BIG for a girl he just met. But, what do I know? I just assume something else happens on the wedding day and I can’t wait to see what it is.

So, anyway, the episode was filled to the brim with cameos. This season has been filled to the brim with cameos. Not just any cameos, though, returning guest stars that the audience cares about or doesn’t, but still, the writers brought a lot back last night to see what some of our favorites are up to. And then there was Blauman, played by the HILARIOUS Taran Killam, who’s the reason behind all of these cameos. He came to wedding, without RSVPing, only to be kicked out by the vengeful groom. The group is split between loving him and hating him- and Marshall plays judge to decide his ultimate fate. Marshall decides, since the bride wanted him to stay, that he could stay. But Barney took it upon himself to tell him he couldn’t- over a stolen accidental curly fry. It’s serious business, guys.

But, Blauman gets upset when the gang chases after him in order to give the bride (Robin) what she asked for. He tells them that he’s never going to see them again and it’s Ted that it could be true. Who knows when or if they’ll see Blauman again- or each other. We all know that after this wedding, everyone is going their separate ways- Marshall and Lily to Italy, Robin and Barney back in the city, and Ted to Chicago.

Apparently not, though. Why isn’t Ted going to Chicago? I guess we’ll find out…

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