Let’s talk about Jane the Virgin

I’m, like, way obsessed. I watched all but one episode last night and all I can think about is getting home and watching the latest one. Why? How?

I had no plans to watch this show. I mean, come on? It sounds like the dumbest show in the world. And it’s really, really not. It’s funny and sweet and confusing and dramatic and… Lovely. It is a lovely show. And I am enamored with it.

I love Jane and Xo and Alba. Michael’s… okay, I guess. I LOVE Rafael. I think. I want to. And I do. But… Do I trust him? As of now, yes. Do I want him and Jane to raise the baby together? Yes. Do I want them to be madly in love? Yes.

I know what happens in the latest episode, too, I just haven’t watched it. I’m a little nervous that they’re getting together so soon, but that is what makes it a soap, right? There’s bound to be more drama and confusion. I can’t wait for it. But I also just want Jane to be happy. So, so happy. I love Jane.

I love this stupid, lovely show.


Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Caramel Princess Time

This was EXACTLY what I needed after weeks of baseball games I don’t care about. I needed Mindy, Danny, Peter, Morgan, BRENDAN. You know, I just needed my pals back and to throw BRENDAN back in the mix was a fun surprise. In case you haven’t picked up on it yet, I love Brendan and Mark Duplass. Almost as much as I love Peter and Adam Pally.

So, then, let’s talk about Peter. I’ve loved watching him find himself these past two seasons. When we met him, he was a douche. He still is, don’t get me wrong, but at least he seems to be working on it. I’m really excited to see how this thing with Abby goes. Allison Tolman is great and Adam Pally is so goddamn hilarious and talented. They’ll be fun to watch. They already are.

Mindy is always late. Danny is always angry. It only makes sense that Dr. Fishman tells him he needs to go to Brendan’s seminar and come to term with his demons. AND HE DID! At first, that whole situation was hilarious. It definitely helped to have Morgan there. I don’t know if you know this, but Morgan/Ike Barinholtz is amazing. And when you throw him and Danny together, it’s magic. So, yeah, it started off pretty funny. But then, Danny actually broke down and told Brendan why he gets so angry when Mindy’s late. And it ripped my heart out. Dammit, Alan Castellano. You broke him and he’s just now getting put back together!

Mindy and Danny are STILL killing it in the couple game. I don’t know what they’re doing to make it work so well, but it is. There’s no Moonlighting curse going on here. Seriously, they’re growing and learning and fighting and making up and being together. They’re cute, they’re funny, they’re annoying, they’re sometimes ridiculous, but IT ALL WORKS.

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Let’s talk about Criminal Minds-Lauren

I know, I’m a little behind. Okay, so years behind. I started watching Criminal Minds on August 28 (it was my birthday) and I just now, like four minutes ago, finished the episode titled Lauren. You know? The one where Emily “dies” in Boston after being hunted by an IRA annihilator she had an affair with while working for Interpol? Yeah, it was… Hella rough. Even though I know how it all turns out because I cannot stay away from IMDb and Wikipedia, it still hurt like a bitch.

I think what makes me the most emotional is how the team is going to have to deal with it. Rossi, Derek, Penelope, Spencer. This is what’s going to end me in the coming episodes. Seeing them work through such a huge loss. I’m not equipped for those kinds of emotion. I wasn’t equipped for what I just watched, either. I’m still kind of a sniveling mess over here. But, hey, at least we got JJ back for an episode. When does she come back for good? I’m kind of missing the crap out of her.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- Breaking Glass

I KNEW IT! I think a lot of us knew it. The Snow Queen has some connection to Emma through her time in the foster system. Just because I knew it doesn’t mean I understand it. Now that it’s been confirmed, I’m just so much more confused. I have so many questions.

How was she in this world to begin with? Where did she come from? Where did Emma’s (and Elsa’s) memories go? Why does no one remember this Snow Queen from previous curses? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Ugh, silver lining? The small, yet deeply important Captain Swan moments. Emma really opened up to him last night. It was a huge step for her as a person and for them as a couple. HUGE.

We’ve always known that Emma’s past, her childhood, was not an easy one. We all know she’s been through hell and back to get where she is now with her family. I was so happy, for however brief it was, to see Emma with a friend. She didn’t have anyone until she met Neal when she was 18. But, for a small blip, she did. She had Lily. And now I want to know what happened to her. I want to know if she and Emma ever crossed paths again. I kind of, I don’t know, I need it. Emma needs some more friends.

She needs Regina. Or, at least, she wants to be friends with her. I’d really like to see that relationship flourish. They’ve been able to overcome so much already, they can get past the Marian issue. Maybe, I don’t know.

After the promo:

Tell me everything there is to know about the Snow Queen. Give me my answers. Don’t kill Anna. Too. Many. Emotions.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- The Apprentice

You know, I loved this episode, but I don’t have too much to say about it.

I would love to focus on that date. Wouldn’t we all? Shouldn’t we all? They both looked STUNNING. Like, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. And happy. Holy crap, they were so happy. You could see them falling more and more in love with every second, every look, every two-handed touch.

