I want to talk about GIRLS

Mainly, Hannah and Adam. I just don’t think I can handle it right now. I mean, the scene between them in Marnie’s apartment, what Adam said, really shows how much he has grown since the pilot, how much the two of them have grown together. Now I, as a viewer and fan, understand WHY I fell in love with Adam during the second half of season 1. I was never sure how he was able to change, but they did a FANTASTIC job of explaining it on Sunday.

I love Adam because he fell in love with Hannah. I just want the two of them to be able to work everything out before the end of the season. I understand that his play is important and I hope he’s right, I hope him staying with Ray will be enough for him to focus on the play while still loving Hannah the way he has been.

As much as I went going into this season believing the two of them couldn’t stay happy forever, I was starting to think that just might be able to. My hopes aren’t completely dashed, but we’ll see how the rest of this season progresses for the two of them.

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