Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Moving Day

I loved this episode. I really, honestly did. Maybe it’s because there were no major spoilers? Maybe it was Moving Day. Maybe it was because Sam and Andy shone as a couple. Maybe it was Chloe. Maybe it was Nick. Maybe it was ALL of it.

So, Moving Day is a day where officers need to make sure that tenants are moved out of their apartments on time and it was Andy, Chloe, Nick, and Gail on site. It was Dov and Oliver’s job to watch the footage from their new chest cameras.

  • I usually end with McSwarek, but I’ll start with it today. Um, they were perfect. They are perfect. I have wanted– since day one– a domestic McSwarek. We got one, guys! They ate dinner in bed together while waiting for The Bachelorette to begin. That’s so sweet and, like Gail noted in the video demonstration, boring. But that is all I want for them– no drama, just love. They’ve got that now and I hope to god it lasts.
  • I was all about Nick’s backstory last night, too. We knew his parents were dead and that he didn’t have any other family. After Gail accidentally made us aware of it again, we saw how much it’s affected him. How could it not, really? He and Gail’s first stop at the condo complex was to a home with two teenagers and, what turned out to be, a missing mother. Not so much missing as a mother who abandoned her children. These kids were getting by by stealing and reselling bicycles, so Nick had to bring them in. Once he realized where their mother was (or wasn’t, more accurately) he arrested them both so they could be put into the same group home. His old group home. I like Nick backstory. It really makes me love him more and more as a character. Plus, you know, he may have met a girl that isn’t Gail or Andy. And I am ALL about that!
  • Chloe and Wes signed their divorce papers. And they also kissed. Which, I blame Wes, but it still made me boil. Because Dov and Chloe are finally seeming more like the lovable idiots I’ve missed the last few weeks. She also didn’t tell him and, I’m pretty sure, she successfully erased the footage from the chest cam. Sidenote: Chloe and Andy are great together. My guess is it’s because Missy and Priscilla are such great friend IRL, but I love how it comes off onscreen. 
  • Chloe and Andy uncovered an human trafficking ring. And thanks to Chloe’s flawless Portuguese, they were able to, along with Sam and Traci, make the sick people behind it pay. 
  • Gail just keeps on growing. After she was the one to stay on the Moving Day scene while everyone else was off working other cases, she ended up helping. She helped. She’s a changed woman. I’m just kidding, she’s always been a good person. Sometimes, it’s not always easy for her, but that’s the change I see. It’s becoming easier for her to stop pretending like she doesn’t care about things and people. I’m proud of her. 
  • After last week’s webisode, I am even more obsessed with the Peck siblings as a solid unit. They’re both struggling with their love lives now and had to go to a Peck family dinner. It was nice to see them doing it together.

Is this the last happy episode before the season comes to an end? Probably. But, it was a great one. It showcased a lot of people. Oh, and it was mentioned, between Chloe and Dov, that Chris is in rehab. YAY. 

After the promo:

Nick and Andy are in danger. It looks like Sam is leading the troops to solve whatever case got them into that danger. The last two episodes are going to be tough, I think. And I just hope that everyone, especially Sam and Andy, come out stronger on the other side.

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time

Wow… It’s been a long time since I typed those words.

Buuuuuut they started filming yesterday and the pictures I’m seeing are bananas. Elsa, anyone? Captain Swan? Charming family outing? It’s all so amazing. I cannot wait 73 more days. I want my show back now, please.

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Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Exit Strategy

I really liked this episode. I don’t know, it just had a lot of elements that reminded me of classic Rookie Blue. While Dov and Chris were trapped inside the house, didn’t it remind you of 2×04 when Andy was stuck in the laundromat or 2×05 when Dov was stuck on that booby trap? It couldn’t have just been me…

I liked a lot of elements here. I LOVED the McPeck, the Dov and Chris, the Traci and Steve, and (obviously) the McSwarek. What I didn’t love was the Oliver Shaw pain. 