That damn hand, though, huh? Can’t Killian and Emma just be happy? Why must this hand come back to haunt my dear, dear captain? I know he’s changed, it’s been made obvious that he’s changed. Rumpel hasn’t changed, but because he’s the Dark One, he doesn’t have to? Come on, how is that fair? I am so sick of Killian suffering. Didn’t we get enough of that last season? Let’s just hope that Rumpel is wrong and it was a cursed hand, not the desire within Killian. At least, that’s what I’m sticking with.

Back to the date, though, can we just talk about the adorable parents that the Charmings make? Jesus, David is such a dad. It’s actually ridiculously precious and it’s always something I love seeing. Mary Margaret was killing it in the mom department, too. Taking pictures, asking questions–adorable. It’s almost like we were getting season one Emma-Mary Margaret back. I’d love for them to find a balance between friends and mother/daughter.

But seriously? Who the hell is this Snow Queen? I’m dying here. How is she connected to Emma? Where did she come from?!

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- The Devil Wears Lands End

You know, I really am 100% on board with where the Mindy and Danny story is headed. I was nervous before going into it, but it just makes me so damn happy. Mindy with Danny is exactly the same Mindy she was before him. Same with Danny. The only difference is they’re growing and compromising and being absolutely hilarious together.

I love the Jeremy and Peter relationship, too. I mean, they were bros last season and now they’re enemies, but I still like it. It’s great. Last night, they went back (maybe?) to being bros so Jeremy could fill in as Peter’s partner at a beer pong tournament. And they won, taking the title from Shonda Rhimes. Because, duh, why wouldn’t they? Can we just talk about Jeremy with an American accent playing a frat douche? It was weird but oddly satisfying…

I do miss Peter and Mindy broing out, though. We’ve gotten a little taste of it, but not as much as I’d like. They were on fire towards the end of last season I miss it.

Last night Mindy went on a girl date with her new boss so she and the rest of the practice didn’t have to work nights. But, whoops, the new boss thought it was a real date and ended it with a kiss. Obviously, Mindy being Mindy thought lying and continuing dating her was the right way to go. Poor Danny, though, just wanted his girlfriend to break up with her girlfriend. Danny’s not a liar, not really, so he’s a little uncomfortable with how easy it comes to Mindy.

But, after they two of them go to break the news to Jean, Jean’s wife (Deb Deb) hears them talking about the kiss. All hell breaks lose, Deb Deb wants to leave Jean. Jean wants to put Shulman and Associates back on nights. Mindy calls and tells Jean that Danny’s just as upset as Deb Deb, if not more so, and is threatening to kill himself.

Cue Danny’s string of lies to get Mindy and the practice off of Jean’s shit list. He just killed it, playing it off all drunk and emotional. It was crazy, a wild ride, but man it was damn good.


Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- White Out

Oh man, guys. I love Elsa. And Anna. I don’t want them to disappear once the Frozen arc is over. Emma needs a friend and, I dare say, she found one in Elsa.

Elsa, determined to find Anna, put up a wall of ice around the town. David, Emma, and Hook were on the scene moments after it happened. So was Elsa. When Emma noticed her hiding within the ice, she went to investigate. That’s what our Savior does. But, when Captain Charming came after her, Elsa’s powers took over and she and Emma got trapped inside.

As we know, the cold doesn’t bother Elsa. It does, however, have a major impact on Emma’s wellbeing. As she begins to freeze to death, the two blondes bond over their lack of control of their respective powers. Elsa tells Emma about Anna and Emma sends her father and her boyfriend (I’m standing by that title. If Rumpel can, so can I) off to find her.

We find out that David, before he replaced James as prince, knew Anna. Back when his hair was as long and luscious as his daughter’s. Anna stayed with him when she sought passage to the Enchanted Forest and she trained him in sword fighting. Anna taught David how to wield a sword! Am I the only one impressed by that? DAVID! Anyway, she helps him defeat Bo Peep and find his courage. He, of course, remembers this when he finds out who Elsa’s sister is.

He and Hook go off to find Bo Peep at the butcher shop and Hook takes her staff. It will help them find Anna because Bo branded her back in the Enchanted Forest. Although Elsa thinks she needs Anna to help control her powers and melt the ice cave, David—using Anna’s words and wisdom—talks her through it and she’s able to melt it just enough for her and Emma to squeeze on out of there.

Emma—still freezing—lunges at Hook in the most amazing, loving hug I’ve ever seen. These two are the real deal. I mean, we’ve seen it from Hook all along, but this was HUGE for her. The way she went to him was VERY telling. So was the hand holding and cuddling back at the Charmings’ while she warmed up.

Using the staff, they weren’t able to find Anna, but they did hear a heartbeat, proving she’s alive. It’s not ideal, but it’s good enough until they can find her.

Also, Snow is now the mayor and was put in charge of getting the power on after Elsa’s ice wall killed it. She succeeded with a little help from baby Neal. I like her in this new role—mother, mayor, she’s killing it! Regina told Henry she didn’t want to see him while she was dealing with her heartache over Robin Hood. But, being a Charming (in some way, I guess?) he doesn’t accept that. He goes on over and they reunite. It was really, really nice. Oh, and kind of a big one, Elsa tries to melt the wall completely—to free the town—but she can’t. They don’t know it yet, but there’s a snow queen in town and she is not going to let that wall down without a fight. Here we go.

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