Let’s talk about the brief- yet perfect- Captain Swan kiss

I didn’t mention it in my full review because it wasn’t totally necessary to my feelings on the episode. The whole scene was great. From the line about going home and watching Netflix to Hook’s giddy smile when he said yes even though he has NO idea what Netflix is. And, then, finally to the kiss.

After telling him she’s guilty about Regina and Robin and him telling her that he thinks there’s something else, she kisses him. It’s short, yes, but it’s so sweet and meaningful. Emma Swan does not go around kissing guys especially not when she knows how they feel about her. She knows Hook is in love with her, she would never lead him on on purpose.

Emma told him to be patient. We have to be patient, too. But if we get little moments like that in the meantime, I definitely wouldn’t be mad!

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Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time- A Tale of Two Sisters

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. It is so amazing to have this stupid little show back. And by stupid, I mean perfect. I was so nervous that Anna wouldn’t live up to Anna in the movie and she TOTALLY did! She was, actually, kind of perfect. So was Elsa. Kristoff was good, but not quite up to snuff with Frozen‘s Kristoff. There’s still time, though, and I adore Scott Michael Foster.

Regina went and broke my heart a million times over. She’s understandably heartbroken and pissed off over the fact that Marion is back and Robin is choosing her. I mean, Robin is a good man who has to live up to his moral code, but it won’t be easy. That’s obvious right off the bat. I’m kind of pumped to see how this mess plays out. I really, really hope Regina doesn’t dabble with the darkness too much. She needs to get it out of her system, I’m sure, but she does not need to go ALL Evil Queen on us.

Emma doesn’t have it easy. She’s the one that brought Marion back. And Elsa, though she doesn’t know that quite yet. She is wrecked with guilt over ruining Regina’s happiness. She’s avoiding Hook because of it. He’s no dummy either, he knows what she’s doing. He also suspects that there’s something else she’s guilty about. Neal, perhaps?

And, speaking of Neal, I’m a little upset about his headstone. “Beloved son.” That’s all it says. What about “Devoted Father?” Yes, he wasn’t around all that much for Henry, but only because he didn’t know about him! In the little time he spent with his son, he LOVED him. And Henry loved Neal. Like I said, I’m a little upset here.

So, anyway… We pick up the Frozen story about 2 years after the movie ends. Anna’s getting married and Elsa has gifted her with their mother’s wedding dress. However, while they’re in the attic trying on the dress, Elsa finds a diary. It alludes that their parents left because they were afraid of Elsa and her parents. She thinks they left and, therefore, died because of her. So, Anna goes off on a two week journey to Mist Haven to find the truth about why they were headed there. By the way, Mist Haven is the Enchanted Forest.

In Storybrooke, we see Elsa hiding behind her terrifying snow monster and running around town looking for Mr. Gold. In a newspaper she found, she sees a necklace that she had given to Anna the day she left on her journey. So, they’ve been separate since Anna left and Elsa is now sure she’s in Storybrooke. It would make sense if she was in the Enchanted Forest when the curses hit. God, I hope she’s not dead. And I hope Kristoff’s hanging around Storybrooke somewhere, too.

After the promo:

Not too much to say other than I AM SO EXCITED for the rest of this season. Elsa, Anna, Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen. There’s so much to look forward to!

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Let’s talk about The Mindy Project- Annette Castellano is My Nemesis

I knew, without a doubt, that Rhea Perlman would be amazing. I mean, hello? She’s Rhea Perlman. But I didn’t know, until I saw it, how perfect she was as Danny and Richie’s mom. It was, like, uncanny. Great.

She’s all tough and ball busting on Danny, but she babies the crap out of little Richie. Who, by the way, runs a “how to be gay on a budget” web series? I think we need to get some of those like we did with Morgan’s webisodes last season. And they definitely need to feature cameos from the rest of the Castellanos.

I digress… Mindy and Danny are still working as a couple and I am so pleased. It’s not being shoved down our throats and I love that. It’s happening naturally and we get to see it that way. Two weeks in and I’m as hooked as ever.