  • McPeck were paired as officers were designated to patrol a quiet neighborhood. And Andy is still pissed about the Duncan/Oliver situation so she was “mean Andy” all day. Gail loved it. And I loved seeing them working together and actually talking. Hell, Gail even joked about the Nick situation. And was it just me or did Andy look disgusted when that whole thing was brought up?
  • We first saw Chris sitting in a support group meeting. Except his name was Dave. Real smooth, Diaz. I didn’t buy it for a second when he came out and told Dov that he had a great time and it was a great idea. Which, yay me, because Dov found a text on his phone from his dealer saying he could pick up his stash after work. It’s got to be a new dealer, right? That guy had to cut him loose. Anyway… This is when Chris throws Dov’s brother (Adam?) in his face. He later apologized when they were trapped in the house with the kid who had just shot himself and the gas was leaking, but still. Not cool, Chris. Not cool. I’m glad Chris has Dov, though, because at least he has someone. And I got a little emotional at the station when Dov was about to tell Oliver about the drugs, when he said he would either find him hanging from the ceiling or he’d tell Oliver and lose him anyway. Thankfully, Chris manned up and told Oliver himself.
  • Steve Peck had a big illegal gambling bust planned. He had a whole team, led by Nick, and all was going according to plan until John Jarvis told Oliver to call off the dogs and relocate the uniforms to the streets. Eventually, after a pep talk from Sam, Oliver let Steve go ahead with his bust. YAY, right? Wrong. Because before that happened, Traci got word that Dex decided to fight for sole custody and spousal support and with the best lawyer in the city. So, Steve showed Traci pictures from his gambling ring and, low and behold, Dex is getting his money to pay for his fancy lawyer by gambling illegally. After the bust is back on track, Traci goes to Dex and tells him not to go gamble because she doesn’t want to see him go to jail. Well, apparently Dex has a big mouth, because NO ONE was there. Steve’s bust was a… bust. (Too cheesy?) Needless to say, he’s none too pleased with Traci. But… He still took full responsibility when Traci tried to ‘fess up to Oliver. That says something.
  • Sam and Andy were not the focus here, but they definitely had some good scenes. The episode started with them out to breakfast where Andy was venting about her sitch with Oliver. Sam just listened and kissed her to get her through the day. It was all very much EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED. Okay, too much. They worked together a little bit with the questioning and Sam tried to get her to talk to Oliver throughout the day. Smiles were shared between them like it was the most natural thing in the world. This is what I live for…
  • Oliver, my dear, sweet, Papa Shaw. He’s not taking things well– he hates being a white shirt. He hates fighting with Andy. He hates being a hardass. But he has to be. 15 is far from a well oiled machine and, as much as he hates it, it’s his job to make it look like one. When Andy finally goes to talk to him, he’s just finished talking to Chris about the cocaine and to Steve about the busted bust. Even though he and Andy didn’t fix much, if anything, he’s at least happy they talked. It was the best part of his day. 

I liked seeing the case play out in this one. I liked seeing Andy and Sam outside the house, concerned for Dov and Chris, but also working together to make sure they could get out alive. I didn’t like poor Chloe dealing with the possible loss of Dov, but, at the same time, he can’t really keep Chris’s secret and be the boyfriend he needs to be. It’s not fair to her, but it’s also not fair to him. Which leads me to…

After the promo:

Chloe and Wes are getting a divorce. And… kissing? We’ll see and so will everyone else because the officers of 15 Division are now required to wear cameras on their shifts. This is going to be interesting…

Oh, and I think this episode is called Moving Day… Who’s moving and where?

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Let’s talk about The Night Shift- Save Me

I am so upset that the first season is over. Since when does 8 episodes constitute as a season? COME ON!

Well, at least Topher lived and is okay. Otherwise, I would not be okay. Actually, I’m not okay at all. That episode was way too emotional for me.

TC has been struggling since day one and it just continued to escalate. Last night he finally broke and it broke my heart. This whole time we knew his brother, Thad, died at war. We knew that TC was there and how much it affected him. Now, finally, we understand why.

He thinks it was his fault because he hesitated. The sniper that killed his brother was a child, no older than twelve, and TC couldn’t kill him. So, Thad entered the building and the kid killed him. Honestly, since we didn’t see the sniper until the very end of the episode, I was convinced that TC had been the one to kill his brother. Thank god he didn’t. That is not something he would be able to work through and not even Jordan would be able to help him.

