Let’s talk about Veronica Mars- the movie

It took me two whole days to find the time to see the movie. And I am sure it will take me less than one to see it again. That’s just how much I loved it.

I don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll just hit up some favorite parts:

  • Logan Echolls in uniform (hubba hubba).
  • All of the returning originals! All of our favorites! Amazing!
  • The case and the fact that it really felt like one, long episode of Veronica Mars.
  • Piz and Leo. I don’t ship them with Veronica, but I do appreciate them as characters and Chris Lowell and Max Greenfield as actors.
  • Keith Mars, Veronica Mars, their relationship that makes every father-daughter pair just the teensiest bit envious.
  • Rob Thomas said it himself, this movie was a love letter to the fans. As a fan, I am 100% feeling the love (LoVe).
  • Which leads me to my last and most important point- Any interaction between Veronica and Logan, from season one up until now, will always be the most entertaining, heartwarming, heart-wrenching piece of the Veronica Mars puzzle. The movie captured them exactly how I wanted to see them. 

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of the show and haven’t seen the movie yet- GO SEE IT! If you’ve seen it- see it again. 

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