I was bummed at the lack of Peter and the complete lack of Jeremy, but it was about Ma last night, and just a little about Morgan and Tamra’s relationship. They’re kind of weird and I’m not sure where I fall yet. I don’t hate them, so that’s good. But they haven’t completely won me over, either.

To be fair, my heart lies with the Mindy/Danny relationship and anything remotely having to do with Peter Prentice. So… it’s pretty tough competition.

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Let’s talk about New Girl- Dice

I’m not going to lie, I was a little distracted last night, so this won’t be very long or in depth at all.

I never realize how much I love the Jess-Schmidt dynamic until they have a separate storyline from the rest of the group. I love them together. They’re so different, so they are always so funny. Schmidt coaching her through Dice (which is basically just Tinder) was great because we all know that’s not the type of girl Jess is. However, it’s exactly the kind of man Schmidt is. I don’t know, I just love the two of them together, causing trouble.

I didn’t really care about the other four, though. The getting Coach high for the first time story just wasn’t funny to me. It could have been, but something about it didn’t make me laugh. I can’t pinpoint it. Although, high (same as drunk) Nick Miller is THE BEST. He’s so freaking funny.

Last week reminded me of season 1/early season 2 New Girl, but last night was like late season 2/season 3. It just didn’t stand up. We’ll see how the rest of the season plays out, though.

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Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy The Big Bang Theory. I just don’t enjoy it nearly as much as the rest of my shows. How does it rake in 17 million viewers? I don’t get it. Shows like Parks and Rec are so much funnier, have way more heart, and are more intelligently written. Yes, TBBT is about geniuses, but the writing is not as genius as so many others. I really will never understand the HUGE audience it gets. I don’t think it deserves it. So many other shows (Mindy, Parks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) deserve those numbers and are fighting for ratings week after week.

Let’s talk about Gotham- Pilot

This blog is straight up turning into a Fox love fest, huh? They’re just so on point recently, I can’t help it. Gotham was no exception. Are you kidding me? It was AMAZING. Ben McKenzie and Donal Logue are just SO. GOOD. Even Jada Pinkett Smith, whom I have never liked much. It’s just an all around great cast. The villains, the heroes, little Bruce. YES.

Obviously, I’m a fan of Jim Gordon. I always have been. It’s so awesome to see him as a rookie detective, learning the hard way of how to survive in Gotham. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but I cannot wait to watch it. His relationship with Bruce Wayne is already one of my favorite things. I mean, how could it not be? That little boy who plays Bruce (David Mazouz) is so good. He and Ben McKenzie have a really cool chemistry.

McKenzie’s chemistry with Logue was great. Harvey and Jim are going to have some real, honest issues and they’re going to be fantastic. I kind of hate Harvey (as we’re supposed to, I think?) but I also really love him. He’s not really a bad guy, but he’s absolutely no Jim Gordon. And Donal Logue is just too talented for his own good.

Sign me up, man. I’m in this for the long haul.

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Let’s talk about Red Band Society- Pilot

really enjoyed this show. It was one of those pilots that made me want to keep tuning in. Let’s hope the rest of the season does the same, huh? It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel far too many things. My kind of hour.
I love Octavia Spencer and Dave Annable (umm, hello gorgeous), but the kids are why I’m watching. I loved them all. They all bring something different to the table. I’m most excited to see how Kara’s story plays out because we hate her now, but she got all those pizzas in hope of waking Charlie up. There is a heart in there after all.
Leo, though, he’s going to be heartbreaking and spectacular all at once. I know it. He and Jordy are going to become either the best of friends or the worst of enemies and I’m pretty pumped to see which way that goes. Leo likes Emma. Jordy likes Emma. We’re not sure where she stands just yet. I mean, there are clearly lingering feelings for Leo, but Jordy hasn’t done anything to disappoint her yet. We’ll see.
Can we talk about Dave Annable again for just a second? He’s, like, all grown up. He’s got perfect salt and peppery hair for a pretty young guy. I like it. And his beard is red and beautiful. I LOVE it. AND he’s like the sweetest cancer doctor I ever did see. Can’t wait to see his character more. But, like I said, I’m here for the kids.

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