Speaking of Jordan, she had a pretty rough night herself. She was in charge of the shooter’s injury from the takedown. And she (clearly) wasn’t pleased with that. She did an emergency procedure, stopping some kind of bleeding in his neck, while the OR was occupied– all while she had a detective breathing down her neck. Let’s just say, the guy didn’t make it and the detective thinks it’s her fault. Is it? I don’t know. That’s definitely going to play out next season.

A lot more went on– Ragosa found out he has a tumor behind his eye, Krista’s patient (again) broke my heart as she got a phone call from her mother as she died, Drew kicked ass and took names as he ran all the trauma coming in, he was also the one who got Jordan to talk to TC. It wasn’t an easy night, but when has it ever been?

I’m really upset it’s over already, but I can’t wait until season 2. Only what? Another year?

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We need to talk about Ben Bass and Sam Swarek.

I was thinking about Sam a little while ago and I was thinking about how much happier he is this season. He’s, without question, the happiest he’s ever been. It’s obvious. It’s especially obvious when you compare season 5 Sam to season 4 Sam. They’re like polar opposites at this point. Oliver was right in 4×10, Sam was moping all last season. And now he’s with Andy and he is the happiest we’ve ever seen him.

This goes beyond the character, though, all props go to Ben Bass himself. He’s on fire this season. He always is, really, but now that his character is with Andy, Ben is able to play him to the best of his abilities. It’s no secret that Ben Bass has been rooting for Sam and Andy to be together. It’s no secret that he thinks Sam’s relationship with Andy is the most integral part of his character. And now things are playing out on screen the way they should be and Ben Bass is able to portray Sam better than ever. 

Sam’s the same man he’s always been— despite what some people may think. A lot changes in five years, though, so of course he’s changed and grown. And Ben Bass has done a phenomenal job at portraying it believably. 

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Let’s talk about Rookie Blue- Deal With the Devil

A deal has been made alright. Was it with the devil? I hope not. Oliver has enough on his plate, he doesn’t need to contend with the devil. In case I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I love Oliver Shaw very much. I love his relationships with every single person he interacts with. He’s more than a friend, he’s more than a boss. He’s Oliver.

  • This episode began with a round of drinks shared among friends– Oliver, Sam, and Andy. They were celebrating Oliver’s last week as staff sergeant and he seemed so happy to take off the white shirt. Oliver and Sam are the strongest friendship we have on Rookie Blue and Oliver’s relationship with Andy has always been one of my favorite dynamics. It’s no secret I love Sam and Andy together and Oliver has been pro-McSwarek since, like, season 1, so the three of them together was like heaven for me.
  • Andy had her hearing about Duncan. It was supposed to be in two weeks, but got moved up to two hours. So, she and Oliver scrambled to make sense of the reports she fudged in Duncan’s favor to make sure that she didn’t come out as unfit or at fault. It seemed to be going okay until we found out that Andy had spoken with Duncan at the Penny the week before– something she was not supposed to do.
  • Duncan, whom I now hate with a burning passion, recorded the entire conversation where Andy, being Andy, took a good amount of blame for his misgivings as a rookie. That evidence was enough to drag out the investigation which Inspector Jarvis assured Oliver would lead to McNally no longer working at 15.
  • So, here comes the deal. Oliver agreed to take the permanent position as staff sergeant if Jarvis discontinued the investigation and the issue got handled internally. This, in turn, would mean that Duncan gets to come back to work and Oliver took responsibility for entrusting Andy, who he felt was not ready, with being a TO. Needless to say, Andy didn’t take that too well. In fact, over a basketball game with Sam (so freaking cute that he’d make a fool of himself to make her feel better) she made it quite clear that she was not pleased with “Staff Sergeant Shaw.”
  • Elsewhere, Oliver had to deal with Izzy Shaw being suspended from school and dropped off at the station by Zoe Shaw. Obviously, he’s a smidge busy with the Andy/Duncan situation, so he makes Gail watch over her while she heads down to the morgue to get Holly’s help.
  • That’s right, Holly’s back, but she and Gail did not get the happy ending their fans wanted. No, actually, Holly is seeing someone else because Gail ignored her calls. We know Gail, we know how Gail deals with things; Holly doesn’t. So, Gail’s uncertainty and teenage behavior (her words) led to Holly moving on. I’m sure there’ll be more to this story.
  • Anyway, Izzy tells her father that when she went to his house, she found Celery doing some kind of fertility ritual. Oliver doesn’t want more kids, he’s got three that he barely sees thanks to work and his divorce, so he needs to speak with Celery and finally have a chance to hang out with his daughter. I love seeing Oliver in dad mode– with his own kids. He’s always on dad mode at the station.
  • Chris doesn’t come into work. He also doesn’t call out until the end of the day, basically. So, Dov does a little snooping in his truck. And what does he find? Just some cocaine. So, he goes home to confront Chris–who is looking pretty rough (but very hot with a beard)– and, in the process, ditches Chloe on her birthday.
  • Chloe was finally broken free from the desk, paired with Nick, and sent to investigate a fire in Little Italy. All day, she’s sure that Dov has something awesome planned but even if he doesn’t, she’ll just watch The Breakfast Club and eat popcorn like always. After Dov ditches her, she gets a present at the front desk thinking he might be redeeming himself, she excitedly opens it only to find that it’s actually from Wes. At this point, if things go wrong with Dov, I’d rather she hook up with Nick than Wes. She and Nick have some awesome chemistry and could actually make a good couple.

