Let’s talk about How I Met Your Mother- Bass Player Wanted

I LOVE the mother! And I love that she’s meeting everyone else before she meets Ted. Nothing is more important to Ted than his friends, so it makes perfect sense that all of them are able to fall in love with her before he does. It’s how he’ll know. 

I was actually most looking forward to her meeting Marshall due to how close he is with Ted. It didn’t’ disappoint. She knew who he was from Lily and she picked him up on the side of the road. She’s literally the sweetest. I love that she tricked him into believing she was a psychic. Because, of course, he’d be freaked out. And they talked about Italy vs. being a judge and, no matter how hard the situation will be for them, Marshall and Lily need to figure it out.

I’m torn about Marshall and Lily “pausing” their fight. On the bright side, we FINALLY got a group scene with everyone happy. On the downside, it was kind of a cop out. They’re going to need to fight it out eventually. Ugh, but no. I’m team “pause” because seeing Lily crying after punching Marshpillow was hard enough. She needed that night with her husband her friends. 

Darren was the devil. Trying to ruin Robin and Lily AND Ted and Barney? Nuh uh. Not okay. As if they don’t have enough going on. Poor Barney, though, huh? It really must have been a severe punch to the gut to hear his best friend is moving in two days. And it’s because of him and the woman he’s marrying. Yowza. 

The night ended well, though. Darren ruined the third bottle of Glen McKenna 30 year, so Ted punched him in the face. Doing that caused Darren to quit the mother’s band which caused the mother to buy Ted a drink for the first time ever. If only she had hung around the bar a little longer…

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