It was a rough episode for everyone. No one seemed to be having a good day. Well, except for Traci and Sam who were able to solve their case of the fire in Little Italy. Cases aren’t the draw to this show, though, it’s the characters.

After the promo:

Chris is starting to piss me off. He’s not Dov’s junkie brother? How is that even remotely okay to bring up? Dov and Chloe don’t seem to be faring well after her birthday snub and I might have to place some of that blame on Chris, too. He’s Dov’s best friend, I can’t imagine he’ll be telling anyone about his drug problem. Oh, yeah, and it looks like Traci messed up big time and Detective Peck is none to pleased. Intrigue.

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Let’s talk about The Night Shift- Blood Brothers

Oh, boy. I’m not okay with this. Are you kidding me with that episode? It was so good, so well done, so on point, and, yet, so upsetting. Let’s see how long it will take me to get to that ending, but I need to hit some other points up first.

  • Paul kind of started to round out as a character this episode. We got to know just a little bit more, but not too much. He’s a virgin, he’s got a girlfriend, and that’s all she wrote. I don’t think we’ll get too much more on this front next week— there are bigger fish to fry, after all.
  • Krista had a patient who swallowed a fork. A FORK! We found out she was bulimic and that Krista had been when she was in high school, too. She promised Nina (the patient) to get her admitted to the hospital so she could get some help to get over her illness, but her parents refused to let her stay. In retaliation, Nina swallowed a scalpel. That’s worse than the fork. And way more terrifying. Let’s just hope it was enough for her parents to realize she needs help.
  • Topher and TC were called into a plane crash where their patient just happened to have an abundance of cocaine on him. When they got back to the hospital, a DEA agent was ready and waiting for the patient to tell him what he needed to  know. Unfortunately, the patient needs to get an MRI and have surgery ASAP. And, unfortunately, the DEA agent is not an actual DEA agent. He’s some sketchy drug supplier? I don’t know, I’m not in on the drug scene. All you need to know is he’s bad news and he killed Dwayne. Not cool, man. Not cool.
  • What’s even less cool, you ask? The fact that during SWAT’s takedown, after they dropped a flashback and TC went to cover Jordan, TC tackled the fake agent and, in the process, Topher got shot. NOT COOL, MAN!
  • This episode had quite a bit of backstory for TC and Topher. We saw when they met in the army. We saw what happened when Thad was killed. And we really started to see how all of this affects TC in the end. He’s not completely stable, but it’s not his fault. He’s struggling and we know it has something to do with why he and Jordan are no longer together. I want to know more. Still.

After the promo:

It’s a To Be Continued… kind of episode, which is good. Topher can’t die. I love him. TC loves him. He has a wife and three kids. He cannot die. TC’s blaming himself for what happened to his best friend, Jordan’s comforting him, and I need to see that play out. Scott’s got some harsh words, though, pointing out that TC is troubled and that he’s not what’s best for Jordan. What the hell does he know?

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